Why We Love the Georgetown Mobile App

Last Friday, as part of campus’s ongoing IT upgrades, Georgetown released its mobile phone app on the Apple Apps store and on Google Play. Though the app has been available since April, its release on the largest app stores makes it easier that ever to access. Since the app is receiving some newfound attention, we here at 4E decided to list the best things about it:

1. Transit Find out when the next GUTS bus is expected to arrive at your location. For those of us with morning internships, use the transit app to figure out if you should bolt out of the door to catch the bus, or if you can dilly-dally in your room for a while. For those stranded late at night in Dupont, use it to figure out whether GUTS or a D.C. Metrobus is the most viable option. Even better, this section of the app has a link to a Google Map with each bus stop marked clearly (for those of us who get turned around in the city.)

2. Dining Georgetown Mobile has every on-campus eating option (including every single station at Leo’s) and its hours. A green light pops up next to open dining choices, while a closed sign pops up next to closed options. It’s the best thing to happen to Georgetown Dining since The Corp changed their bagel supplier.

3. Directory For those of you not connected to Georgetown Apps, the convenience of finding anyone’s NetID with the touch of a finger is now mobile. Type in any name into the search box, and you’ll find all of the important information. The best part: email them straight from the app.

4. Libraries Find any book in any Georgetown catalog from this app’s interface. Even better: The “Mobile Resources” section of the app leads you to mobile-compatible databases, citation tools, and other helpful research apps. The days of researching for your term paper on your phone are not far away.

5. Events If you’re ever bored while on campus, click on the events section of the app, which has preloaded all events taking place that day. This part of the app has always been online, but taking it mobile makes it even more accessible.

Photo credit: Chris Bien/The Hoya

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