Villanova “Fan Pack” Contains Georgetown Gear


We’ve always known Villanova sucks. Like, really sucks. After all, it’s dubbed “Villa-no-fun.”

Last week Villanova took that sucky-ness to a new level, making a mistake that cannot be ignored. The official Villanova Bookstore released a “Fan Pack” for the upcoming school year containing a Villanova button, a Villanova bumper sticker and a Georgetown pennant.

Yes, a GEORGETOWN pennant. 


Note: It does not contain instructions for how to burn a Hoyas pennant.

How dumb can they be???? Now Villanova fans will be able to share their Georgetown pride all season long!

A @vuhoops contributor known formally as “Mike J.” snipped in his article:
So maybe [the person who put this package together] is not a sports fan and they don’t know what a Hoya is – that’s OK, because no one actually does.

Well Mike, you would know what a Hoya is if you had gotten into Georgetown.

Next time a ‘Nova fan asks, “What’s a Hoya?” be sure to respond with “Your future employ-a” while bonding over your matching Georgetown pennants.


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