Georgetown’s Secret Freshmen Dorm

Banner - Freshman DormAs a Blue & Gray tour guide took me on a tour of Georgetown’s campus during my junior year of high school, she told me and the tour group that Georgetown had four freshman dorms that will determine the quality of your social life: New South, VCW, Harbin and Darnall. Just those four.  As a result, I was quite surprised when I received news that I was assigned to a different dorm: Village C East. As you can imagine, my reaction was one of shock:


Sure enough, I found out that there was indeed a secret (but actually not-so-secret) dorm. I’m not alone in my shock; I tell people where I live and most of them respond with the same question: Where? I had no idea of what to expect when I showed up on move-in day. It turns out that VCE is quite similar to VCW (minus the two-winged design). Private bathrooms, straight hallways, and sewage flooding your room are some of the wonderful things to look forward to in VCE.


After living here for about five months now, I can release my impartial rundown of VCE’s famed freshmen floors:

  1. VCE 8: In terms of VCE, it is safe to say that this is the best floor. Everyone gets along well and generally likes to have a good time. Residents can be seen hanging out in the common room on a regular basis and are always friendly. An inflatable penguin currently stands in the hallway. As you’ll see later, the eighth floor may be viewed as the “oasis” of VCE.
  2. VCE 9: Viewed by some as a floor of mystery, the ninth floor is quite similar to the eighth floor since it is the same size and has an RA on the floor. However, the ninth floor residents do not seem as rambunctious as the eighth floor’s residents, and thus draw less attention. Their common room, however, may catch one’s eye due to the interesting posters that adorn its walls.
  3. VCE 10: Here we are at last: land of the free and home of the — well, me. The tenth floor is probably the smallest freshman floor on campus: it includes six rooms, ten residents, one chaplain, and a surprisingly nice common room. We share the RA with the ninth floor, which is probably a good thing because he has no reason to come up to our floor (definitely nothing ~bad~ happening). One of the most fun parts is that someone from a lower floor left a mini trampoline in our common room because its vaulted ceilings provide enough space for one to jump on it. I may or may not use it on a regular basis:trampolineFor all the Harry Potter fans, my room may be considered the “Gryffindor Tower” of campus because the corner spot of the top floor gives me an excellent view of Arlington, the Potomac River, and some of the monuments. Due to its small size and the fact that not many people venture there, the tenth floor has been called “the wasteland” by many VCE and non-VCE freshmen (which is why VCE 8 stands as the oasis). It looks something like this:


Although not all VCEers enjoy their experience, some freshmen, particularly those on the eighth floor, rave about their VCExperience. Overall, VCE has given me quite an interesting experience, and I’ll definitely have stories to tell for the rest of my life.