What’s in a Name? Silver Line Metro Asks for Stations’ Names

With plans for the opening of the Silver Line slated for as early as next year, Metro and Fairfax County are asking for public suggestions for the proposed eight new stations.

Construction on the 23-mile line extending to Dulles Airport and Loudoun County has been been a long time coming. Work on the track began in 2008, but escalating cost and delays have set the project back. Phase I of the construction will extend 11.6 miles between Stadium-Armory and Wiehle Avenue in Reston, Va. Phase II, expected for completion in 2016, will extend service another 11.5 miles from Reston to Herndon, the airport and into Loudoun County. In total, the Silver Line will make stops at 29 stations, 11 of them new.

In order to name the eight new stations in Fairfax County and to increase awareness about the Silver Line project, WMATA has set up a survey for respondents to provide their opinion about the line’s development. The survey will be open until 5 p.m. on March 21st. Creativity is restricted to no longer than 19 characters, so let the name debate begin.

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