Weather Wusses? Actually, Yes.

Weather WussesToday, the Washington Post ran a piece by Clinton Yates that defended the District’s winter weather habits. The article argued that lack of regular snowfall, large amounts of commuter traffic and D.C. jurisdiction nightmares simply make winter storms a bit tough for the District. We don’t disagree with the logistics, be we at 4E do believe that D.C. is still a bunch of “weather wusses.” Here’s why:

Federal Government employees were given the option today to take unscheduled leave or work from home.

Winter Weather Mid AtlanticOthers also warned of the blustering cold, which would drop D.C. temperatures below 0 degrees Fahrenheit.

Things are looking chilly, folks!

Even Georgetown University had a delayed start today.


That would all be fine and dandy…


…except Boston just received approximately 14 inches of snow (compared to D.C.’s 2-5 inches).11730759313_81875100b0_b

And meanwhile in Canada, it’s been as cold as the surface of Mars.


That’s right. Mars.


In comparison, it looks like we’re the weather wusses after all.

Photos:, Washington Post, Georgetown University, Business Insider, Huffington Post, Universe Today,

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