The Procrastinator’s Guide to the Galaxy: Popping Bubbles


If there was any week to search for weird, sketchy websites on the Internet, this is definitely it. Georgetown Day came and went so quickly and now finals week is officially upon is which is just really sad and depressing. To make matters even worse, some of you are probably slaving away in Lau and haven’t seen the sun in what feels like years. So, you probably look like this. Others might be trying to recover from brutal Econ exams or mental shocks from memorizing too many Psych vocab words.

Whatever your situation, the 4E has you covered with this week’s edition of The Procrastinator’s Guide to the Galaxy. (Trust us, you’re going to need this)

In order to prevent going crazy, why not snap some bubble wrap? No. I’m actually serious. There is a website where you can actually waste your days and avoid writing that 20 page research paper by clicking on computerized bubble wrap. Therapeutic? Yes. Genius? Yes. A complete waste of your time? Debatable.

If poppin’ bubbles can’t hold your concentration for that long, why not go back to your roots and go searching through F My Life or Texts From Last Night. Nothing like making yourself feel better than by reading about other people’s problems! Enjoy my fellow Hoyas and GOOD LUCK with finals week!! We will all make it through I swear. Ain’t nobody gonna cry today.


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