The Syverud Betrayal


Here’s a quick list of things Hoyas should never do:

Step on the seal (most people avoid that entrance to Healy all together).

Speak ill of any of the West Wing characters (but there’s nothing bad to say anyway).

Fail to pick up a copy of The Hoya every Tuesday and Friday (they’re all over campus, so it’s kind of impossible).

Become the President of Syracuse University (PSH, like anyone would do THAT!)


Wait, what’s that you say? Someone did that last thing? A Hoya, Kent D. Syverud, (SFS ’77) was just named the 12th Chancellor and President of Syracuse University?

This could be considered the ultimate betrayal by some, but we at The Fourth Edition are hoping that Syverud is secretly a double agent, hoping to infiltrate deep into the Syracuse University infrastructure.

We all know that the Georgetown-Syracuse rivalry is one that will not be quelled simply by a shifting around of conferences, and we hope it will remain alive and well with a Hoya at the helm of the Orange forces.

Good luck at the new job, but we’ve got our eye on you.

Photo: The Washington Post

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