The 5 People You’ll Meet in POG

proof-god-exists1Problem of God is the defining class of every freshman’s experience at Georgetown. It’s likely one of the first classes you’ll ever have attended on the Hilltop. You were probably nervous and anxious walking in, but left feeling pretty confident that you could write a few papers and pull off a decent grade (while of course enriching your understanding of Biblical texts along the way).

Seeing as how these classes tend to be a random assortment of students from across all majors, you’re also likely to meet a lot of other new Hoyas who will excitedly shriek “OH MY GOD, YOU TOTALLY SIT IN FRONT OF ME IN PROBLEM OF GOD!!!!!!” every single time you run into them at Brown House/SAE/Rugby. In order to encapsulate the true mix of students, 4E has compiled a list of the 5 people you’ll definitely meet in your POG class.

  1. The High School Valedictorian: Within the first few minutes of reviewing the syllabus in class, this student already had a million questions about how and when assessments will be graded. “Will there be a curve? When’s the final exam?? Do you offer bonus points?!?!” Don’t worry, no one has ever died in a POG class — yet.
  2. The Confused One: This student probably wandered into class late on the first day because they either forgot to set an alarm or originally went to the wrong classroom. They’ll often forget that you had assigned reading and will always ask to borrow a pencil before any exam.
  3. The Crazy Partier: This freshman looooves going out with all of their new best friends, and they’re not afraid to let you know. They’ll likely spend the few minutes before class asking if you know of any wild parties going on this weekend, even if it’s only Monday. But hey, at least they’re prepared!
  4. The GAAP Group Celeb: It’s only the first week of school and they’ve already become infamous given their overuse of the 2019 Facebook page. Needless to say, you were probably a little excited when you saw them walk into the room on the first day. While it’s not as exciting as meeting Bradley Cooper, you definitely still texted your new GroupMe “GUESS WHO’S IN MY CLASS!!!!!!”
  5. The Random Upperclassman: For whatever reason, this Hoya opted out of taking POG freshman year. Maybe they had some cool elective they took in place or just wanted to take POG when they were stuck in all 500 level classes. Either way, they’re just going to sit there and laugh at every typical freshman thing you say.


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