The Official GUSA Vice Presidential Debate Drinking Game

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If you haven’t figured it out from the number of campaign posters in your facebook newsfeed, GUSA election season is officially upon us. The vice presidential debate is tonight at 9 p.m. in White-Gravenor 201, and following the smash success of last year’s GUSA drinking game, we here at 4E have some tips for those of you who plan on being in attendance (and are over 21 of course!) this evening. For those who don’t want to make the trek to White-Gravenor, we hear GUTV will be live-streaming it.

Ideas for another rule? Suggest them in our comments section! And don’t worry, 4E will have you covered with a new set of rules for the presidential debate Monday.

Drink once if:

  • Someone mispronounces Kohnert-Yount
  • The candidates don’t know there’s a basketball game on tonight

A candidate mentions:

  • Funding
  • Vans
  • Transparency
  • Jesuit values
  • “Your Georgetown”
  • The American flag or a rubix cube
  • “GUSA outsider”
  • “GUSA insider”
  • Innovation
  • Facilities
  • Jack or JJ

Drink twice if:

  • Greg Laverriere tweets about the debate (we know he graduated, but we bet he still will)
  • Someone mentions the correct acreage at Georgetown
  • Anytime they mention adding to the GU mobile app
  • Someone talks about rats
  • Someone claims credit for getting Nextbus on GUTS buses
  • Someone mentions Jack AND JJ

Shotgun a beer if:

  • Jack or JJ make a surprise appearance

Finish your drink if:

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