This Day In Hoya History: Still Ballin’ Since 1994

TDIHHWell, Hoyas, it’s that time again: time for another installment of This Day In Hoya History. Today’s segment takes us back almost 20 years to a time when this batch of freshmen and sophomores were born: 1994! Even though some things are radically different, a lot of things haven’t changed at all.

For one, Darnall was still a hot mess. (This writer wishes no disrespect to the “Dirty-D,” yo.) It just so happened that in 1994, vast quantities of unforwarded mail found themselves in some Darnall recycling bins. If you’re thinking this type of behavior is against regulation, it is – and consequently, the U.S. Postal Service wasn’t too happy about the Georgetown University post office’s actions. Take a look below:photo 4

Speaking of things that went against regulation, crime was a top problem in 1994. Back then, the most common problem on campus was theft, with 183 thefts occurring in 1993. Recently The Hoya reported increased overall crime rates in 2012, with 235 thefts taking place in the past year.

photo 1

Other things stayed the same, too. Our ballers still balled…photo 3

… the N.S.A. was still recruiting …

photo 1

… and we liked Syracuse? (Writers note: I can’t even fathom why The Hoya ran this advertisement and I’m questioning both their judgment and their sanity.)photo 2

Maybe some things have changed since 1994 after all. Keep up with all your 2013 midterms and keep tuning in to everything 4E has to offer. Until our next Hoya History installment, Hoyas.

(P.S. Syracuse sucks.)

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