Most Romantic Valentine’s Day Movies

It’s officially February, and you know what that means: studying for midterms, distracting fellow Hoyas with your nonstop coughing in class and, of course, planning for Valentine’s Day! Valentine’s Day is the perfect opportunity to finally make your move and we here at 4E have come up with some surefire ways to make your date night a total success. Check out our definitive list of ~The Most Romantic Valentine’s Day Movies of All Time~ to impress your future Hoya spouse:


Yes, Leonardo DiCaprio has sadly gone from “certified heartthrob” to “creepy guy who asks you how old you are at the homecoming tailgate,” but it’s easy to ignore that precipitous decline when you see him on screen in this late-90s classic. Celine Dion? Drawing people like French girls? Drowning? Could it be any more romantic? (Yes, that was a Chandler reference — be sure to do that exact impression at some point during your date to keep up the whole 90s theme.)

When you stand on the edge of the LXR Rooftop

Call Me By Your Name

Armie Hammer? Timothée Chalamet? Say no more.

When “Mr. Brightside” comes on

When Harry Met Sally

This one scores big on the Romance Scale for the simple fact that Harry is played by the same guy who voices Mike Wazowski. That’s really going to set the mood you’re looking for. You’re welcome.

You vs. the guy she tells you not to worry about

Gone With the Wind

This movie is a great way to let your potential bae know that you’re “majoring in English and minoring in Film”. Alternatively, if you’re still trying to keep up the whole “I’m going to land a Goldman internship” charade, we suggest you watch something else.

Ya idk I’ve never actually seen this movie

St. Elmo’s Fire

A Georgetown Classic. Rob Lowe’s character is 100 percent the kind of Hoya who gets way too into Jersey Night and exclusively communicates using the phrases “u up?”, “wyd” and “come to New South”. Demi Moore is also there, along with 3/5 of The Breakfast Club cast. Fun. Diverse. Romantic!

Smile if you got into GUASFCU!

She’s the Man

The greatest movie of all time? We think so. If your date doesn’t understand “how they don’t just realize that Amanda Bynes is clearly a girl”, she’s too young for you, bro.

Also, if anyone has any idea where Amanda Bynes is these days, please contact the staff here at 4E ASAP. We are very concerned and miss her terribly.

The Meryl Streep of our generation

Bee Movie

Fun fact: When he was 39, Jerry Seinfeld dated a 17-year-old who attended GWU. Seriously, google it. What a classic #DC romance! This is the perfect movie if your date is a much older sitcom star.

???? I don’t understand the appeal

Stuart Little*

*[Insert Wisey’s Rat joke here]

**Yes I know Stuart is technically a “mouse” and not a “rat”, but let’s be honest, you’d still call facilities if you saw that thing anywhere near your apartment.

So they…adopt the mouse? Like instead of adopting an actual child who needs a family??

Spy Kids 2

Spy Kids 2? I know what you’re thinking. Yes, it must be Spy Kids 2, not Spy Kids 1. This one has Steve Buscemi AND Emily Osment. And if you’re date has the audacity to suggest you watch Spy Kids 3? Get out of there before it’s too late. Also, the girl who plays Carmen is now married to Carlos from Big Time Rush and the guy who plays Juni is engaged to Meghan Trainor. Be sure to mention this to your date so they know you keep up with all the latest political news.

Nothing but respect for MY Presidents

So there you have it, kids. You can’t go wrong with a single one of these movies this Valentine’s Day. Good luck, Hoyas!


Best Bets: Bring It Around Town

It’s been 100 years and the Titanic still makes headlines. The National Geographic Museum’s exhibit, “Titanic: 100 Year Obsession,” delves into the history of the ship and so many scientists’ fascination with it. The exhibit includes a replica of one of the ship’s lifeboats and so much more about the ship’s 712 survivors and 1,496 victims.
WHERE: National Geographic Museum
WHEN: 9 a.m. to 5 p.m. daily
PRICE: $6 for students
METRO: Farragut North
Attend the grand opening of Union Market, the highly awaited year-round market with over 40 vendors from the D.C. area. Explore the new bazaar on Sunday afternoon from 1 p.m. to 4 p.m. for an artisan ice cream competition that will award the best ice cream maker with the 2012 D.C. Scoops title.
WHERE: Sixth Street and Florida Avenue NE
WHEN: 11 a.m. to 8 p.m.
METRO: Union Station
Head to Adams Morgan and visit an all-day festival celebrating the neighborhood. The first festival since the presentation of a new streetscape and larger sidewalks, the festival will feature vendors, crafts, food, and live musical and dance performances. Bring some spending cash and experience this great neighborhood.
WHERE: 18th Street in Adams Morgan
WHEN: 12 p.m. to 7 p.m.
METRO: Woodley Park/Adams Morgan
by Emily Manbeck and Joanie Greve

Sunday Night Wrapup: My Heart Will Go On

Hopefully you didn’t encounter any bad luck on Friday the 13th (or the rest of the weekend for that matter). But just in case you broke a mirror, walked under a ladder or ran into a whole gang of black cats and were incapacitated for the weekend, here’s the news you missed.

  • In case you missed our coverage, Georgetown welcomed our brand new puppy of a mascot to campus this Friday. We’re leaving the banner up a bit longer in celebration of his arrival.
  • On Friday, D.C. officials announced that the debut line of streetcars will be called “One City.” Community response to the proposed line wasn’t entirely positive, to say the least.
  • President Obama went down to Colombia for a Summit of the Americas, which should be an exciting international event, but it has been overshadowed by scandal. Apparently, a dozen Secret Service agents and five military service members were involved in “misconduct” involving Columbian prostitutes.
  • Yesterday marked the 100th anniversary of the sinking of the Titanic. Though a surprising number of people didn’t realize that the movie was based on a real event, D.C.’s Men’s Titanic Society honored those who died by recreating the last meal served on the ship and visiting the Titanic Memorial (did you know we had one of those?).

Photo: Flickr user thisisbossi