Queer Eye: Beyond Reality TV

Listen up people — there’s a new show in town. Out of all of the quasi-reality television that we have proudly consumed in our lifetimes, “Queer Eye has been the most earth-shattering, jaw-dropping, mind-blowing, uplifting, barrier-crossing, awe-inspiring thing that we here at 4E have ever seen.

If you’re looking for some politically-conscious-yet-mindless-content, this is the show for you.

Ever wondered what would happen if five gay men traveled around Georgia (that’s the state, @SFSers) fixing ~sadbois~?

The answer is glorious. This show has everything: makeovers, drama, love, friendship, tears, wine and even redneck margaritas.

In all seriousness, “Queer Eye” aims to cross the political, racial, and social boundaries that have been dividing our country as of late.

Before you start watching, let us tell you how, why, and to what extent the “Fab 5” will change your life.

1. Karamo: “Culture Expert”/Life Coach

In addition to being impeccably groomed, Karamo gives you all the tools you need to reach inside yourself, find that inner worth and show it to the world #LetThatLittleLightShine.

Karamo was a social worker for 10 years, serving LGBTQ youth throughout the South. Now he is helping out an equally needy and oft-overlooked population: sad, aging men.

This man is the soul of the show. Karamo is always there at the pivotal moments, ensuring that the men have been made over, both inside and out.

Favorite Moment: Episode 3, “Dega Don’t”

Karamo and Cory’s drive back from Atlanta. You’ll understand once you see it.

2. Bobby: “Design Expert”/Home Improvement Wizard

An underappreciated talent, Bobby takes the sadbois’ dingy mancaves and transforms them into livable, ~lit~ homes. He’s constantly on the go, perfecting spaces in a blur of hot pink shorts and dazzling platinum hair.

Watch as he reduces grown men to tears with the mere words “marble countertop.”

Favorite Moment: Episode 5, “Camp Rules”

Bobby’s gardening sesh with Bobby Camp: the seeds of a beautiful friendship are sown.

3. Jonathan: “Grooming Expert”/Yass Kween

The fan favorite of QE, Jonathan’s starring turn as the show’s beauty guru has already led to the creation of a whole new lexicon of iconic sayings, including “Can you believe?” and “Strugs to func.”

Jonathan embraces everyone’s beauty, turning ugly ducklings into majestic, sexy, well-groomed swans.

We cannot get enough of this man. Please, please adopt us.

Favorite Moment: ALL OF THEM!

There are literally so many, we could not choose just one favorite moment.

4. Tan: “Fashion Expert”/Patterned Shirt Aficionado

Tan is the ultimate sweetheart. Though he is, without a doubt, a fashion expert, Tan knows that the key to style is feeling good about yourself inside and out. This quote says it all: “Style is not fashion. Fashion is not trendy after a season. I couldn’t give a sh*t about fashion. Style is dressing the way that you feel confident, and what is appropriate for you, your age [and] body type.”

Favorite Moment: Episode 2, “Saving Sasquatch”

The moment when Tan and Neal bond over their cultural similarities.

5. Antoni: “Food & Wine Expert”/Eye Candy

Ugh, where to start? Antoni is living proof that you can cook up a mean grilled cheese for one and still be bougie af #CollegeInspiration.

Not to mention: I really didn’t think that “supreming” a grapefruit could be sexy but alas, I was wrong.

By the end of the season, we think you’ll agree that Antoni’s feelings about avocados = OUR feelings about him ;).

Favorite Moment: Episode 6, “The Renaissance of Remington”

Antoni making mac n’ cheese with Remy’s mom will make your heart melt like a hunk of cheddar on a hot griddle. This boy knows how to woo a mama.


Now that you’ve met the Fab 5, we hope you take their advice to heart and become the best you that you can be. “Queer Eye” is the show of a modern America, one nation under Fab, all together.

 Whether you’re black, white, straight, gay, or however you identify, “Queer Eye” is here for us all.

So what are you waiting for? Pretend to sexile your roommate, snuggle up under those blankies, open Netflix, and start watching.


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Georgetown Is Getting a New Beer Hall!

Finally, some good news that doesn’t involve rats in our favorite dining establishments nor our dilapidated on-campus housing is gracing our school. The Georgetown neighborhood is getting a brand-new bar in the form of Church Hall, which is slated to open at 1070 Wisconsin Ave NW this Friday!

Though Piano Bar, Chi Di and The Tombs have all had their fair shares of the limelight, we’ve all truly been craving a new spot in our Georgetown bubble. And while there are other similar establishments around D.C. like Penn Social, Church Hall, which is a Penn Quarter hangout spot from the same proprietors as Penn Social, promises to be a special place, and 4E is here to tell you why.

  1. Monday to Friday 4 to 7 p.m. happy hours. Sounds really happy to me! With essentially all drafts, wines, and rail drinks for $2, this place is giving Mai Thai a run for its money on their delicious yet probably overpriced pitchers.

    4 to 7***
  2. Gin and tonic. On draft. They say G&Ts are an acquired taste, and I feel like if they’re on draft I just may acquire a taste for them.
  3. Boozy slushies. Need I say more?
  4. 28 Beers on draft. Even all of the craft beer snobs should be able to find something that suits their taste at this place. And if not, the beers rotate regularly, so there will surely be an opportunity for everyone.
  5. A prime location near M Street.  Within the bubble, there aren’t too many options for going out. Without having to trek to AdMo or U Street, we like the idea of another option nearby campus.
  6. An opportunity to relive study abroad. For all those who attended Oktoberfest or Springfest, you know how satisfying lederhosen and a stein of your favorite brew can be. We just needed the right atmosphere to relive this memory.
  7. Another option. Because sometimes, you just get tired of the weekly Tombs-ChiDi-AdMo rotation.

See those of you (21+, of course) there!

Photos/GIFS: giphy.com, chicagofoodmagazine.com

Best Trader Joe’s Wines

It’s time to ditch the Charles Shaw. Here’s a list of some potential new favorites (if you’re 21, of course)!

  1. Blue Fin Chardonnay & Pinot Noir, $3.99
    Chardonnay is a pale straw gold color with aromas of lime, melon and some faint oak. It tastes of pears, warm oak and a touch of cinnamon and is finished with a mellow oakey pear taste.
  2. Secco Mango Mangocini, $4.99
    It comes to us from Germany, where they begin with Trebbiano grapes. The supplier makes a slightly effervescent wine from those grapes and adds mango juice and mango flavor to create a fizzy, fruity beverage that’s ideal for the hot days and nights of August and early September.
  3. Green Fin Grenache Rosé, $4.99
    This selection has a Bright medium reddish amber color and features Lively, fruity, earthy aromas of cherry-berry, dried wild strawberries, dusty oak and lemon zest with a crisp, dry full body and a warming, complex, breezy finish with fruit tannins and no oak.

  4. Rebuttel Chardonnay, $7
    tastes like caramel apples and fresh air — basically an apple picking day trip in a bottle.
  5. Albada Viñas Viejas Garnacha, $6.99
    This choice features Raisiny, saucy aromas that are slightly volatile. A wide, saturated palate comes up short on focus and acidity, while a mix of raisin and green-herb flavors lands on a heavy finish.
  6. Incanto Prosecco, $12
    This Prosecco is the perfect choice for anyone who doesn’t want a sweet wine but likes bubbles.
  7. 19 Crimes Red Blend, $7
    if sweeter red wines aren’t your thing, this one probably isn’t your wine. Still, it’s hard not to be impressed by the fantastic marketing, as each label harbors a photo of an actual convicted criminal and each cork is labeled with one of the 19 crimes that could get you sent to prison in Australia.
  8. 2010 Casone Toscana, $10.99 (13%alc)
    This one begins with a pleasant aroma of black cherry, strawberry, spice, some balsamic notes and a little mint.
  9. 2014 Pine Ridge Chenin Blanc Viognier, $9.99 (12.5%)
    This selection has pleasant aromas of grapefruit, melon, and pear, along with honeysuckle and other floral notes.


Sources: traderjoes.com, reversewinesnob.com, images.google.com, lifeatthetop.com

Surviving the Sunday Scaries

Surviving the Sunday Scaries

Have a fun, crazy weekend? Feel like you need another one just to recuperate from your weekend? Are you currently in bed scooping handfuls of Nutella into your mouth as you procrastinate on your first course reading with Netflix’s “Stranger Things” stressing about your upcoming week?

If this is your current status, then you’re suffering from what 4E likes to call the Sunday Scaries. According to Urban Dictionary, the Sunday Scaries is defined as “the dreadful feeling on a Sunday morning after a long hard week of boozing … regret,the shakes, having no money left in your wallet and spending the day hugging the porcelain throne are all common symptoms.”

Yes, fellow Hoyas, the Sunday Scaries is very much a real epidemic that must be addressed and 4E is here to do just that. Please read the following if you or a loved one are seeking help.

  1. Drink more! No no, I am not talking about alcohol here! Get your shakey self over to Wisey’s and make sure to buy some Gatorade or anything with electrolytes. And while you’re at it, buy yourself a bacon, egg and cheese too.
  2. No Ragrets! Even though you may be regretting the previous two days and how you spent that precious time, live in the now. You only live once, so get yourself together and revel in your current period of relative freedom.
  3. Treat yo self! You have probably put your body through some pretty rough things the past 48 hours, so get yourself a good meal to put some nutrients into your body. Hit up Mai Thai, or if you want to be really healthy, splurge on Sweetgreen. 
  4. Don’t look at your bank account! You’re not ready for this sad, sad realization, so save the “checking your bank statement episode of horror” for Monday.
  5. Get your sh** together! Now that you’re somewhat put together, spend some time cranking out that assignment you forgot was due tomorrow.

With these five potentially difficult but very feasible steps, you can overcome that heart wrenching feeling called the Sunday Scaries. 4E recommends that you do have a a jar of nutella at the ready for those inevitable moments of weakness.

Images: giphy.com, https://bit.ly/2bHbDZE

Summer Classes Abroad are the Worst…

Summer Classes Abroad are the Worst

One of our very own 4E bloggers has jetted off to the land of love, lights and (most importantly) wine. Her experiences abroad have been challenging and tiresome, but she has managed to push through to blog about her experiences.

Reader Discretion Advised: Article may contain references to pastries, cheese and lack of homework. 

The words “summer” and “classes” shouldn’t go together; summer is best spent tanning, not studying. But since I chose to study abroad in Tours & Paris this summer, I’ve taken some time out of wine tasting, chateaux visiting, walking along the Seine, and (I guess) class to compile a list of the worst parts about taking summer classes abroad (in my experience, France).

Classes. A few hours of classes in French everyday can be pretty tiring, but the worst classes are the wine tastings. Especially when bread and cheese are included.


Field Trips. Remember those things? Soooo middle school. Really, half a day at Versailles? A tour of The French National Assembly? Meeting the French Minister of Foreign Affairs? The worst.

~footage from our field trip~

The Homework.


The People. Meeting new people is always hard, but meeting people then having to spend six weeks in France with them is just the worst. Does anyone really want to walk along the Seine, laughing in the rain?


The National Pride. France, why did you have to host the Euro Cup this year? Everyone getting super hyped about soccer football? Where is the national pride for the Olympics trials?

And finally, the food.
In France, you can have….

A different cheese every day of the year.

Gelato galore.

And don’t even get me started on the bread.

Ugh, summer classes are the worst… But in all seriousness, there’s no better way to learn about a culture than by studying abroad. Whether you want to take courses over the summer or the school year, I cannot stress enough to you that one MUST study abroad. No matter where you choose to plant yourself for 6 weeks to 5 months, learn and embrace all that your ~host~ country has to offer!

Gifs: giphy.com, https://bit.ly/2avuxDa

Last Chance Dance!

Banner - Dance LastThis year, the Senior Class Committee is bringing back a Hoya Tradition titled “The Last Chance Dance”. As such, you may be wondering: what the heck is a last chance dance? Apparently, it is one last attempt to help SWUGs like me find love before graduating. Apparently love is in the air tonight for all of the seniors desperate for one last date. Did you know that 75% of Hoyas marry other Hoyas?


That’s just gross

While finding love at a dance in Copley formal sounds tempting, here are a few other things it might just be my last chance to do:

1) Smuggle food into in my purse.

Thinking back to my days as a freshman at Leo’s, always smuggling more than the two allotted bananas. This dance might be the last time for me to stuff a ridiculous amount of food in my bag and sneak it out.


I’ll be enjoying you later

2) DFMO on campus.

I will never have the opportunity to get frisky at club Lau again (sigh), but I do have one more chance to DFMO in front of every senior and teacher I know in the middle of Copley formal. Although, Georgetown Day might provide another fine opportunity for this one.

3) Run through Georgetown barefoot.

Since the event is in Copley formal, I’ll likely have to ditch my usual SWUG attire in favor of some heels. But naturally, like any good drunk girl, I’ll want to keep them on too long. Thus, I’ll probably end up traipsing around campus, on my way to Tombs (of course), holding my shoes proudly above my head.

4) Pay a minuscule amount of money to drink my weight in wine.

Don’t you miss being a freshman and never having to pay money for alcohol? Ok, no one actually misses being under 21, but occasionally, I want to get a copious amount of drinks without spending more than $6. Purchasing that last chance dance ticket doesn’t sound so bad after all.


So whether you’re truly looking for love, or just looking to have a good time: there is always a ~Last Chance~ for everything!

Photos/Gifs: giphy.com, ireneeng.com

Repurposing Wine Bottles

Banner - Wine Recycling

As the second semester ends, it’s time to take a break from finals and celebrate. But as much as we all love wine at this classy university, throwing away all of those bottles is not the best for our environment. Instead, try repurposing them to give your home a college vibe that say:  “I’m classy but I also like to have fun, while also being environmentally friendly.” I’m going to share some tools that are helpful for various projects and give some inspiration to make bottles beautiful once again.

How to Split a Glass Bottle

*Warning* Do not attempt without adult supervision (i.e. the supervision of your most parental housemate), and certainly do not attempt after consuming the bottle’s contents… like duh.

Step 1: Gather string, scissors, nail polish remover, a tub of ice water, a match and the bottle of your choice.

Step 2: Braid the string and wrap it around the circumference of the bottle. Tie the string together and cut off the excess. Slip the string off of the bottle and dip it in nail polish remover.

Step 3: Put the string back on the bottle. Make sure to move all of the excess nail polish remover to another side of the room, as it is easily flammable.

Step 4: Hold the bottle over a tub of ice water and hold the match to the string as you rotate the bottle.

Step 5: Quickly submerge the bottle into the tub of ice and the bottle will split at the string.

Screen Shot 2015-12-02 at 4.22.31 PM

With this one tool the world of bottle refurbishing is open to so many possibilities! If you want to cut the bottle at a different location or at an angle, adjust the string as you would like.

One of the simplest ways to reuse a bottle is turning it into a candle holder. Place rocks at the bottom of your new bottle and sit a candle on top. Feel free to leave the label on the bottle for character, especially if it’s Woodbridge, Barefoot or Charles Shaw (so all of your friends know you have expensive taste and a seasoned palate).

Screen Shot 2015-12-02 at 4.34.39 PM

Below are more variations of this concept:

If you don’t want to play with ~fire~ (pun intended), try this less flammable alternative…

I also have some tricks up my sleeve for our Hoyas with green thumbs. Try making a self-watering garden by flipping the top of the bottle inside the bottom and twisting the end of a cloth into a string as shown below.

Screen Shot 2015-12-02 at 5.09.51 PM

Or, you could just use the bottle as a vase.

Screen Shot 2015-12-02 at 3.42.57 PM   Screen Shot 2015-12-02 at 4.35.22 PM Screen Shot 2015-12-02 at 5.16.36 PM

Don’t forget about the corks! It’s easy to make mini-magnet plants.

Screen Shot 2015-12-02 at 5.12.39 PM

Cheers and happy recycling!

Pictures: huffingtonpost.com, pinterest.com

You Know You’re Abroad When…

UntitledIf you are currently abroad, have studied abroad or will be studying abroad, then here are some phrases that you are, or will become, very familiar with. One of your very own 4E bloggers (moi) is in France for the semester (basic, I know) and here are some very real sentences that my fellow American classmates and I have totally said.

“I found wifi!!!”

“Omg that place sells iced coffee, I haven’t had that in 3 months!”

Where is my Starbucks red cup?

“I won’t go crazy with my Snapchat story even though I’m spending this weekend in Portugal.”….100 seconds of Snapchats later….

“Hey, I’m bringing a bottle of wine over for dinner. It was only 3 euros (or whatever currency you are using).”

Advice: Never trust wine that is cheaper than water

“I don’t have any work tonight, so let’s go out!” (someone says every night)

“Do you speak English?”

“Is the tap water safe?” (first thing you say to your Airbnb host, after you ask for the wifi password of course)

“Is that what we really sound like?” (you say as you see another group of American abroad students)

Most likely, yes, that is what you sound like.

Even though #abroadlife is the life, we do miss America and, especially, our fellow Hoyas at Georgetown. Although I may sound like a broken record, anyone who has the opportunity to study abroad, whether it is for a summer, semester or year, should definitely do so!

Photos/Gifs: giphy.com, tumblr.com, uwp.edu

When Bae (Postmates) Brings You Free Food


Hold the phone, what? Is this a joke? Am I being punk’d?!

Actually, my friends, I speak the truth: Postmates is offering free delivery of anything you could want this week only!

Earlier this week 4E got an email from the Postmates general store alerting us to this amazing opportunity to get things delivered to our beds for no price at all. Naturally we couldn’t control our excitement. Here is what they advertised:

“From Advil to toothpaste and candy to condoms, we’ve got it all. Order sunscreen and magazines to bring to the beach Solo cups and plates for that last minute barbecue. Simply open the app, 24/7. That’s all folks.”

For those of us who major in laziness and minor in procrastination, this is a dream come true.


4E specifically suggests you order the following things to celebrate this occassion:

1. That food place you have always been dying to try, but have been too lazy to go to. I’m looking at you, Barcelona Wine Bar.

2. Everything you could possibly ever need from a convenience store. A two-hundred pack of command hooks? Why the hell not, you’ll use them for something!

3. Every meal of the day, from sunrise to sundown. It is August, isn’t work optional now? Start with Bethesda Bagels and go nuts.


4. The weirdest outfit you can think of from American Apparel. Just think of it as an investment for a future theme party. Follow up, can we talk about the fact that you can order this to be delivered to your house?

5. Your alcohol for the weekend. Sometimes Dixie seems too far and walking is not a thing. Plus, then you can buy in bulk and not have to worry about your arms falling off from the weight of your Burnetts.


Be right back, about to go spend some serious cash on Postmates. Heaven is a place on Earth.

Photos/Gifs: gurl.com; theodysseyonline.com/; https://byt.wpengine.netdna-cdn.com/; bostonmagazine.com

Basic Wine Knowledge for the Basic Bitch

2013-06-07-SpikedSummerWine-586x322Before I start, I want to make one thing very clear. I am not a wine expert, I am a wine enthusiast. So if you’re looking for legitimate information or “facts” about wine, you should probably go elsewhere. But, if you just want to know some basic ins and outs of God’s greatest, grape-ilicous gift to humanity, read on.


  1. Color: Wine comes in three colors: white, red and rose (aka pink). What color wine you like to drink says a lot about you, so select carefully.

White wine is what most moms drink. You know when your mom says she’s going to “book club.” Well, the name of that “book” is chardonnay. But, as always, mother knows best. White wine is the classic and classy choice for a fun night hanging with your girls (and my personal go to).

Red wine is bad ass. The perfect drink for any moody, sassy betch (shout out to Alicia Florick, Olivia Pope and most other TV goddesses). If you are going through heavy stuff, like a break up, or you finally realized your hair will never be as perfect as Kate Middleton’s, it’s time to break out the red.

Rose is the girliest choice when it comes to wine. Hello, it’s pink. I don’t like to judge, but unless you’ve been invited to some sort of classy garden party (which you haven’t because you’re a college kid), you probably don’t need rose in your life.

  1. Storage: White goes in the fridge. Red goes in the cabinet. I thought this was common knowledge, until in my recent travels I discovered a bottle of Merlot in a refrigerator – it was disturbing.

  1. Glass: If you are somewhere important, like a fancy shmancy networking happy hour, know that you are supposed to hold white wine by the stem and red wine by the bowl. Otherwise, you do you.

With these basic guidelines, you are ready to go fearlessly into the world of wine. Remember, the glass is always half full as long as there’s wine in it.

Photos/Gifs: mtvnimages.com, imgur.com, tumblr.com