Lesser-Known Georgetown Traditions

Lesser Known Traditions

Kicking off Homecoming weekend this Friday is Traditions Day 2014, taking place on Copley Lawn. From noon to 3 p.m., you’ll be able to enjoy free GUGS burgers, a cappella performances from several groups and (obviously) free T-shirts. More information can be found on the Facebook event, but it’s sure to be an awesome afternoon.

While the day is meant to celebrate some of Georgetown’s famous traditions, 4E is here to add some newer, lesser-known traditions that you might not have heard of yet.

The counter at Epi 

Everyone know about the tradition of sitting on John Carroll’s lap that every freshman partakes in because that’s been the tradition for years now. With Epi open 24/7 you can partake in the tradition of sitting on Epi’s counter at 2 a.m. until a cashier inevitably asks you to to get off. Plus, the counter has the added benefit of being a little easier to get onto than John Carroll.

The line at Eat & Joy 

Most recent grads and current juniors and seniors remember the glory of Tuscany, which was put out of business unceremoniously over the summer of 2013. Eat & Joy has stepped up to the plate to fill the void left by Tuscany, and (assuming they don’t also mysteriously go out of business one day soon) they have become the newest Georgetown tradition.

The Healy tunnels

Disclaimer: 4E does not condone trespassing. With construction all over campus (I think I’ve reached my limit for complaining about this), there’s no way to access the Reiss rooftop anymore; the Healy tunnels are just waiting at the heart of campus to be discovered!

The Hot Chick

During practically every tour of Georgetown’s campus and neighborhood, prospective freshmen hear about the Chicken Madness at Wisey’s and how it’s a must-have. In my two years here, though, I have come to largely prefer the Hot Chick for its simplicity and originality. If you haven’t had it yet, you need to get one (or three, and eat them all in one sitting).

While you might not have heard of some of these traditions until now, we can guarantee you’ll soon be making them a part of your usual Georgetown tradition routine. So, on Friday for Traditions Day and throughout Homecoming Weekend, inaugurate these newfound traditions as an integral part of your Hilltop experience.

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Post-Parents’ Weekend Survival Guide

survive on a dime

If your parents came this weekend, then listen up because you are most likely going through the same withdrawals that I am. For the last three days you have feasted at M Street’s finest culinary locations, walked countless miles on the mall and have expelled too much mental energy trying to figure out how to get your parents to feed your shopping addiction.

Parent’s weekend comes at a perfect time. The leaves are falling, the air is crisp, but before you know it, it’s Sunday night and you haven’t even started Monday’s homework. So, say goodbye to free brunches and three-course dinners and say hello to Leo’s and ramen. But don’t fret because here is a step-by-step guide to get you through the week.

Sunday night: After you have said those final goodbyes to the fam following a fabulous dinner, hit up your favorite study spot. Bust out that work that you’ve been putting off all weekend. You may be in a food coma, but savor the feeling because you have just stuffed your pie-hole with an all you can eat free dinner.

Monday: You have been trying for as long you as you can to put this thought out of your head, but the trek to Leo’s is inevitable. Yes, dining hall food may not be on par with brunch at Peacock Café, but think of it this way: You’ve had the chance to eat out all weekend. Get creative at O’Donovan’s by the Waterfront and make something to be proud of. If all else fails, just go straight for the ice cream and we won’t judge you because we know withdrawal is tough.

Tuesday: Wear sweats. Just do it. Your parents are no longer here so it’s time to break out the pajamas for class. That elastic waistband is calling your name. You’ll be thanking me later.

Wednesday: You’re feeling pretty proud of yourself because you’ve managed to survive two days on pure meal swipes. You’re craving a Wisey’s sandwich and an Oreo cookie. DO NOT BE WEAK. Sure, you have that $20 your dad slipped you before leaving, but save that for the weekend because you’re really going to need it then. Instead, make a pasta dinner with your roomies in your apartment or floormates in the common room. It’s cheap and can help you wean yourself off of your parents’ free food.


Thursday: You most likely hit up that Vineyard Vines sale or were a part of the J Crew frenzy last week, so appreciate your new fall wardrobe. Organize yourself and you’ll be feeling stress free for the weekend.

Friday: Congratulations, you have made it to the weekend! Since you have been such a tough cookie, go ahead and treat yourself. We know your more upset by the absences of your loving family than the absence of the dinners at El Centro so spend that extra $20 on whatever your heart desires. You deserve it.


Staffers of the Week: Jess Kelham-Hohler and Michelle Xu


Once a week, The Hoya recognizes one or two staffers who have done a particularly awesome job — now you can get to know about them, too. As part of our Leavey 421 series, we’ll be posting quick interviews with each Staffer of the Week. This week our outstanding Hoya staffers are Jess Kelham-Hohler and Michelle Xu. Read about these awesome ladies here:

Jess Kelham-Hohler

Jess Staffer

Hometown: London, U.K.
School: College
Major: Undecided, probably English
Year: 2017
Position on the Hoya: Guide Editor

If you could create your own Georgetown course, what would it be called?

Netflix Addiction 101: Understanding the phenomenon of spending eight hours on Netflix a day.

What made you gravitate towards joining The Hoya?

I’d never written for a student newspaper before, and I just really wanted to give it a go. At the info session, they said if I wrote for The Guide I’d be able to go to film previews and write reviews of albums. I was completely sold. Plus I heard that some pretty cool people worked there.

Why did you earn Staffer of the Week?

For making the Fall Fashion issue with Michelle (who took all the amazing photographs). Apparently people like it, which I hope is true!

If you could be any flavor of Burnett’s, what would it be and why?

Probably sweet tea, because I’m a caffeine addict and it’s the only flavor that has some suggestion of caffeine content. Plus tea, my being English — it all goes together.

If you could be a Wisey’s sandwich, what would it be and why?

The California panini, because after going to LA for the first time last summer, all I do is dream of going back to the glorious Cali sunshine.

Best thing about fall is…?

The start of colder weather. I’m English, and therefore need the rain in order to survive. But really, everything is great about fall. Except for all the pumpkin. I shall never understand this nation’s obsession with pumpkin.

Michelle Xu

Michelle Staffer

Hometown: San Diego, CA
School: NHS
Major: Healthcare Management and Policy
Year: 2016
Position on the Hoya: Senior Photo Editor

If you could create your own Georgetown course, what would it be called?

If I could create my own Georgetown course, it would definitely be Nap Time. The more you nap, the higher your grade.

What made you gravitate towards joining The Hoya?

Over the summer between high school and college, I saw the old Senior Photo Editor post on Facebook about joining The Hoya as a photographer. Then I thought, “Hey… I can take pictures. I want friends… I’ll join the Hoya!”

Why did you earn Staffer of the Week?

I earned Staffer of the Week because Jess and I did a kick-ass Fashion Issue.

If you could be any flavor of Burnett’s, what would it be and why?

I would be Citrus Burnett’s because I mix well with anything!

Best thing about fall is…?

The best thing about fall is the changing colors. Red, orange and yellow leaves are much more interesting than green. They also make for great photos!

 Photos: Facebook

Georgetown Saturday: How to Survive

Day After Georgetown Day

‘Twas the day after Georgetown Day, and all through the campus, the students were moaning and crying, “Oh man.”

We sang, we danced and we had a really really really good time.

Georgetown Day is one of the best days of the year but one of the hardest days to recover from.


Whether you were bumming it in class or passing out on the front lawn on Georgetown Day, Georgetown Saturday is something no Hoya can avoid.

4E understands your pain and has made it our job to help you through the Saturday morning slump.

Your morning probably went a little like this:

8:00 a.m. You get up dying of thirst.

8:05 a.m. You go back to bed.

10:00 a.m. You get up for real.

Do not make any sudden movements. The day after Georgetown Day is always a surprise. You never know what you are going to get. Sometimes the worst thing you can do is move. So take it slow, stay still and contemplate something that does not involve yesterday. Also, do not look at your phone. Your eyes are not ready for the documentation.


Food: Breakfast is the most important meal of the day. Call Wisey’s and order a sandwich before 11 a.m. Their food is like magic. Make sure you drink a lot of water and, if you can, down some coffee STAT. You can go to Leo’s, but honestly there is nothing there that will make up for the amazingly greasy food you had the day before.


Netflix: This is the perfect day to lay in bed and watch a bunch of Netflix. Curl up with your laptop and get ready for that marathon. It’s like Marathon Monday … but better (as in, no movement).

Georgetown University Jazz Fest: Head out to Copley Lawn and let the super chill music wash your troubles away.

Last but not least, read and enjoy the 4E as much as you like. You deserve it, and we are pretty awesome.

Hopefully you are not dead while reading this post. If you are, good luck. Remember, Georgetown Day is only once a year, so you can totally go hard and not worry.

Georgetown Day forever, Hoyas.

Gifs: elitedaily.com, tumblr.com

This GUSA Race Is Madness!

The past few weeks have been a storm of information about the upcoming GUSA elections. We have watched the campaign videos, played the drinking games and dissected each campaign’s graphic design skills. But in the midst of it all, there has been growing support for a candidate unlike the rest: Chicken Madness.

Chicken Madness and his once arch-rival Hot Chick have decided to run together for GUSA president and vice president. The campaign started a few weeks back when a mysterious man by the name of Jack Wisemiller sent many Georgetown students a Facebook friend request. In the time it took for every freshman to ask his roommate, “Did we meet a Jack Wisemiller at NSO?”, the Facebook account had already gathered hundreds of friends and followers.

The reason for Jack Wisemiller’s Facebook? To spread the word about writing in Chicken Madness and Hot Chick on GUSA election day! I was a little shocked when I heard the news. I thought to myself, How could two undeniably delicious sandwiches run our student government? But after some serious contemplation and soul searching, I have discovered some qualities about this dynamic duo that every potential GUSA president and vice president should aspire to.

5 Great Qualities of Chicken Madness and Hot Chick 

1. They can motivate the student body 

Whether you are running on the track at Yates or studying in Lau on a Saturday afternoon, nothing keeps you going like the idea of a Chicken Madness. If it weren’t for this Wisey’s classic, no one would get anything done. I don’t know how many times I’ve heard, “Alright, 20 more minutes of reading and then I’m hitting up Wisey’s!” Keep it up, Chicken Madness.

2. They are (uniquely) committed to diversity

In any political race, candidates pay close attention to the role of diversity among the people they wish to represent. The Chicken Madness and Hot Chick pair are truly diverse. Chicken Madness, a savory grilled chicken delicacy, is there when you need comfort food. Hot Chick, on the other hand, is a spicy chicken tender sub that never disappoints. Those are some diverse flavors if I say so myself.

3. They have a sick campaign slogan

Chicken Madness and Hot Chick

“Two sandwiches… One Georgetown.” That slogan is tough to beat.

4. They unite the students at Georgetown

Whether you live on or off campus, Chicken Madness and Hot Chick bring people together. As you stroll into Wisey’s ready to pick up your delicious Chicken Madness or Hot Chick, you can run into just about anyone. From that study buddy you crammed for finals with last semester to that freshman roommate you lost touch with over the years, you can always bond over your love for a good ‘ole Wisey’s sandwich.

5. They can’t knock on your doors

Enough said.

Photo: facebook.com

7 Cures For “The Mondays”

MondaysMonday. No one likes Monday. After a long weekend of hanging out, sleeping (maybe) and trying to get caught up on work, Mondays aren’t all that fun. Here are a few cures to help you through your case of the Mondays and maybe brighten the start of your week.

1. Try and sleep Sunday night I know it’s never easy, but if you can space out your work and get to bed early Sunday night, your body will thank you. Nothing aggravates a case of the Mondays like sleep deprivation.

2. Head to Yates Whether it’s before or after class, a practice for a sport or trying to stick to your New Year’s Resolution, try and get your heart pumping. You’ll feel better, detox from the weekend and get out a little stress.

3. Treat yourself My personal favorite snack after a long Monday of classes is a delicious cookie from Wisey’s. For only $1, you can’t go wrong. But it doesn’t matter if it’s a cookie, an Epi milkshake, a Baked and Wired cupcake or just a fancy drink from Starbucks – get yourself a little treat. You deserve it.

4. Take a nap In case you didn’t get enough sleep on Sunday (or even if you did), take a quick nap to re-energize before starting your busy afternoon. 4E can even show you how! (If you don’t have time for a nap, just take a few minutes to collect your thoughts, and take a couple of deep breaths — it will help.)

5.  Go on an adventure While it’s a little cold now, nothing clears your head quite like a chat with Honest Abe down in the National Gallery. Being among so much history has to be motivating. Plus, you can rest assured that even Abe had to deal with Mondays once a week.

6. Read something else Sometimes, browsing Facebook, Twitter or 4E isn’t procrastinating, but just being healthy. Even healthier, you could try reading a book for fun! Whatever it is, though, the important thing is taking your eyes off of a textbook for even a couple of minutes.

7. Smile Sure, Mondays can be pretty lousy. But simply walking around with a smile on your face can change your attitude, make you feel better and make the people around you feel better.

Mondays can be tough, but everyone is right there with you. Just get through today, and you have six days off before you have to deal with it again!

Photo: wikipedia

9 Reasons We’re Excited To Go Back To Georgetown

9 reasons why

Happy August, Hoyas! The 4E team hopes you’ve been enjoying the last precious weeks of summer before our epic return back to campus. Though you might not be excited about the idea of returning to the Hilltop – psh, who are we kidding? Like that would happen.

We know you’re probably anxiously awaiting move-in day and all the happiness it will bring, but just in case you aren’t jumping for joy just yet (maybe you still need to work on that summer tan before school), we’ve made a whole list to psych you up. Here is “The 9 Reasons We’re So Excited to Go Back to School”

We missed Wisey’sWisey's

Admit it: after reading this, there is nothing you want more in this world than a Wisey’s sandwich. Chicken Madness vs. Hot Chick debate aside, we can’t wait to get back to school and get our grub on. And speaking of grub…

We can’t wait to use GrubHub again

Grub Hub

Maybe you were one of the lucky people who spent the summer in a metropolitan area where GrubHub was readily at your disposal. I wasn’t. So, right now, there’s really nothing that I want more than to go back to school, for it to be 11:48pm on a Wednesday, and to get an insatiable craving for sweet and sour chicken. Because, guess what? I won’t even have to leave my building to get it. And I’ll even get to throw in a bubble tea in my order for dessert and to meet the delivery minimum. And while I’m still having food cravings…

We can’t wait to go to Good Stuff Eatery

Goodstuff Eatery

The burgers. The milkshakes. The amazing cow logo. All of the boundless happiness and carbohydrates. And it’s right next to Rhino. Can you say ultimate late-night snacking?

 We can’t wait to go out to the new New South Student Center PubGU Pub

Okay, kidding. This bad boy won’t be open until Fall of 2014, but still. Throughout this year, GU students will be able to give their feedback, suggestions and input for the new pub, which will be operated by Hoya alum F.B. “Fritz” Brogan III (C’07, L’10). And in the meantime, if you 21-ers need somewhere else to go out, you can still frequent Mr. Brogan’s other Georgetown establishment, Mason Inn. (Or to this next place…)

We can’t wait to go to The Tombs


Ah, thy hallowed grounds. We’re coming for you soon, friend. We’re coming for you oh, so soon. My heart longs for your spinach artichoke dip.

We can’t wait to see campus in the fall

Georgetown Fall

Just look at that. Cool, crisp autumn weather, a glass of warm apple cider and a viewing of The Exorcist. Nothing is better than Georgetown in the fall, right? (Except maybe Georgetown in the spring).

We can’t wait for basketball season

Big East Basketball Tournament - Cincinnati v Georgetown

I mean, that’s kind of a given. But just in case you didn’t follow my logic: Back to school = August = September = September 27 = Midnight Madness = Hoya basketball domination. (Also, we’ll miss you, Otto!)

We can’t wait to see the city againWaterfront

I mean, what other school can say this is their backyard? And only a little further down the road is this:

White House

But no one can take on the nation’s capital without a little bit of help. That’s why our top reason why we’re so excited to go back to Georgetown is:

We can’t wait to see all our friends!

Georgetown-Syracuse men's basketball game.


Photos: Washington Post, The Telegraph, Casual Hoya, Best Colleges, Facebook, Good Stuff Eatery, Georgetown Foodie, Annoy the Left, Northwest Business Review

The Advisory Neighborhood Commission 4E


The blueprint for the new on-campus dormitory recently received unanimous approval from the Advisory Neighborhood Commission 2E. Well, it’s time for it to get a fantastical re-vamping from the Advisory Neighborhood Commission 4E. WIth a little imaaaaginaaaation, what would we put in our ideal dorm?

The best of D.C. food court – We Hoyas are busy people! And as much as we’d like to travel to Adams Morgan for Amsterdam Felafel every day, it’s just not feasible. Even the walk to Wisey’s is sometimes too much for those of us who are either too swamped or too lazy. So our perfect dorm would have a food court in the basement complete with Wisey’s, Amsterdam Felafel, Mai Thai, Los Cuates, Serendipity, a mini-Uncommon Grounds, and a revival of Tuscany. All open until 4am. In the corner, of course, there’s one of these.

A Georgetown sports lounge – The entirety of the top floor would be a Hoya Blue palace. Complete with blue and grey decor, a huge flat screen TV, surround sound, a spirit body paint station, snack shack, plenty of seating, and mini-thrones for our beloved bulldogs, this lounge would be the hot spot for the viewing of any Georgetown sporting event.

A Leo’s display – In the lobby, there would be a screen displaying the different options at Leo’s that day so you can decide if there’s anything that piques your appetite. That way you know if you should head to Leo’s or go the other way to Hoya Court or Epicurean.

NextGUTS – Right below the Leo’s display, there will be a ticker letting you know when the next GUTS busses are coming so you know if you need to sprint or can take a leisurely walk to catch your plane home or go grocery shopping.

Metro – Step out of your room, walk to the elevator, press “B2” (for Basement 2), the doors open and BOOM. YOU’RE IN A METRO STATION. Does it make sense? No, but let us dream.

Built in speakers – Somewhere on your desk there will be somewhere to plug in your iPod, iPhone, or mp3 player and you can play music through the speakers built into your wall. Now all you have to do is agree on a playlist with your roommate!

Soundproof walls – Since you have built in speakers, you’ll probably want to dance around your room with a hairbrush singing TaySwift or some Beyoncé. And you probably don’t want to bother your neighbors or let them know how much you love your own tone-deaf version of the song “22”, so the walls are soundproofed for your convenience. This also makes your room a much easier place to study, leaving Lau a little less crowded during finals.

CAN I GET A HOT TUB? – Yes, you can. You can also use the same logic to get “the girl from 4E”.

Pool tables and ping pong tables in the common room – In our perfect dorm, the common rooms are large enough to accommodate some billiards and ping pong so that there’s something more to do on the weekends or another option for study breaks.

Puppy visiting hours – Puppies in the lobby every Monday. That is all.

Number lock pads – “I lost my key!” said nobody living in our perfect dorm. If we had our way, the rooms would have number lock pads that accept a 6-number code to enter the room as opposed to a key. That way you don’t have to worry about getting locked out!

GrubHub delivery chutes – How do these work? We don’t know, we’re just the creativity behind the ideas. This idea would mean that everyone has a small dumbwaiter-looking box in their room. When you order food for delivery or from GrubHub, the delivery person puts your food in the corresponding dumbwaiter in the lobby, types in your room number, and then you would send the money down or pay by card before your order. That way you can get food for delivery without ever having to leave your room. Laziness at its finest! Is this feasible? No. Is it still amazing? Yes.

The Hoya – The Hoya delivered magically to your door every Tuesday and Friday. What more could you ask for?

What would you like to see in your new dorm? Toss us some suggestions in the comments!

Acronyms We Wish Existed

AcronymsHere at GU, we love acronyms. It’s not uncommon to head off to the ICC from the MSB to meet your friend (who’s in the NHS), grab a cup of coffee at MUG and start talking about your OA from NSO who’s a GUAFSCU Member and loves GUGS. Okay, so that might be a bit of a strange occurrence, but it is nonetheless an accurate representation of Georgetown’s undying infatuation with abbreviations formed by word components. Here at The Fourth Edition, we’ve had our brushes with acronyms in the past, but now, we’ve put on our thinking caps once again to come up with a special list of Georgetown acronyms… that don’t exactly exist. Yet. Here are some acronyms we wish existed:

EW – (eating Wisey’s) Let’s face it. We’re all addicted to the savory flavors of Wisemiller’s Grocery & Deli. Imagine this conversation:

Hoya 1: “Hey bro, where are you?”

Hoya 2: “Oh, you know, just grabbing a Chicken Madness. EW!”

Hoya 1: “Aw, man! I’m so jealous. I’ve been craving a Hot Chick all week. I wish I was EW-ing right now!”


AIL – (Alone in Leo’s) That awkward moment when you don’t have anyone to lunch with so you’re stuck in the loner section downstairs by the windows. It accompanies one of my editor’s favorite pre-existing acronyms, SEAL (Senior Eating At Leo’s) A sample text conversation example of AIL-ing:

Hoya 1: “Hey what’s up?”

Hoya 2: “I’m failing everywhere right now. I’m a SEAL AIL.”

Hoya 1: “Haha. That stinks, but it happens to the best of us.”


LOL – (Living on Lau) Courtesy of Blog Editor, Lindsay Lee, LOL describes that tragic time that comes before that big Bio test, the day preceding your ITrade midterm and, of course, during Finals Week. Side effects of LOL-ing include laughing at cubicle puns and procrastinating on Lau 2. Used in context:

Hoya 1: “How are you?”

Hoya 2: “Ugh. Classic LOL.”

Hoya 1: “LOL!”

Hoya 2: “You’re here too?!”

Hoya 1: “No. Just laughing at your sadness.”


YSO – (Yates show off) Also provided by Lindsay Lee – Yeah, we see you, Mr. Bodybuilder*. We all know you can bench 210 and squat 250, so there’s no need to prove it as all the ladies walk by.

Hoya 1: “That guy keeps doing curls in front of the mirror every time girls walk by.”

Hoya 2: “What a YSO.”

*YSOs can also be ladies. Check out this common example with a female YSO:

Hoya 1: “I can’t believe that girl. She kept looking at me and running faster on the elliptical like we were racing!”

Hoya 2: “I know. She did that to me the other day. She’s such a YSO.”


ROB? – Rhino or Bandolero? A common conundrum that pops up on Thursday nights around 11:30 pm. Example:

Hoya 1: “Where should we go tonight? ROB?”

Hoya 2: “Let’s just stick with Tombs. Much classier.”


BAG! – Bradley’s at Georgetown! The expression screamed by thousands of girls when our favorite alum makes a surprise appearance. Por ejemplo:

Hoya 1: “Shut up. No way.”

Hoya 2: “What?”

Hoya 1: “BAAAAAAAAAAAAAGGGGGG!” (Runs out of classroom screaming)


SANASuper athletic, non-athlete Used frequently by the bleditor (blog editor) to describe those who are genuinely athletic but who aren’t quite up to the demanding D1 standards of Georgetown. These people hate being classified as NARPs (non-athletic, regular person) so here’ a new term for them.

Hoya 1: “Who should we get for our intramural basketball team?”

Hoya 2: “definitely ask Joe, he’s such a SANA”

Hoya 1: “Okay, what about Jane? She’d probably be good too”

Hoya 2: “Nah man, she’s just a YSO” (see what we did there?)


How do you feel about our acronym choices? What would you add? Hit us up in the comments below and don’t forget to share all the AL (acronym love) on Facebook!

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What I Miss Most…

things we already miss

Hey, Hoyas, how long’s it been?

Oh yeah, that’s right, two weeks.

It’s only been two weeks since we’ve left campus for summer vacation, but if you’re feeling anything like I am, there’s already a soft, yearning pain deep within your soul that pulls at your heartstrings and cries out “Hoya Saxa” with the same melancholy nostalgia of Céline Dion in this classic video.

Though you might be happily abuzz with your summer job or internship, and though you might be comfortably lounging in your own bed at home, there are some parts about the Hilltop that might be making you feel a bit, well… homesick. Here’s what I (and probably many of you) miss most about Georgetown over summer vacation:

Seeing Healy every day

There’s just something I miss about returning back to campus at night and looking up to see this:

5112800787_b18f0c7f7b_zOr waking up to this:5639811730_c375e06790_z

And walking to class and seeing this:950_47_John-Carroll-Spring-Tulips-optimized

And it would always make me feel like this:


I miss eating Wisey’s…


…and Sweetgreen…

sweetgreen-exterior…and GUGs burgers…images-2

…and Baked & Wired…baked-and-wired-2

And I’m like:

tumblr_inline_mmfu9bTEXk1qz4rgpI miss the Georgetown Waterfront…


…even in the winter!


I miss The Tombs.


It’s such a great place!

Dining_TheTombsThough I doubt I miss the establishment as much as those in 99 Days Club. Now that they have graduated, they probably feel like this:


I miss Chicken Finger Thursdays…


…and brunch!


And I miss Hoya Basketball…


… and Bill “Slick Willy” Clinton!


But more than anything, I miss my friends…


NO! Not those friends. These friends:


See you in August, Hoyas!

Photos: University Registrar, GU82HoyaSaxa, Casual Hoya, Crashing the Goalie, GU Dining, Tombs, Georgetown DC, Capital Spice, Flickr, DC About, Georgetown Metropolitan, Guest of a Guest

Gifs: Tumblr.com