The Five People You Meet at a Super Bowl Party


With the Super Bowl fast approaching, it’s probably time that you start finding a place to watch the Pats and Seahawks battle it out.

Super Bowl parties are awesome because you get to eat a ton of delicious greasy food, drink endless amounts of beer and watch TV. I mean even the commercials are fun to watch. At most Super Bowl parties, there are always the same characters in attendance.

Here are the five people you meet at a Super Bowl Party:

1. The Super Fan. This guy is rowdy and ready to go. He’s got on the jersey of his favorite player and if someone disturbs him, well it just won’t be pretty. You probably don’t want to be in close proximity with this person as they may suddenly jump up and start yelling at the ref. I guess, we should just let him do his thing because his passion can never be tamed.

2. The Provider (of food and beer of course). This person is always behind the scenes and rarely sitting on the couch.  This person is essential for a successful party because they are the ones that just keep whipping out food.  Hot wings, cheese dip, ice cold beer, taquitos… You name it, they are cookin’ it up.

3. That one guy who roots for the “other” team. Yeah, you know this guy. He is the one that gets all offended when you diss his team.  He is the one person at the party in the wrong colors. I mean, we should not bag on this guy too much. He is passionate about his team and hey, maybe you are him.

4. That person who has no idea what is going on, but tries to pretend like they do. This person obviously has not been keeping tabs on their fantasy team or anything football-related all season. They pretend like they know how each team played throughout the season, but they’re bluffing and everyone knows it. This guy should just sit back and be quiet.

5. The Commercial Connoisseur. They are watching the game not really for the game, but for the reveal of the commercials. This person can rattle off commercials from three Super Bowls ago and they have probably watched last year’s Budweiser ad way too many times. They get especially all hot and bothered when the Doritos and GoDaddy ads pop up and cry like a baby each time they see a Clydesdale reunite with his Budweiser loving friend.

So cute!!!

You might think the question is “who will win?”, but in reality it’s “who are you?”


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