The 5 People You Will Become On Georgetown Day

it's coming2There is one month – that’s right, ONE MONTH – until arguably the best day of the year at Georgetown. That’s right, the last Friday of spring semester classes, the day that Leo’s gets record afternoon numbers, the day you loudly declare your love for this university … It’s Georgetown Day.

This year, Georgetown Day is April 25, and while 4E has historically reported heavily on the related posts, there can never be too many articles about this holiday. That being said, it’s time to get to business. Georgetown Day is a day of transformation, from burned-out student to Healy Lawn hero, and this list reflects that. Don’t be surprised if you’re all or most of the following.

1. The Overeager One

Let’s face it, regardless of graduation year, everyone gets increasingly more excited as Georgetown Day looms near. The plans start to build up. Yes, you can totally make that 7 A.M. pregame, hit up all of the parties you’re aware of, and then maybe take a quick nap and “grab a sandwich or something” before nighttime shenanigans. Just don’t be surprised if this itinerary doesn’t exactly work out.

2. The Class-goer

Maybe it’s not by choice – you have a midterm that day. Maybe you’re going with a “friend” (read: clear plastic water bottle). Maybe it’s Maybelline. All jokes aside, if you can make it through that exam or if you can function through that eight-person seminar of which you were the only one attending then you are a champion.

3. The Gone-Too-Soon

Closely related to #1, you either know this person, have been this person, or will be this unfortunate Hoya. Either way, the type is obvious: You’re the one who started early. Everything was going great! Suddenly it’s noon and you’ve disappeared into the black hole that is your bed. Your friends will mourn your untimely pass-out by playfully making fun of you later, but at least you’ll be well rested, right? Right?

4. The Foodie

Food trucks. Epi (which, as you might remember, is open 24/7 now). Leo’s. That random vending machine that happens to be ten feet from you when you realize how insanely hungry you are! On Georgetown Day, nothing is off limits. No one will judge if you take a break from drinking your weight in Burnett’s by eating your weight in tater tots.

5. The Lawn Dweller

It’s easy to forget that amid all of the festivities of Georgetown Day, there’s a lot of fun stuff happening on the lawn! Maybe you’ll be taking selfies with the inflatables, listening to the a cappella groups, or trying out the available activities with your friends. Alternatively, you might be lying on the grass, telling your friends and nearby strangers how much you love them. It’s really your choice. Anything goes on Georgetown Day!

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