What to Expect From the Bulldog Tavern Grand Opening

Bulldog Tavern

Bulldog Tavern is about to open — for real this time.

The tavern offered a surprise sneak preview on Wednesday night when it released a limited “Are they open yet?” menu and some non-alcoholic “mock-tails.” 4E was even blessed enough to sample a single buffalo wing in The Heal. In her words, “It was awesome!”

The menu offers standard pub fare including onion rings, cheesy fries and nachos. They have seasoned fries that come with chipotle ketchup and balsamic ketchup; we are not sure if this is a shot at Good Stuff Eatery’s mayonnaise bar. They currently offer one lonely salad but it is topped with buffalo chicken so vegetarians, you should probably avoid at least for now.

Here is their humorously-named preview menu:


And here is their “mocktail” menu (we assume they don’t have their alcohol license yet):


The grand opening is tonight at 5 p.m. and is sure to be the hottest thing to hit campus since Bradley Cooper was last spotted on the front lawn. Here are a few things you can definitely expect at the ceremony.

Speeches from university officials
VP of food and services Joelle Weisse (the woman who is in charge of Leo’s) will publicly praise the university for allowing an eatery that provides edible food to open on campus. Try not to clap for her, as she will take any positive student response as an endorsement of the 6-year meal plan requirement she recently proposed. (Kidding.)

A beer blessing from Kevin O’Brien, S.J.
My favorite Jesuit’s last name is “O’Brien.” You know he’ll be there to give the new pub his blessing and drink a Heineken. (We’re not sure what Father O’Brien drinks but this was our best guess).

Drinks with a Ph.D.
It is a student’s dream after a long day of class, internship and complaints to stroll into a tavern, order a beer and sit down next to his best frien- professor? Having a bar on campus offers the unique opportunity for undergraduates and professors to seek libations at one common location. This could get interesting.

Free food
Food is mandatory for any event trying to increase student attendance. We hope for a spread similar to that presented at the grand opening of The Heal: hummus, slider sandwiches and buffalo wings.

A lesson in swing dancing
How many times do you find yourself standing awkwardly at a party wishing you knew how to swing dance? The tavern’s menu suggests some Southern influence (Southwest nachos, blackened chicken quesadilla), so we expect some Southern dancing to go with it.

We still have a few questions: Does the pub accept flex dollars? Can we use said flex dollars to purchase alcoholic beverages? If so, that three-year meal plan requirement is looking a lot less painful.

So anyway, after months of painful waiting and way too many soul-crushing delays, you can stop pressing your face against the glass walls of the under-construction pub and start sitting inside with food and a (temporarily) non-alcoholic beverage.

Photos: Emma Holland/The Hoya, georgetown.edu

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