Top 5 Reasons to Get Excited for OWN IT!


If you do not know what OWN IT means or if you just think everyone is super inspirational for no reason, listen up. TODAY marks the second annual OWN IT Summit, an all day event that was created by Georgetown students and has had incredible success.

The event combines college students and leaders from different industries to talk about the role of women and empowerment. The message is amazing and 4E could not be more excited to be the media sponsor for this fantastic event.

Today is the day!

We here at 4E can hardly contain our excitement. To get you excited too, we have created the top 5 reasons why you should be screaming around campus in excitement.


1. The Speakers. OWN IT boasts some of the most amazing speakers, everyone from Shiza Shahid to Danielle Brooks. The list is incredible and the opportunities for inspiration are endless. *Cue Fangirling*

2. The App. Technology, why are you so amazing? After downloading the OWN IT app, I promptly spent half an hour taking it all in and loving every single part of it. The social media buzz is going to be incredible. Side note: be sure to follow all of the important accounts to stay in the know during the event (@thehoya, @thehoya4E, @justownit) and hashtag all posts with #ownit2015 to get it trending!

3. The Performance. All Summit attendees will have the honor of seeing Azure Antoinette perform on Saturday. As a spoken word poet, Azure is sure to inspire us for a day of learning and community! If you have not seen any of her videos, you need to check them out now. She is incredible.

4. The Breakout Sessions. This part of the Summit might be the most exciting, as the students have the opportunity to speak with and learn from professionals in the fields they are interested in and create bonds with inspirational women. I cannot wait to attend my breakout sessions and meet the College Prepster.

5. The Past, The Present and The Future. Being a part of OWN IT is an amazing opportunity. While this is the second annual Summit, each attendee is still playing a huge part in bringing a revolutionary idea to the world. The OWN IT Summit is spreading all over the country and is inspiring people all over the world. Do you want to get the chills? Watch the video from last year.

OWN IT is an amazing opportunity for everyone from Freshman to Seniors, from teachers to CEOS. Everyone can benefit from being a part of this extremely special summit.

So get excited and be sure to OWN IT all day long!

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