The Heal Can’t Stop and It Won’t Stop

can'tstopBREAKING NEWS: The Healey Family Student Center has officially opened its Outdoor Terrace. Oh you’ve already studied for Patho on it? You have no idea.


The Healey Family Student Center now has a deck called the Bulldog Terrace with a barbecue and a chef to cook for you. I knew I came to Georgetown for a reason.

Here is their menu:

Hoya Burger Caramelized onion, choice of pepper jack, cheddar or American cheese $8.50

Vegetarian Burger with lettuce and tomato on brioche roll $5.50

Local Sausage and Peppers Nick’s of Clinton local sausage with whole grain mustard $6.50

Kettle Chips $1.50

Hummus with Pita Chips $4.50

Green Olive Tapenade with Pita Chips $4.50

Tomato and Basil Bruschetta with Croutes $3.50

Cookies $2.00

Brownies $2.50

Bottled Water $1.00

Bottled Soda $1.50

Here are their hours (during construction):

Thursday through Saturday

4pm– 10pm

Here is the food I bought:

patio1 patio4

Here is what I did after seeing the food:


Here is my current snap story:


Here is the text my friend sent me after leaving:


The weird sniffs are worth it. The one catch is you have to pay with cash. But they’ll serve you inside the Heal if you don’t want to let go of your coveted booth! Oh HFSC you know us too well.

Peace. Love. Terraces.


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