You Donut Want to Miss This Event at Leo’s

Donuts at Leo's

Here at 4E, we’ve certainly had our fair share of posts good-naturedly knocking the hallowed establishment that is Leo J. O’ Donovan Dining Hall. But it was only a matter of time before Leo’s announced a crazy cool promotion, and today is that day.

Through their Twitter account (@gtowndining), Leo’s announced that tomorrow, Nov. 19, at 11 a.m., the first 300 meal plan holders who show up will get a FREE donut from District Doughnut and free samples of Compass Coffee.

You can get this FOR FREE.

What’s more, these free treats will be brought to you by a member of D.C. United. That’s right. D.C. United, the Major League Soccer team, has donated the services of some players to give you, the humble Georgetown student, donuts and coffee. Besides more reasonable meal plans and better food, what more could a Leo’s meal plan holder want?

I repeat: someone from this team might be handing YOU a free donut.

So tomorrow, going to Leo’s will be what the cool kids are all doing. Show up at 11 (or realistically, before 11) to get your free goodies!


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