We realize we’ve done nothing but talk about little J.J. all day. (We can’t resist; he’s so adorable).

But, we’re taking a break from welcoming J.J. to campus to follow up on a post from yesterday. We showed you a great Tumblr all about living in D.C., but we complained that #whenindc didn’t have enough Georgetown references. Well, the interner heard us. As of today, Georgetown has a new Tumblr page in the style of #whatshouldwecallme, but with Georgetown-themed posts. And its called #wearegeorgetown.

We can’t wait for #wearegeorgetown to become the new online campus trend, following in the footsteps of Like a Little (remember, from last fall?), Georgetown Hipster memes and the like.

So far, our favorites are: When its the morning after Georgetown Day (pictured), When there are no upstairs tables in Leo’s and When Third’s got legit. But we can’t wait for more to show up.

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