Your Guide to Georgetown FroYo

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by Gillian Evans

Not all froyo is created equal. Georgetown’s frozen dairy options are, in fact, incredibly unequal. When you have a hankering for something cold and sweet (that you can still sort of pretend is healthy), you have to know your way around Georgetown froyo. So we’ve assembled a cheat sheet to help you through the winter months, when clearly all you want is some nice cold frozen yogurt.

Sweetgreen ★★

The original tart yogurt that started Georgetown’s obsession with froyo, Sweetgreen doesn’t hold up as well now that it faces so much competition. The consistency is a little icy, and the toppings limited. Worse, Sweetgreen’s whole obsession with only serving things that are ‘in season’ means that during the winter, dried cranberries and apples are the closest thing you’re going to get to fruit toppings. And dried cranberries on yogurt sounds pretty disgusting.

Pinkberry ★★★

Eating at Pinkberry is a bit like being at Willy Wonka’s chocolate factory—the strawberry tastes like strawberries! The peanut butter tastes like peanut butter! The blood orange tastes like blood orange! It’s absolutely delightful, conveniently located, and hands down the best quality froyo you’ll find in the district. It’s also $6.98 for a small. And guess what? You missed your chance to get a free yogurt on Thursday. Basically, Pinkberry is the yogurt you wish you could afford, but clearly can’t. Moving on.


There are actually TWO Iceberry locations in Georgetown. Which is completely gratuitous considering there’s never any customers in either, and the yogurt is the most overpriced in relation to the quality you’re getting. Ignore the Iceberry located by Guards completely, since it has no redeeming qualities. Instead, stick to the store on Wisconsin , which has self-serve dispensers and cool flavors like taro, honeydew, and green tea. The taro and honeydew might just be my favorite yogurts in Georgetown. But be careful with the quantity you serve yourself—a heavy hand at the dispenser quickly turns into a $6 froyo experience.

Booey’s ★★★ (bonus star for Booey’s Brew!)

Yes, Booey’s actually has froyo. It’s basically the same stuff that’s in Leo’s, and it’s the cheapest froyo in Georgetown. It’s not the tart kind and it’s relatively mediocre, but where else can you enjoy a pitcher with your froyo?

Saxby’s ★★★★

The first time you get froyo at Saxby’s, you’ll be in disbelief at how good frozen yogurt from coffee shop can be. The portions are sizable and the price is about average (although each topping costs extra, which doesn’t make much sense), and conveniently located two blocks from the front gates, Saxby’s should be your go-to yogurt when you’re just too lazy to go find a real lunch. And yes, I just endorsed having froyo for lunch. Fun fact, Saxby’s Georgetown actually makes its own frozen yogurt blend in-house, mixing 50% actual Stonyfield yogurt with the typical tart froyo premix. It’s awesome. Also a fun fact: I work at Saxby’s, so this is incredibly biased.

FrozenYo ★★★★★

Okay, there’s not actually a FrozenYo in Georgetown. You have to walk (or take the Circulator) to Farragut West for the nearest location. But it’s worth it. You can buy a grossly oversized vat of yogurt for $5.50, and since it’s self-serve, if you’re unlike me and understand the concepts of self-discipline and portion control, you can easily get a decent sized yogurt with toppings for under $4.  FrozenYo has over fifteen self-serve flavors, including seasonal gems like pumpkin and peppermint. Basically, FrozenYo is the king of frozen yogurt, and just about the only chain that ISN’T in Georgetown. Just our luck.

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