The Procrastinator’s Guide to the Galaxy: Epic Fail

Hey Hoyas! Need a good laugh after this weekend? Or maybe you have been laughing…or crying… this entire time because of the “game-that-must-not-be-named.” You may be on the point of cracking with tears or psychotic laughter, and that is why we, the Fourth Edition, are here to provide distractions.

Procrastinating is the best way to distract yourself from the reality of that paper due on Monday or weekend events you would wish to forget. Never fret, fellow Struggle Bus patrons!
We give you: Epic Fails!
Seeing the failings of others somehow makes life a little better. I know it, you know it, and we should all just accept it.
So laugh your hardest, and lose yourself in the failings of others.
Some may say “Isn’t this immoral?” To which we respond, “The only thing immoral is whoever let you walk out the house wearing that outfit.” Ouch.

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