What is Your Study Soundtrack?


It’s the night before your midterm, and in typical Georgetown fashion, you haven’t started studying yet. You attempt to read through your class notes and realize that you haven’t even been paying attention in class enough to take notes.

Wouldn’t it be so much easier if you could find a catchy way to remember all those facts If there was some way to absorb all that information without actually doing anything Well you are in luck, here is a list of musical soundtracks that will actually help you study.

U.S. History- Try “Hamilton”

Founding fathers in a rap battle, what more could you ask for?! This hiphop musical actually makes U.S. history seem interesting.

Any MSB class ever- Try “How to Succeed in Business Without Really Trying”

Because, let’s be honest, isn’t this the ultimate goal of the MSBro?

Spanish- Try “In the Heights”

Half this soundtrack is in Spanish, so just listen to it and you will be golden!

French- Try “Les Miserables”

This soundtrack is the perfect combination of emotional ballads and inspirational tunes, allowing you to cry your way through the French revolution and come out feeling empowered.

Bib Lit- Try “Godspell”

This musical is literately the story of Jesus. Even if you haven’t paid any attention in this class all semester, this soundtrack will save you.

Psychology- Try “Next to Normal”

The characters in this musical have more issues than The Hoya. Seriously, this family is cray.

Economics- Try “Rent”

This is literally the only thing you need to know for any Econ class.

Theology- Try “The Book of Mormon”

This will teach you everything you need to know about being a Mormon. Warning: You may be tempted to sing along, so this is not recommended for a cubical dweller. But, if you do, be prepared to get serious side eye.

Ecology- Try “Little Shop of Horrors”

This will teach you all about the intricacies of plant life. If you want to learn how to grow a man-eating plant, this is the musical for you.

So go ace those midterms, Hoyas!

Photo: theodyssey.com

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