Unless you’ve been hibernating on Lau’s lower level without a computer or phone for the past month, you’ve been on #whatweshouldcallme procrastinating at some point over the past month. We love it because we can always relate to .gifs of drunk people on Bravo shows, old 90’s sitcoms and SNL skits. But, at the same time, #whatweshouldcallme seems to be focused a little too much on people in law school for us undergrads to handle.

Luckily for us, someone in the District has made a new tumblr page — a #whatweshouldcallme dedicated to D.C.-isms. And, since we here at 4E love D.C.-themed procrastination more than anything (besides puppies, grilled cheese sandwiches and food trucks), we figured we’d pass it along.

Since you need the motion to understand the humor, we’ve included the links below to some of our favorites. And even though we’re mildly upset no Georgetown humor has been included yet, we still find #whenindc mighty funny.

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