D.C. Ranks Top City for Post-College Jobs

background-employmentGraduating from Georgetown – it’s something no one here wants to think about. The long, fun nights spent in Lau, the delicious food available at Leo’s, the top-notch living accommodations… who could ever want to leave everything that Georgetown has to offer? But eventually, you’ll have to leave your home on the Hilltop and enter the real world. However, whenever you are forcibly removed from campus, you’ll be greeted by a relatively large job market in the D.C. area.

According to Indeed and Apartment Guide’s newly released list of the top 10 cities with the most entry-level job openings, Washington, D.C. was named the top city for recent college graduates. This was determined by looking at the number of job postings available in major cities and combining that with the average rent and square footage for both one and two bedroom apartments in each city. (Obviously, they didn’t take Village B into consideration when they created this list.) With such a wide availability of jobs in the D.C. area, hopefully you’ll be able to avoid the always infuriating question of “So, what’s your plan once you graduate?”

While you may not find a stellar job that will put to use everything you learned in college (read: beer pong), you can rest assured you will at least be able to get a job in D.C. to pay the bills (i.e. your Georgetown debt).

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What’s the Deal with the Cherry Blossoms?

Cherry+Blossom+Path_forWebArguably one of the best things about going to Georgetown is being able to experience Washington in the spring. The birds are chirping, Healy beach lawn is bubbling with excitement and D.C.’s cherry blossoms are beautifully bursting into in full bloom. At least you think they will be.

With the strange wintry weather we’ve been experiencing lately, you might be wondering how the cherry blossoms are going to be affected … and if they’re even going to bloom properly at all. Here at 4E, we’re all licensed cherry-bloom-ologists, and we’ve got the scoop on everything you need to know about how the recent weather will affect the cherry blossoms. Here are 3 questions you wanted to know about the D.C. cherry blossoms but were too afraid lazy to ask:

1. What’s the deal with the cherry blossoms? Are they going to bloom in this weird weather?

Yes. They might just be a little bit late. As we’ve already explained here on 4E, cherry blossom bloom dates are determined by temperatures. Basically, the colder the spring temperatures, the later the cherry blossom bloom dates. Check out this nifty graph to see the correlation:


Every Hoya can attest to the wacky cold weather we’ve experienced this spring, and for that reason, this year’s bloom is projected to be one of the latest in recent history. The Capital Weather Gang at the Washington Post even revised their peak bloom date projections from April 9 to April 13.

2. Will the snow affect the blooms?

No. Like we explained above, cherry blossom blooms are affected by temperature, not precipitation. The blooms would only be affected if there was so much snow that tree limbs would be damaged, and – thankfully – we haven’t had that much.

3. Is there anything positive about this weather?

Yes! Believe it or not, cold weather actually makes cherry blossom blooms last longer. Warm weather can cause the cherry buds to burst quickly and limit bloom times to around 4-5 days. Cold weather, on the other hand, can double peak bloom times, making for beautiful spring sights that last around 2 weeks.

In other words, things are about to get beautiful – and stay beautiful – around here really soon. Stick it out for a few more days, Hoyas. Spring awaits!

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Selfie Madness: D.C. Edition

SelfiezWhether a constant ritual every weekend when out with friends or a quick duck face Snapchat, everyone has taken a selfie at some point.

Like the frequently played new song “#SELFIE” suggests, the art of selfie taking requires many hard decisions, the least of which include proper lighting and the right angle. Here on the Hilltop, we pride ourselves on our social media savy, and now, according to InTheCapital, Washington, D.C, has been recognized as the 25th “Selfiest” city in the world.

Out of 459 cities, D.C. falls right between Helsinki, Finland, and Cardiff, Great Britain. From the database, the list calculated that for every 100,00 people in D.C., 66 are selfie-takers.

With its famous monuments, great dining locations and chance encounters with local politicians and celebrities, D.C.’s selfie mania comes at no surprise. Even Malia and Sasha understand the need for a selfie. I mean, how else is one supposed to remember her dad’s inauguration?

enhanced-buzz-3014-1386006746-4To see the rest of the top “selfiest” cities in the world, click here. But first, let’s take a selfie.

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Washington: The City of Love (and Wine)

washington loves wineWine. It tastes better than Burnett’s. It is often imbibed on Wednesdays because of the brilliant opportunity it poses for alliteration. And it gives you horrendous hangovers. Or so they tell me. While I couldn’t possibly have any first-hand knowledge of this type of fire-water outside of Sunday Mass, apparently my fellow Washingtonians have plenty of experience with Bacchus’ favorite drink.

According to InTheCapital, the average Washingtonian drinks 25.7 liters of wine per year. This is the most liters per capita of wine consumed by any state, or in D.C.’s case, District. That’s right, our humble little District beat out even the most famous wine drinkers in California by 11.7 liters. If you don’t believe me check out this beautifully color coded map InTheCapital provided:

Screen Shot 2014-03-12 at 2.57.52 PM

That’s us, the minuscule blood-red spot in Maryland. Looks like a red wine stain on the patchwork pink shirt that is America.

In trying to find some sort of takeaway from the vital information InTheCapital has reported, let’s turn to MTV’s “Awkward” for some clarity:

With this sagely advice, I now dub the District of Columbia the new City of Love. (Move over, Verona and Venice.) Cheers to our D.C. lovers and cheers to their impending wine-fueled headaches!

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D.C. Millennials Bringing In the Money

Young MoneyWe all know that D.C. is an expensive place for anyone to live. Just check your last bar tab at Rhino. We also know some D.C. residents can be pretty wealthy. But did you know that D.C. is actually home of the wealthiest millennials?

According to InTheCapital, 1.9% of millennials – people born from 1980 until approximately 2000 – in D.C. are earning over $100,000. Yes, $100,000. That’s the highest amount in the country, compared to major cities such as New York, Boston and San Francisco.

D.C. also boats one of the nation’s highest concentrations of millennials. In that category, our nation’s capital took sixth place, behind predominately western cities. According to the rankings, D.C.’s millennial money comes from the younger generation’s drive to invest in new companies and do social good, which apparently has been paying nice returns. Regardless, I’m still broke. So if any of you millionaire millennials are reading this and want to treat a girl to dinner, give me a call.

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D.C. Boasts Strongest Brainpower in the Nation

WashingtonDC-IM2With midterms starting and the number of students spending late nights in Lau rising, many Hoyas are feeling stressed. But have no fear! At times like these, it’s important to take a step back and gain some perspective. Hopefully, a recently posted InTheCapital article can do just that.

In a new study produced by The Business JournalWashington, D.C., has come out as the biggest source of collective brain power in the country. Looking at 102 major markets and rating each market on its percentage of adults with high school diplomas, bachelor’s degrees and graduate degrees, the rankings placed D.C. at the top of the list. So, if Washington, D.C., earned the best brain power ranking (i.e, Washington, D.C. is smart) and Georgetown is located in Washington, D.C., then one can assume…

Of course, as humble men and women for others, Hoyas would never openly boast or brag. But, speaking as a completely objective third party with no personal interest in the matter, if The Business Journal, says so, why deny it?

To see more information on the study, which includes the District’s full percentages, click here. Study hard, Hoyas, and remember you can do it! Or at least do it long enough to get to spring break.

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Loud and Proud in the Capital

Gayest City In AmericaStep aside New York and San Fran, there is a new LGBT-friendly city on top!

According to DCist, The Advocate has determined that Washington, D.C., is the most gay-tolerant city in the United States. Surprisingly, previously believed “gay cities” like NYC and LA weren’t even in the top 10!

The Advocate’s list was determined by using unusual methods and data, which Advocate editor-in-chief Matthew Breen has described as “designed to uncover the hidden factors that give a city its queer cred.” These new factors have changed the outcomes and preconceived ideas about what makes certain cities the most LGBT-friendly, shedding light on new and less discrete characteristics.

In its survey of different U.S. cities, The Advocate specifically noted and admired the District’s nightlife and gay-friendly neighborhoods. Places like Dupont and Logan Circle have garnered national attention for their tolerant attitudes, and they serve as examples of the acceptance and LBGT-friendly atmosphere in D.C. In addition, the District boasts a long LBGT-friendly history and currently has 17 elected gay officials.

With all of the current uproar and commotion surrounding gay marriage, D.C.’s new title as the gayest city in the U.S. demonstrates its importance during a time of changing American attitudes in the fight for equality. And – more importantly – it shows yet another reason why we’re proud to be Hoyas in the nation’s capital.


DC? More like IQ!

Well, my fellow Hoyas, if you didn’t like living in D.C.  enough already, here’s one more reason why the experience is so great: we’re smart! (Psh. Like we didn’t know it already!) According to Fast Company, Washington, D.C. is the 6th smartest city in North America!

The rankings were based on what is called a “Smart Cities Wheel” (see here), containing six key components and three key drivers for each component. These included focuses on People, Economy, Environment, Government, Living, and Mobility.
Boston topped the list, followed by San Francisco and Seattle.

According to Fast Company writer, Boyd Cohen, “D.C. is one of the top cities in the U.S. for transit use and e-governance … [and] has been a pioneer in the adoption of new technology, including the launch of a private cloud in 2010 and the early use of mashups to become a “Geographic Information System (GIS) model city.”

D.C. was also ranked in the top five for the three of the Smart Cities Wheel components: economy, governance, and people.

We at The Fourth Edition like to think that Georgetown’s brilliant students bumped D.C. further along the list.

Stay smart, Hoyas!

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