Win Finals By Saving Money at Moleskine!


Finals is an extremely stressful time of year for Hoyas. The tests, the papers and the packing… all of these stress related activities make it hard to balance normal life. What else do you lose control of during finals? ALL OF YOUR MONEY.

I’m serious, for some reason I end up spending 2 to 3 times the normal amount during this time of the year. Maybe it is because I am extremely lazy? Maybe it’s because Midnight is so accessible? 4E has tried to decode this out mystery with no such luck. The fact of the matter is that saving money and finals do not mix.

Nonetheless, this finals period we offer you some hope. What if there was some way to have extra money during this hectic time. All your (monetary) problems would be solved! Finals (hopefully) would be a breeze! Oh the joy.


How you may ask? Simply by visiting the new Moleskine store at 3029 M Street. By showing a valid Georgetown id you can earn 10% off any purchase! That is 10% that you have to spare during the most stressful time of year. #score

If that was not great enough, if you go to the Moleskine store (yes, just go) between Wed. April 29 and Fri. May 1, you will receive a free Moleskine case and be entered into a raffle for a Moleskine Traveler’s Kit. Is there a better present to yourself that fresh to death merchandise fo’ free? (Read: There is not.)

What are all these things?

A Moleskine case is a small, hard case that can hold pens, glasses, jewelry or all other small things!

The colors, the shapes, the possibilities!
The colors, the shapes, the possibilities!

The Traveler’s Kit includes a shoulder bag big enough to hold a tablet, a Travel Passion journal (for all those “notes”) and a Moleskine pen.

Shoulder Bag
Travel Passion Journal
Moleskine Pens

What can you do with this extra money?

1. That extra Sweetgreen salad. You know you want it. But who has that extra $12 to spend? Twelve dollars has never seemed like such a big amount before.

2. Hour-by-Hour coffees. Your caffeine addiction can get super expensive. What if you had the money to imbibe caffeine every hour on the hour? Studying in Lau would be so much better.

3. Some new duds for that last minute formal. Formals = fun. Surprise formals = anxiety. Don’t stress yourself out scouring your closet, go #treatyourself to do something new and cute. You deserve it.

4. Emergency study supplies. Nothing kills you more then when you run out of your favorite legal pad during a major brainstorming sesh for the 20 page paper. Especially when your Go-Card has $0.95 on it. Extra cash will makes those hurried trips to the bookstore less frantic.

5. Your finals celebration! After all the work you have put in over the 2 and 1/2 weeks of finals you need some celebration. Use this extra money for whatever is your guilty pleasure.

Enjoy your extra cash and let’s hope we all get through finals!

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