Verbatim: National Coming Out Day

In honor of National Coming Out Day, 4E reached out to GU Pride President Meghan Ferguson (COL ’15) for a little insight to this important day.

Coming Out Day is something that is celebrated across the country. It is a day where we, the LGBTQ and Allied community, come together to celebrate our identities and increase the visibility of our community.  At Georgetown, every year we hand out ‘I Am’ t-shirts that everyone wears on Coming Out Day as a sign of visibility and solidarity. I remember last year being so excited to see so many people wearing the shirts; knowing how extensive the community is, is invaluable.  The other main event for the day is the annual Affection-In in Red Square, where same-sex couples will gather in Red Square and hold hands, hug, or kiss, as a way to make ourselves visible as a community on campus and to show that we are proud of who we are.

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