Tips for a Lonely Heart

by Martin Hussey

Happy Valentine’s Day, lonely hearts of Georgetown. Welcome to the one day each year that seems destined to make all of the otherwise happy single people pine for any taste of a relationship in our lives. Even for the most content of the single people, Valentine’s Day often seems like a struggle. Yesterday, 4E profiled a few last minute Valentine’s ideas for those of us with dates, but today, I write to everybody else. I write to the single ladies and the lonely boys. Here’s a list of things you can do to make your Valentine’s Day less lonely, whether you want to completely forget about the romantic holiday or embrace it.

Commiserate with others For those over 21, there are a couple of anti-Valentine’s parties going on around the District. Birch & Barley/ChurchKey (1337 14th St. NW), a Logan Circle bar, is hosting one with a dozen rare beers from around the world made with pungent and spicy hops. A few blocks up 14th Street will reveal another anti-Valentine’s party at Bar Pilar (1833 14th St. NW), this time featuring break-up songs, bitter drinks and sour desserts.

Lament alone Our fellow bloggers over at TBD recently published a list of the ten best bars in the District to drink alone. While any of these would certainly be good choices, we’re especially partial to Georgetown’s own Thunder Burger & Bar (3056 M St. NW) and to Kramerbooks, recently profiled in our favorite bookstores. Another completely viable option (with the benefit of some excellent and greasy fries) is Stoney’s Lounge (1433 P St. NW), just a quick trip from Georgetown on the G2.

Give yourself a treat Walk past any RHO tomorrow and you’re likely to see plenty of flowers, chocolates, and other goodies shipped in from other people’s parents or long-distance relationships. It’s completely alright to buy yourself a treat every once in a while. CVS has some excellent Valentine’s stuffed animals to buy yourself, and Georgetown is lined with shops where the occasional splurge is easy. But, more than anything, we’ve got excellent desserts, from cupcakes to pies to fro-yo.

Join a movement For the particularly rebellious singles, follow the Occupy Valentine’s Day tumblr page. The website has some motivational pictures, poems and stories. As Occupy Valentine’s days, “Down with couple-talism.” The page is enough to make anyone feel better about the single life.

Avoid the day completely Treat tomorrow like you would treat any other day. Head to Leo’s with your friends, study in Lau and go about your daily life. Especially at Georgetown, where there is a large population of singles, this may just be your best bet.

Places to avoid Anywhere that could be considered romantic. Especially the waterfront, the monuments, any of D.C.’s many public squares, the public ice rink at the National Sculpture Garden or anywhere with a romantic view of the city.

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