Who Runs the World: Shonda


Shonda Rhimes: the woman, the myth, the legend.

I think it’s fair to say she occupies a very special place in all of our hearts. She has brought us Grey’s Anatomy, Private Practice, Scandal and How to Get Away with Murder. In other words, this woman is a genius and a saint.


Well, in case her previous four series have not yet satisfied you (I can’t imagine this really applies to anyone), Shonda is at it again. That’s right: She is releasing a new show. So get out your wine ASAP, ladies and gents.

Her newest show, The Catch, will follow a female forensic scientist who specializes in exposing fraud. Sounds like we’re all in for some stormy personal drama, heated relationships and destructive tragedy. And most assuredly, some exceptionally beautiful actors and actresses (reminder: Derek Shepherd and Olivia Pope). Basically, expertly crafted dramas starring beautiful people = 60 minutes of perfection.

ABC has already ordered a pilot, so all I have left to say is: TGIT.
(That’s “Thank God It’s Thursday” for those of you who are Shonda-deficient).

Photos/Gifs: International Business Times; Giphy; hollywoodreporter.com; Tumblr.com

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