Top of the Class

by Kaitlyn Morio

File Photo: Michelle Cassidy/The Hoya

Looks like all the time in Lau is paying off! A recent report from Central Connecticut State University has declared Washington, D.C. the most literate city in America for the second year in a row.

To rank literacy within each city, the study examined factors like newspaper circulation, number of bookstores, library resources, periodical publishing resources, educational attainment, and Internet resources. Boston ranked fifth while New York tied with Austin, Texas at 22.5, and L.A. lagged far behind at 59th. D.C. has been steadily rising in the rankings since 2007 when it was ranked fifth overall.

Georgetown students can always be spotted with books in hand as they sprawl out on the grass of Healy lawn on a nice, sunny day or as they huddle up in a dark cubicle of Lau. The buzz on campus recently has been The Hunger Games trilogy, with students making a mad dash to read the trilogy before the movie adaptation arrives in theatres this March.

However, many students are sad to admit that they rarely have the opportunity to simply read for fun because they are too busy with school. So unless you’ve snagged yourself a seat in Young Adult Fiction and Film (where Hunger Games is required reading), we recommend trying to find some time for pleasure reading.

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