What People Are Saying About Leo’s on Yelp


Ah, Yelp. What would we do without you? This home of restaurant reviews has become incredibly helpful in answering the age-old “where should we go for dinner?” question that constantly strains relationships and drives up tensions within friend groups.

Recently, we here at 4E discovered that a handful of Yelp reviewers have taken it upon themselves to review the tried-and-true institution that is Leo J. O’Donovan’s Dining Hall. What they wrote might (but probably won’t) surprise you.

The following are real Yelp reviews, by real Yelp reviewers.

Highlight: Leo’s was complimented for its variety

A few reviewers, like Jay T., liked the variety and number of dishes that a diner could choose from at Leo’s.

Jay wrote: “There’s plenty of choices to pick from, including made-to-order food and a wonderful assortment of desserts.”

Well, we all know that Leo’s cookies are to die for, so this makes sense.

Lowlight: Quantity does not equal quality

A lot of comments pointed out that while there is a lot of food at Leo’s, none of it is actually good. Probably the most complimentary review of the food (outside of Jay’s high praise for the desserts) was from from reviewer Danny N.: “Ah the Dining Commons, what can I say, it’s food.”

Highlight: One reviewer gave Leo’s 5 stars!

That’s right, you read correctly: our good friend Jay gave Leo’s a five star review, Who is this man?

Lowlight: The average rating for Leo’s on Yelp is 2 stars.

Sadly, Jay only gave it five stars to attempt to balance out other reviewers.

“I honestly think that Leo’s deserves three stars, but the 5 star rating is just to average out the 1 star and 2 star reviews.”

Highlight: Friendly Staff

Katia G. was one of a few reviewers that gave high praise to the Leo’s staff, saying that, “the people who work [there] are… adorable.”

(Note: Katia also mentioned “waffle-related plans of debauchery.” I’m not sure what exactly that entails, but it was a highlight for me.)

Lowlight: Just about everything else

Unfortunately, Katia’s comment about the staff was the only positive part of her review, and the other reviews were similarly very negative. I figured I would just squeeze them all into one very sad lowlight.

Katia G. wrote: “Two stars because I imagine prison is worse.”

Rebecca Y. claims: “If hell was on Earth, Leo’s would be it.”

And finally, from the very first review all the way back in 2006, John B. theorizes: “No wonder our football team sucks; there’s nothing good for them to eat.”

Most of the reviews are old, so I suggest that, if you feel strongly one way or another, entertain us and write a review. We rate our professors, so why not our dining hall?

Hey, you never know. Maybe they will take some of your suggestions.

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