The Healy Clock Hands Are Gone!

Clock Hands Gone

Well, it’s happened — an occurrence that this blogger had only heard of and never seen. Sometime last night, the hands of Healy clock tower went mysteriously missing.

Was it a group of seniors? A weather-related accident? Scheduled maintenance?

According to @HealyClockTower, the last time this occurred was in 2012. The perpetrators tweeted out a variety of prosthetic puns and speculatory posts, as a new set of clock hands were used to replaced the missing ones. For our money, the most amusing aspect was this lovely exchange:

Screen Shot 2014-12-10 at 8.41.08 AM

Since December of that year, @HealyClockTower has remained dormant, but who knows? Should we be expecting more cryptic statements? What will be the university response this time? And more importantly, how will we tell time? Stay tuned.

Photos: Facebook, Twitter

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