What Your Go-To Trader Joe’s Snack Says About You

It’s finally that time of year — midterm season is upon us. Procrastination on Lau 2 and constant mindless snacking are to be expected for the foreseeable future. Seeing as the new Trader Joe’s on Wisconsin has opened and has been my only place of solace lately, I’m here to provide a break from studying and tell you what your go-to Trader Joe’s snacks say about you.

#1 — Joe Joe’s

You’re up for anything. Just like Joe Joe’s — which come in a variety of flavors from pumpkin to candy cane — you go with the flow and know what it means to have fun. You can’t go wrong with Joe Joe’s, and people who gravitate toward this snack are always here to have a good time.

#2 — Herbs & Spices Popcorn

If Herbs & Spices Popcorn is your go-to snack, you are the embodiment of ~sophistication~. Herbs & Spices popcorn takes a classic snack to a whole new level. You are original and savvy, and you have a good dose of common sense.

#3 — Everything but the Bagel Seasoning

You are lovable and vibe with everyone. Just like Everything but the Bagel, you have the solutions to all problems in life. You make everything great, and no one ever gets tired of you. 

#4 — Peanut Butter Cups

Trader Joe’s Peanut butter cup fans are the perfect balance of sweetness and practicality. As a friend, you are consistent and super reliable. You understand the salty and sweet in life, and you know how to be there for everyone. 

#5 — Speculoos Cookie Butter

Outgoing. Bold. If Cookie Butter is your go-to snack, you know how to make a statement. You are a ~dream come true~, and you aren’t afraid to be yourself. Before people meet you, they don’t know what they’re missing. 

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