Angsty YouTube Comments

Since YouTube’s inception back in 2005, the site has served as a place for people across the world to share videos of them doing really anything they please. As things have progressed, YouTube has also become an outlet through which many viewers feel the need to explicitly share their deepest thoughts with the internet.  Here at 4E, we decided to look into just how much YouTube viewers like to anonymously vent to anyone no one in particular. So, without any more of an aside, we present the top angsty YouTube comments.
“Photograph”, Nickelback 2 months ago
“That sad moment when you can’t really relate to this song because I haven’t had my first kiss… cri.
“AVRIL LAVIGNE of 2002 is more better than the AVRIL LAVIGNE of 2013 bec. 2013 avril says BAD WORDS while 2002 avril doesn’t say NECESSARY Words.”
“This makes me think of how ruthless time is. I wish I could turn back the time to where I was just a little kid listening to this song from a freaking cassette tape, waiting hours in front of my TV to watch this video of six young and insanely talented guys making magic. But it’s never gonna happen. I won’t be the same, they’ll never be the same. K, lemme just turn it on one more time.”
“Boulevard of Broken Dreams”, Green Day 1 month ago
“You’re pushing 40 and decided to wear eyeliner… American Idiot is one of my fav. albums of all time, but come on.”
“My mom once said this was a good song. Best day of my life.”
“Beverly Hills”, Weezer 1 month ago
“This song brings back memories from when I was at summer camp with my homie, I wish I could remember his name.”

GUSA Takes Youtube (Updated)

Now that GUSA elections are in full swing, the walls of Red Square are three layers deep in campaign flyers and candidates are releasing their campaign videos. Past classics have ranged from 2007’s  Vote in a Box to last year’s Most Interesting Man at Georgetown. So what does this year have to offer? With seven official tickets in the race (plus Chicken Madness’ inevitable write-in campaign), we’ve got a lot of videos to look at.

Murph and Mike We were surprised by Murphy Kate Delaney’s rap skills – she’s not the next Kanye, but she’s decent (and VP Mike Appau is pretty solid too). The lines, “Who’s Murphy my dude?/Match my bows with my shoes/Mikey’s straight out of Ghana/Like a Georgetown Obama” were a moment of genius. And we were honored by the shoutout in the beginning – “So I ball so hard, everybody’s trying to vote me/But first the Hoya needs to quote me.”

Sax|Crouch Tyler Sax and Michael Crouch’s campaign emphasizes the voice of the students, and their video shows them joining quite a few of Georgetown’s clubs, from WGTB to Groove Theory. While we get the impression that these guys spend literally all of their time together (besties!), they’re showing off a fundamental aspect of their campaign platform. Also, they’re not the best dancers in the world.

John and Lauren It’s “halftime at Georgetown,” and this sendup of Chrysler’s Super Bowl commercial features John Morris and Lauren Weber for only 9 seconds of a 2-minute video. Instead, we get a voiceover from a deep-voiced stranger, talking about how “this campus can’t be knocked down with one punch.” The sweeping panoramas of campus are pretty, but we’re left wondering what their campaign is actually about.
(Ed note: Lauren Weber is a member of The Hoya’s board of directors.)

Clara and Vail This is one of the few videos that clearly states the candidates’ campaign platform. Clara Gustafson and Vail Kohnert-Yount outline their goals for GUSA over some peppy flute music. The freeze frame after they jump off a bench in the Observatory garden is a nice touch.

Colton and Maggie Speaking from Gaston Hall, Colton Malkerson and Maggie Cleary also outline the points of their platform. They also give a thorough record of their experience on GUSA. It’s a clear video, but we wish it had some music, dancing or panoramas of campus – something to spice it up a bit.

Dan and Markel A parody of a Hermain Cain ad, the campaign manager for Dan LaMagna and Markel Starks boasts about how his team will “put the student back in Georgetown University Student Association.” The music is a bit loud, but it’s a line for line sendup of the original (minus the “We would NOT f***ing be here right now.”). Bonus: They’re the only ticket with a video solely dedicated to the VP candidate.

Tisa Walsh While Nate Tisa and Shelia Walsh don’t appear to have released any video campaign just yet, we’re hoping it’s because there’s something epic in the works. We’ll update if/when that happens. Nate Tisa and Sheila Walsh released their campaign video yesterday, adding a Georgetown-centric video to the “Sh*t ____s Say” meme. While we’re a little confused by the fixation on peer advisors (is reforming that program part of their platform?), the “last night at Brown House…” line made us laugh.