5 Olympic Sport Spirit Animals

Olympic Spirit AnimalsAs the Olympics wrap up this weekend, it’s time to reflect upon the past few weeks. We’ve watched Olympians ski, jump, race and skate around, representing their countries in the most competitive sports contest in the world. During the Winter Games in Sochi, I’ve learned a lot of things — things about beautiful Olympians and new sporting events — but what I’ve really learned in that each Olympic sport actually has a special spirit animal. Cute animals plus winter sports … what more could a person want? Without further ado, here are the top five spirit animals of the Sochi Olympics.

1. Figure Skaters They’re beautiful, graceful and wonderful, but let’s be honest, those skater girls can be nasty (cough, cough, Tonya Harding), just like our friend the swan.

figure skatingswans

2. Downhill Skiers Going at speed of up to 80-90 miles per hour, it’s clear that these speed demons are cheetahs at heart.

downhill skiing


3. Curlers We’re not really sure what their sport is and they don’t go very fast, but having long arms like this sloth would sure help.



4. Snowboarders The tricks they do are awesome, and it’s almost like they’re flying through the air, just like this nifty little flying squirrel.



flying squirrels

5. Lugers Let’s be honest, they basically stole this sport from penguins, except penguins do it all without any equipment.




There you have it: this year’s Winter Olympics summed up in pictures of cute animals. So embrace your spirit animals and you’ll be basically halfway to the 2018 Pyeongchang Winter Games, Hoyas!

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Eye Candy Alert: The Hottest Olympians In Sochi

sochi hottiezEverybody knows why Sochi has been having unexpectedly high temperatures these past few days: The Olympians there are just too hot! It’s an understatement to say that the athletes competing in the Sochi Winter Games are the epitome of fit and beautiful. For those that really just watch the Olympics to admire muscles, six packs or just pure beauty, here’s a guide to help you be on the lookout for the most enjoyable sights you’ll see during this year’s Winter Games…

1. Bode Miller

Miller is a skier from the U.S. who has already garnered 5 career Winter Olympic medals!


2. Tina Weirather

All the way from Liechtenstein comes another alpine ski racer who made her debut in the World Cup when she was just 16.


3. David Backes

Backes is a U.S. Olympic hockey player and captain of the St. Louis Blues!


4. Jamie Anderson

Hailing from Lake Tahoe, Anderson is an Olympic snowboarder who won gold in the inaugural Women’s Slopestyle event in Sochi.


5. Bene Mayr

Germany is represented by this sexy freestyle skier. Just look at all all that freestyle swag!


6. Tina Maze

A World Cup alpine skier from Slovenia, she’s the current Super-G world champion and is also an Olympic champion in downhill.


7. Jonathan Toews 

This Canadian Olympic competitor’s one hot hockey player, but he knows how to cool things down on the ice.


8. Sara Hurtado 

De España, Hurtado is an ice dancer. Her Spanish look is sure to spice things up.


9. Shani Davis 

Another athlete from the U.S., Davis is a speed skater. Just look at that smile!

Shani Davis of the U.S. waves at the stands after the 1500m mens division A event at the ISU World Cup Speed Skating in Heerenveen

10. Theresa Johaug 

Last but not least, this blonde beauty is a cross-country skier from Norway.


Well, Hoyas, I don’t know about you, but after looking at these Olympians I have to go to Yates to feel a little better about myself! See you on the treadmills!

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HoyaWinter OlympicSaxa: The Olympics, Georgetown-Flavored

Georgetown OlympicsOslo, Lake Placid, Nagano, Vancouver. Are these future celebrity children names? Close, but no. These are really the past sites of the Winter Olympics. You heard right, THE OLYMPICS!

This year, the Winter Olympics will be held in Sochi, Russia, and will surely bring some inspiring moments. But as you watch the events over the next two weeks of international “harmony,” stop and think: What if the Winter Olympics happened right here in Georgetown? Forget “snowboarding” and “figure skating.” Open your mind to a few of the events from the Georgetown (aka the better) version of the Olympics:

1. Write a full paper at the tables of Lau 2 Points awarded based on speed and lack of plagiarism. Periodically, to distract the competitors, someone will walk by and ask if they can “watch my stuff for a minute.”

Preach, K-Stew.

2. Climbing the stairs to Yates “Athletics!” Seriously, just getting to the front door of Yates Fieldhouse could pose a formidable challenge to even the fittest Hoya. A million bonus points for actually getting inside and using the machines. Who am I kidding — the real Olympians would be like:

3. Avoiding the onslaught of tour groups Duck, cover, squirm and wriggle your way through the masses of Blue and Gray madness. Bonus points if you convince a prospective student to come here while awkwardly avoiding the onslaught.

4. Navigating campus with unexpected obstacles The competitor is given two minutes to get from St. Mary’s to a lecture hall in Healy. The natural route is through Red Square and past Copley, but that’s blocked off. Time to go around the ICC. But wait: Where did all these people come from? And why are they spreading across all the walkways by Regents? This event is probably most similar to an actual Winter Olympics event. Think slalom skiing, but with people. Also, without skis.


For insight into actual events of the Sochi Olympics you should look out for, check out this article from Paranoia. Until then, the next time you finish your homework on time or trudge up the New South hill, pat yourself on the back. You might not be an Olympian, but you’re a Hoya, and you’re already a winner in our book.

Photos: ccsuvt.org, wikipedia Gif: gurl.com, tumblr.com, blogspot.com, gifsoup.com

Let’s Go Round Two: 4E’s Guide to Winter Brunching

Brunch it upThere are very few people in the world who can turn down a good waffle or a delicious sandwich. But what if you could have them both at the same time? This, my friends, is the beauty of brunch. Brunch is one of my all time favorite meals because brunch food is the best food. Nay, brunch is more than that: It is a lifestyle.


The best part about winter brunching is getting to sit inside and warm up. And drink hot coffee. Man, I love me some coffee.


Despite its fun facade, brunching can be tricky at times. Here are some tips on how to prepare:

1. Make sure to check out our tips for champagne brunching (The tips are pretty much applicable here, minus the alcohol, of course). The most important of these tips is to make reservations. Brunch places always get crowded and are often occupied by big groups. Be smart and call ahead.

2. Figure out how you are going to get there. Are you walking or riding? Uber or taxi? (In some cases cab rides can get super expensive.)

3. Dress to impress, but don’t dress to freeze. Yes, your sundress may be cute, but it does not make any sense when it is 25 degrees and snowing outside.

4. Go hungry. This may seem obvious, but sometimes people do not take advantage of the greatness of brunch. It will be better if you are hungry.

5. Try not to go with a huge group. While it can be fun, the bill often is unthinkably large and difficult to divide up. The smaller the group, the less stress. Brunch should not be a stressful activity.

Now the question is, where should you go?

In Georgetown:

Tombs (1226 36th St. NW) A classic and a favorite. Tombs’ location is ideal for the lazy college student but is up to par with many places in downtown D.C. Its fireplace makes for a warm atmosphere and its coffee cake is the best. (Entrees usually around $11.00)

Farmers Fishers Bakers (3000 K St. NW) For those brunchers who want to have a fancier meal, Farmers Fishers Bakers offers amazing food at a set price. Its location on the Georgetown waterfront near the ice skating rink makes for the perfect winter afternoon. Because nothing says cute and wintry like brunch and ice skating. (Set price of $29.99)

Outside the bubble:

Founding Farmers (1924 Pennsylvania Ave. NW) Located in Foggy Bottom, this is a favorite for many Georgetown students (especially me!). All of the food is natural and delicious. (Entrees $9-$12)

Montmarte (327 7th St. SE) Located right near the Flea Market at Eastern Market, this brunch favorite offers both food and the possibility of shopping! Talk about the perfect Sunday. Word to the wise: the mussels are divine! (Entrees $11-$14) 

Once you get to your location, here are some tips to make the most of your winter brunch:

1. Don’t just commit to one meal. The best part of brunch is the mix of breakfast and lunch! Find someone who will split eggs and a chicken sandwich with you. That is love.

2. Take cute pictures. Most of us do not have the luxury of going brunching every single weekend. So make sure to document it and relive it at a later date. Instagram away. #brunchingwiththehomies

3. All you can eat. I repeat: All you can eat. Brunch is two meals. Breakfast. And. Lunch. Do not treat it like your afternoon snack. This is the time to chow down, and no one will judge you.

The time has come: Gather your friends, sit back and enjoy some yummy food amidst this disgusting weather.

tumblr_mmgcnjg5qW1qd243po1_500Oh my gawwwd, YUM.

Gifs: tumblr.com; Photo: stlouis.cbslocal.com

How It Feels to Start Classes Again

First Day of SchoolBy now most, if not all, of you are done with the Christmas cookies and never-ending family time. The holidays were fun, but now it’s back to the Hilltop we love and the schoolwork we hate. It goes a little like this:

You get back to Georgetown, so excited to see your friends…


… even though it’s been only 3 weeks. (But it seems like a lifetime and a half.)

Everything is fab, until you realize you actually have to take classes.

tumblr_mg3jorsMT21qh402go1_250Like any good Georgetown student, you spend an unimaginable amount of time picking out that perfect “back-to-school” outfit, which seems to not exist.


Finally, you find “the one” and you feel like a million bucks (or like a 4.0 GPA).


But Wednesday morning is not too friendly.


And there is always that one person who is way too excited.


Your teachers actually expect you to learn.


But your mind is blank. Or possibly still frozen from the cold.


The bookstore is a total mess.


And then you see someone in the library already. GOOD. FOR. YOU.


You realize that Leo’s is once again your main food option and all happiness disappears.


But being back with Jack the Bulldog makes everything much better.


And despite the teachers, classes and long lines at the RHO, at least you are back on the Hilltop. Now you will have about a week or so until you are actually allowed to be stressed again. So enjoy the time off, Hoyas … we are all going to need it!

GIFS: tumblr.com, Photo: paulgerst.com

10 Things You Were Glad You Did Before Going Back to School

Winter breakNow that most of us are back on the Hilltop (sorry to those of you who are getting trolled by the weather), let’s reflect on the things that we were really glad we did on the last day before we returned.

1. Stayed in bed until 2 p.m.

Sleeping Beauty knows what’s up.

2. Wore pajamas the entire day.

Just another thing James Franco and I have in common.

3. Didn’t shower.

Like there was anybody to impress anyway.

4. Ate breakfast for dinner, or anything for dinner, or breakfast for anything.

Breakfast Club gets us.

5. Mindlessly watched Netflix for HOURS.

“Am I doing anything on my last day home? NO!”

6. Ate your last home-cooked meal.

Now just savor the taste of that meal to keep you sane through the weeks until Spring Break.

7. Got spoiled by your parents.

Maybe they aren’t Beyoncé, but they still love you and give you things.

8. Finally showered…

The stink got too real.

9. Stayed indoors the entire day and didn’t get judged.

You and all the friends you’ll ever need.

10. Worried about absolutely nothing.

Sounds about right. I hope you had a good last day of vacation. Welcome back to the Hilltop, Hoyas!

GIFS: tumblr, wormsandgermsblog.com

An Open Letter to the World/Georgetown: I Want Second Semester NSO

NSO Part twoDear absurdly cold Hilltop,

New Student Orientation can occasionally get a bad rap: Students sometimes complain about the icebreakers, receiving the same questions from everyone (name, hometown, major, dorm) and the weird amount of blow up contraptions and fake gambling. But as I ride an Amtrak train with regrettably spotty WiFi back to the school, my heart yearns for a bit of orientation.

Many of my friends from home are going back to college early to start rushing sororities or train for a sport, so in my imagination they’re basically frolicking around in flowery fields of eating, socialization and “bonding” (read: games of Never Have I Ever). I, on the other hand, am going directly back to class. Tomorrow I will wake up at 8 a.m. for my 8:50 class (I know that as the semester goes on my wake up time will get later and later, so I might as well start out early). I’m going to have to pay at least minimal attention in class, I may have to start reading and I’ll certainly have to start drinking coffee again. But all I want to do is have fun, play Ninja and stay up late in my common room discussing the intricacies of American dialects and [insert something cool].

Though I now know what a DFMO is, have fully memorized the fight song and somewhat can make my way through the ICC, I still need some direction or at least some time to veg. Or maybe just a group of people cheering for me when I walk back onto campus in this frigid weather.

I understand another NSO would take a lot of time and planning. But it’s just a suggestion, (you’re welcome, Georgetown) and second semester students would enjoy an NSO period, too. As my mother likes to say, “I’m an idea person.” This is one of my ingenious ideas, so take it or leave it, President DeGioia. I think the doom and gloom of post-Christmas/New Years/winter vortex needs a bit of dancing, ice breakers, diversity training and anonymous question sessions.

Please and thank you,

Photo: Georgetown.edu

Snow Day: Zoo Edition

animals in the snowFor those of you experiencing the recent snow storm, you might be feeling a range of emotions. Maybe love for the amount of sledding you can now partake in? Or perhaps hate for the lack of feeling in your toes? Whether you consider yourself a winter fanatic or a “weather wuss,” there’s one thing this winter storm brought that you have to love: the adorable, snow-filled animal pictures released yesterday by the National Zoo. Brought to us from our friends at DCist, here are a couple of animals who seem to know how to have a good snow day:

No matter how matter how many times we see it, snow is always exciting.


This little red panda seems to have found the best view.


This tiger enjoys walking around the new winter wonderland.


But even the animals know winter break is all about sleep! Yawwwn!


Wait, there’s more! Even 4E’s favorite panda, Bao Bao, got in on the snow fun! DCist noted that while the National Zoo said Bao Bao was not ready to experience the snow just yet, they were kind enough to bring her a bowl of snow to play with.


Baby panda! Baby panda with a bowl of snow! Is there such a thing as too much cuteness?

Photos: DCist

How It Felt To Go Home for Winter Break

Home-for-the-Holidays-ColoradoCongratulations, Hoyas, you made it through finals. If you are anything like us at 4E, you’re probably already sitting on your couch and binging on Netflix with a plate of food the size of a dwarf planet. Needless to say, it feels great to be home. But just in case you needed reminding how awesome it really is leave for winter break, we retold your homebound journey for you. It went something like this:

When you finished your last final, you questioned if everything was real life. Could you actually be done?


In a brain-fried daze, you slowly walked back into your room and opened the door. Then you did this:

But you suddenly realized your train/plane was leaving in an hour and you hadn’t packed anything.tumblr_lv98xhjZEx1r6aoq4o1_500

So you shoved everything humanly possible into your suitcase and ran out the door.tumblr_m7ujvlcv1X1rcp7w8o1_500

And – thank goodness – you made it to the airport/train station. [Insert sigh of relief.]


Your travelling came and went. Before you knew it, you saw your house. And then it hit you: YOU WERE HOME!


And then you walked inside your house and everything just felt so good.


And then you saw your fridge filled with food!


After that, you realized you had an infinite amount of free time with no homework to do …


… except listen to Beyoncé’s new album. Over. And. Over. Again.beyonce-1

But wait! You just realized Christmas is coming!excited-1

And, finally, the most amazingly breathtaking thing of all happened: YOU SAW YOUR BED.


So for the next 14 hours, you looked like this.


Yeah, that’s basically how it all went down. Enjoy your time off and happy holidays from 4E!

GIFS: tumblr; Photo: backround-pictures.feedio.net

Friday Fixat10ns: Waiting for the Snow

[8tracks width=”300″ height=”250″ playops=”” url=”https://8tracks.com/mixes/1351578″]

It’s 50 degrees in February. I’m not wearing a jacket. I see no snow on the ground. This is definitely not what winter is all about, but I’m not ready to give up on it just yet. If you are still desperately holding out for a snowpocalypse so you don’t have to write that paper, I hope our 4E playlist pleases the snow gods for all of us.

Winter Song – Sara Bareilles and Ingrid Michaelson Can it honestly get any better than this dynamic duo? I think not. These two women have the voices of angels. Seriously.

Winter Winds – Mumford & Sons I don’t think I ever been more obsessed with a band. Everything they do is pure genius. And if you were lucky enough to snag a ticket to their sold out concert in Fairfax, Va., this February, this song should definitely get you in the mood for an absolutely incredible concert.

Snow (Hey, Oh) Red Hot Chili Peppers We can always count on the Red Hot Chili Peppers for a catchy chorus. Who knew how much fun it would be to sing, “Hey, Oh,” over and over again?

January Wedding Avett Brothers If you’re a sap like me, you are dying to see a winter wedding at Dahlgren Chapel, preferably during a snowfall because that would just be magical.

Snowfall Ingrid Michaelson She is just too amazing not to be on this playlist twice. And yes, Ingrid, I too “want a snowfall kinda love.” Just in time for Valentine’s day.

Winter Song Caesars Swedish indie rock band. Come on, it doesn’t get any cooler than that.

In Like a Lion (Always Winter) Reliant K They really aren’t feeling the whole winter thing, but I refuse to move on to spring until we get a snow day. End of story.

Early Winter Gwen Stefani Beautiful metaphor, Gwen. Sorry about the end of your relationship, but winter isn’t ending for us just yet.

Wizards in Winter Trans-Siberian Orchestra Okay, I’m usually not into the whole no lyrics thing, but this song is awesome. I don’t know how they do it, but they are a progressive rock band so I guess they can do anything.

Angel in the Snow Elliot SmithThis song makes me want to run outside and make snow angels. Badly. All I need is the snow.

Photo: PublicDomainPictures


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