Which Big Heads Do You Want To See?

For every home basketball game, Hoya Blue supplies the student section with numerous “big heads” to hype up the crowd. There is a head for every player on the team, and other big heads include Bradley Cooper, Pope Francis, “Sad Scott” and Supreme Court Justice Antonin Scalia.

To give the Hoyas their best shot at winning their 5th straight game, we’ve compiled a list of big heads we’d like to see Tuesday night at 7 when Georgetown takes the court against Xavier:

Jesus Christ. Because if Isaac Copeland can’t save us, Jesus definitely can.

SEAL Team 6. Because ‘Murica.

Clint Eastwood. Because he’s a f*cking badass.

Michael Scott. Because his confidence is probably contagious.


Harry Potter. Because he finally learned how to do the Cruciatus curse (a.k.a the torture curse, because we’re going to torture Xavier with how good we are).

Kristen Wiig. Because she’ll make us laugh no matter how bad the game might get.

St. Francis Xavier. Because it will be funny for him to watch his namesake school get annihilated.

Morgan Freeman. Because he can narrate the game better than the announcers.

And a few that don’t need explanations:
Little Foot
Kevin Spacey
Oprah Winfrey
Chandler Bing
Bryan Cranston

Whether or not we get these additional big heads, the game is sure to be a blast. Come watch the Hoyas destroy Xavier at Verizon. I mean, you know what they say about big heads…

Photos/Gifs: Tumblr, cdn3.vox-cdn.com

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