You’re on Spring Break: Now What?

Spring BreakWell, we’re about two days into spring break, and if you’re most people, you’re already sitting at home, bored to death, refreshing Facebook and hoping you can vicariously live through your friends’ adventures. Sure, there are tons of things you should be doing: starting that paper that’s due shortly after break ends, getting a jump on work you’ll have to suffer through after break or reconnecting with old friends who are also on break (which is unlikely: Who else has spring break this early?). But will you do any of that? No. Instead, you’ll be reading 4E and taking our advice on how to best spend this glorious week off.

Sleep This is truly all that break was meant for. Go to bed with no alarms set, and sleep to your heart’s content. Wake up feeling rejuvenated and free of guilt, because you have no real obligations over break.

Reunite with your pets I’m not embarrassed to admit how excited I was to see my two cats upon returning home. While spending time with your friends and family is certainly important, spending time with your pets is vital.

Watch TV on an actual TV It’s such a change of atmosphere to get home and realize that my parents just leave the TV on for most of the day. It actually puts me much more on top of the news in general. More importantly, I get to watch Food Network liberally. There’s nothing quite like spending hours watching Guy Fieri gorge himself on food or Ina Garten work her magic.

Utilize your vast pantry You’re not gonna be able to sit around watching Food Network all day without eating something. There’s a finite number of days until we inevitably have to trek back to Georgetown and readjust to sad, disappointing Leo’s life. Make the most of what you can eat until that time comes.

T-minus six days until everyone is back on campus. Make the most of your vacation time until then!


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