How to Rock an Awkward Moment

200_sWe can all admit we’ve done something awkward on campus. Maybe we’ve pushed on a pull door, tripped on uneven sidewalk on Prospect and did the awkward “recovery stumble” or another embarrassing scenario. At 4E we’re here to help you out in these potentially cringeworthy moments, so have no fear because here’s how to play it off and be cool.

1. Late to Class

Scenario: You arrive at 5:03 p.m. for your 5 p.m. in ICC, and there aren’t any desks left to sit in. You stand awkwardly in the doorway of the room and the whole class stares at you.

4 Steps to “play it off cool”:

  1. Laugh it off. Address the class and say “Sorry everyone, haha.”
  2. Ask the professor if there is another desk (he or she will find you one).
  3. Sit in your seat, take out your notebook/ pen and take notes.
  4. Say at least one comment out loud. It shows you’re engaged — trust us.

2. Music in Lau

Scenario: You are on Lau 3 (quiet room) and your phone plays music aloud. One person coughs disapprovingly, and another gives you the side eye.

3 Steps to handle it:

  1. Turn off Fetty Wap as soon as possible.
  2. Look around the room as if it wasn’t you responsible for that noise.
  3. Continue studying and maybe let out a disapproving cough to be like “Yeah whoever is listening to Fetty right now is just a bad person, jeez.”

3. Trippin’ in Leo’s

Scenario: You trip in Leo’s. Not on shrooms, but on your own feet and a hot person happens to sees it.


3 Steps to coolness:

  1. Laugh it off for 2 seconds. Not too long or you will look like an insane person.
  2. If you spilled something, pick it up. If it’s a big thing that you can’t pick up yourself then tell a person at Leo’s and use “please,” “sorry” and “thank you” because it really is nice of them to pick it up for you.
  3. Walk back to your table confidently and eat your food like the rockstar you are.

4. Being “too wild” on a Friday night 

Scenario: You had too much Burnett’s fun and made a fool of yourself. You texted your crush “OMG why did I text my crush 15 times in a row just in emojis? What’s up with me?!” 


4 ways to handle it:

  1. Thank your friends for getting you home with a quick text.
  2. If you think about texting your crush, don’t. The emojis did enough and if he or she likes you then they will text you back (which will probably be the case because usually people have a sense of humor about these things). If they don’t text you then no worries because you’ll find someone just as great or even better.
  3. Realize that the regret you’re feeling is probably from the hangover. Chug water and watch Netflix… and Facebook stalk a random person’s album from 2010 because, for reasons that scientists cannot understand, it is a really fun hangover activity.
  4. Enjoy your Saturday and next time, pace yourself.


Dinner with 7 “Strangers”: A Recipe for Disaster?


A new and mysterious program, Dinner with 7 Strangers, has taken the Hoya world by storm, and 4E has several questions:

Who’s in charge?

What if I get stuck with a bunch of duds?

Is this some type of elaborate scam to expose people who are desperate for friends?

Although the premise of the program is to meet new people and have dinner with strangers, there’s always the possibility that your dinner might include awkward acquaintances and people you semi-know, or people you never want to see again.

Here are 7 people you might meet at your dinner with 7 “strangers”:

1. You know who they are, but you don’t know if it’s because you stalked them on Facebook one night at 2:00 am. Do they know who you are? Should you address them by name? WHAT DO YOU DO?!?!?!?!

2. That boy you hooked up with at Brown House, only to realize you had Econ and Problem of God together. Also, you’ve butt-dialed him several times despite the fact that you haven’t talked to him since the DFMO. Now you’re sitting across the dinner table from him.

3. Your professor whose class you slept through every single day. Also, your final paper was accidentally written in Comic Sans.

4. Your nightmare roommate from freshman year who you ditched second semester and never talked to again. They ate weird food in your bed and barfed on your pillow, and watching them eat their meal is giving you horrible flashbacks.

5. The GERMS worker who rescued you after you fell down Harbin stairs and/or slipped in your own vomit.

6. Your future husband/wife. According to super scientific studies that Blue and Gray tour guides like to relay in order to get overly eager parents excited about grandkids, 70% of Hoyas marry other Hoyas. Wouldn’t it be a great story to tell if you meet your future spouse on what boils down to a blind date with 6 other random people?

7. Hey, you never know, maybe you will get to eat with Bradley Cooper! Can Georgetown Alumni sign up? Please say yes! One date dinner with him and, who knows, maybe you will be on the cover of People.

In reality, Dinner with 7 Strangers sounds really cool and you should sign up. You might get the opportunity to meet some really incredible people *cough* me *cough*. Or you might have the most uncomfortable two hours of your life. Either way, you are sure to have some wonderful stories to tell. Also, free food.

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