The Eight Disney Characters You’ll (Possibly) Meet on the Hilltop

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Co-authored by Nicole Jarvis and Lindsay Lee

We at The Hoya have often been told that our logo slightly resembles that of Walt Disney’s. While Healy Hall and Lauinger Library aren’t necessarily Cinderella’s Castle, life at Georgetown can sometimes be its own little fairytale. What if some of your childhood heroes were your peers on the Hilltop?


Ariel is a busy girl. She wakes up early for swim practice every morning, and sings with the Georgetown Concert Choir in the evenings. She only studies on Healy Beach Lawn and is always looking for fun little trinkets down on M Street. She’s the token ginger in any friend group and takes all of the jokes in good humor.



Belle spends a lot of her time working as a coordinator for DC Reads, but spends the rest of her days camped out on Lau 1 while she studies away. She’s an avid writer for The Hoya and is always walking around with a book, which occasionally causes her to bump into things. She likes to keep to herself, but when she wants to talk to someone, she calls her dad back at home. Many guys on campus have their eye on her but think she can be rather weird at times.



Cinderella spends the majority of her time working in the various Corp locations. Her home service is Midnight (Mug), where she makes the best pumpkin lattes. She works incredibly hard and doesn’t ask for much. She also doesn’t mind the gigantic campus rats. She loves the anonymity of Coffee Prom invitations, alway hoping to get matched up with that barista she’s had her eye on. When she has free time, she likes to go shoe shopping in West Georgetown.



Hercules (Honey, you mean HUNK-ules) spends the majority of his time in Yates, gettin’ swoll and hitting up Rhino on the weekends where he has no problem picking up the ladies. He’s secretly a huge softie who wants to be seen for more than his (ridiculously massive) biceps. It’s hard to meet his father’s expectations, so he studies pretty hard, even though people don’t think that he can go the distance here at Georgetown.



Pocahontas is the President of Outdoor Ed and loves taking hikes and spending time outside. Every Wednesday she volunteers at the Farmer’s Market, helping to sell organic products. She has no problem with the overly friendly squirrels and cat-sized rats on campus, for she is a friend to all the animals. She also loves to go kayaking on the Potomac, singing the entire time.



Gaston is the pledgemaster for B-Frat and the life of the never-ending party. As the popular tune goes, “No one chugs like Gaston, no one thugs like Gaston. No one drinks till they’re out cold on the rug like Gaston.” He doesn’t appear to have ever done any homework, and nobody is quite sure how he is still a student, yet there he is — drunk on a Tuesday trying to start a fight with a freshman and trying to convince people that they’re pronouncing Gaston Hall incorrectly (“It’s Gaston not Gaston”).



Aladdin is most likely to be spotted cruising around campus on his skateboard, which he calls his “magic carpet” or exploring the campus looking for the vast maze of tunnels that supposedly connect all the school’s buildings and the White House. He’s a dedicated character actor, and can always be spotted performing with the Children’s Theatre group or in the most recent department production. He’s never seen without his best friend Abu, who has put his natural pantomime skills to use as a member of the GU Improv Association.



Tarzan may be an exchange student with a not-so-firm grasp on the English language, but he’s found ways to get around it and attract the ladies. He hasn’t quite figured out how to dress for the weather in DC — which is much colder than his home — but it’s part of his charm. He loves to take girls on dates to the National Zoo (the gorillas are his favorites) and they quickly fall for him and his love for animals.

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