snapchattakeoverWe thought we’d let you know that Snapchat is trying to take over the world. It’s shocking, but it’s true. Never again will Snapchat be known as the app sending disappearing, embarrassing photos. Or at least that’s what the company hopes. Today, all Snapchat users received a snap and a story from the ever-mysterious “teamsnapchat” to alert them of the new text-like chat and video chat updates.

According to, after Snapchat “honored the true nature of storytelling” with the story update, the company realized that Snapchat was missing “presence.” That’s right, now that Snapchat has perfected the art of storytelling, it’s moving on to improve its presence.

Presence, according to Snapchat, means making sure your friends are FREAKING PAYING ATTENTION! You can do this now by checking to make sure your friends are using the app while you’re talking to them. While using the new chat update, you’ll be notified that your friend is available if there is a blue circle in the bottom right of your chat window.

If your friend is there, why not check up on them and open a live video chat? Snapchat’s abilities are so extensive now that you can use Snapchat instead of texting, calling, FaceTiming and nearly all of your social media if you don’t mind your perfectly-filtered selfies vanishing from the Internet.

So, quick review: Snapchat is trying to take over the (social media) world, Snapchat knows what the “true nature of storytelling” is and your friends need to FREAKING PAY BETTER ATTENTION TO YOU!

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