10 Reasons You Should Buy Basketball Season Tickets

Many years ago, the mere thought of writing this article would have been absurd. There was once a time when school spirit was high, lottery picks roamed the Hilltop and students needed no convincing when it came time to buy basketball season tickets. But that was a lifetime ago.*

*I’m actually referring to as recently as 2013. You read that right. Just five years ago, Georgetown basketball finished first in the Big East, was ranked as high as fifth in the AP Poll and star guard Otto Porter was selected third in the NBA draft. Everyone needs to calm down (looking at you, @EveryAlumnusWhoGraduatedInThe1980s). We’re going to be fine.

But I digress. We are gathered here today to discuss the current state of Georgetown basketball as it exists in 2018. And I’m here to tell you why — despite what you may have heard from disgruntled seniors — buying season tickets is well worth the money.

So here we go:

1. Celebrities

I’ll admit it: I spend far more time scrolling through Daily Mail Online than I do reading The New York Times. And based on how many of you waited in line for hours to see Bradley Cooper speak in Gaston Hall, I’m guessing you’re just as obsessed with celebrities as I am.

So, even if you couldn’t care less about basketball and will spend the entire game staring at your Instagram feed instead of glancing at the court, you should still buy tickets. Why? It’s simple: Famous people might show up.

Don’t believe me? See below:

Former President Barack Obama sitting courtside, cheering on the Hoyas with that guy from the memes.
Obama thanking loyal fans who bought season tickets.


The dad from “Are We There Yet?” AND the second-best detective from “Law and Order: SVU”


Mr. Hailey Baldwin

Think of how it will feel being left out when all your friends start sharing those coveted Obama selfies on Insta.

2. Less Time On Campus

Literally any day I do not have to spend stuck on this moldy, rat-infested, construction-filled campus is a day well-spent. I say this out of love, but also, please do something, @JohnJDeGioia; none of the sinks work, and the buildings are literally infested with living snakes. Search @georgetown.hotmess on Instagram for specifics. The Verizon Center Capital One Arena is nice and does not use tulips to cover its glaring problems.

3. Heyyyyyyy Baby

Even during the worst losses, the pep band plays that song that goes “Heyyyyyyyy-yyyy Baby, I wanna knoooooooow if you’ll be my girl (*dun dun dun dun*)” and everybody sings and sort of dances along to it. It’s really fun and a nice break from the routine of “Mr. Brightside.” Also, if you don’t know what song I’m talking about, just sing the words I wrote and Shazam it.

4. Beer

 In the recent, infamous words of He-Who-Must-Not-Be-Named AKA Less Attractive Matt Damon AKA Are You Kidding Me @Joe Manchin: “I liked beer, I still like beer.” Capital One Arena has beer.

Disclaimer: Students must be 21 or older to drink aforementioned beer.

5. Chick-Fil-A

Chick-Fil-A is available at the games, and it’s honestly faster to Uber over to the arena, order and eat your meal than it is to wait in line at the Leavey Center location.

6. Slam Dunk

Have you ever seen somebody dunk a basketball in person? It is so cool. How do they jump so high? And make the ball go in the basket while jumping? This alone is worth the price of admission. Mac McClung, do us proud this year. Also, if you’re reading this, follow me back on Instagram.

7. The Memes

When the meme page was first born way back in the early days of 2017, the memes almost exclusively referenced a man they called “JT3”. And it was these very memes that single-handedly ended JT3’s reign and brought St. Patrick into our lives.

For you youngsters out there, this was a dark time, but an important one nonetheless. Those who do not remember history are doomed to repeat it. You must go to the games so that you can recognize the warning signs. If things ever get that bad again, it is your responsibility to make the next generation of memes. The fate of the Hilltop depends on it.

8. The Capitals

Fun fact: Capital One Arena is also home to the current Stanley Cup champions, the Washington Capitals! For the unfamiliar, the Capitals are the hockey team that locals pretend to like because all the other D.C. sports teams are bad. Also, their team captain partied at the Georgetown waterfront with the cup this summer and then jumped in the fountain. Based on the Snapchats I saw, it looked pretty fun. So maybe he’ll show up to one of our games! Fun!

9. Alumni

Most of the fans at these games are alumni over the age of 40 who are eager to loudly remind you that school spirit “isn’t what it used to be” (and also that there was once “a pub in the basement of Healy.” Seriously, they will talk about that damn pub for hours if you don’t stop them. Like, there is no way it was that fun.)

Now I know “irate Hoya baby boomers” might not sound like a recipe for a good time, but think of it in terms of networking. It’s simple. These people love Georgetown basketball, and they’ll love you too if you tell them that you also love Georgetown basketball (see: the Transitive Property of Hoya Saxa). Get them reminiscing about the good ol’ days for five minutes in the popcorn line and the next thing you know, boom: You’ve somehow secured that elusive Goldman internship. All you MSBros do not want to miss this opportunity.

10. Me

Listen up: This is my senior year, and I do not want to spend the remainder of my glory days sitting in a mostly empty arena on a Tuesday night. These memories have to get me through the rest of what will probably be a pretty boring life, so they better be good. Just buy tickets, show up to the games, get some beer, cheer and make the most of it.

Go get your tickets at wearegeorgetown.com

Hoya Saxa.

Disclaimer: Patrick Ewing is NOT paying me to write this article, but if you’re reading this, Coach Ewing, can you please grant me access to the Thompson Center in exchange for this free publicity??  I won’t even use any of the equipment, I just want to get a cool pic for my Insta story so I can lord it over the peasants at Yates. Email 4E if this is cool.

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7 Questions with Stephanie Williams and D.C. Music Download

DCMDIt was a little over two years ago. Stephanie Williams, a Science Channel employee, had just attended a concert at the Rock & Roll Hotel. At the time, she was working on a personal project, building a website that could host her own music podcast, when things suddenly took an interesting turn. While at the Rock & Roll venue, she had fallen in love with a local band called Drop Electric, but, to her surprise, she learned that the band wasn’t being featured in any media publications. “After seeing that show, I realized where the direction of [my project] needed to go,” Williams said. So, instead of hosting her own podcast, Williams’ new website would have a new focus: featuring local D.C. music.

Enter 2014. Williams’ website, D.C. Music Download, now receives over 5,000 hits per week and is the District’s most-read local music publication. It has featured dozens of up-and-coming D.C. musicians and helped kick off the careers of bands such as GEMS and U.S. Royalty. This Saturday, DCMC will be celebrating its two-year anniversary in style, hosting the largest local music showcase ever held at the 9:30 Club. To boot, a portion of the of the show’s profits will be donated to Girls Rock! D.C., a nonprofit organization that aims to empower young women through the power of music.

We got in touch with Williams to get the latest dish on DCMC, the upcoming 9:30 Club showcase and all things local music. Here’s what she had to say:

4E: Two years ago, you were at the Science Channel when this idea came to you. How did you handle building a blog and maintaining a full time job?

SW: The secret is that I don’t really sleep! For the amount of hours I put into DCMD, the website is almost like a full-time job, but I love doing it so much that I usually don’t even realize how much time I’ve invested into it. Usually after my day job I would spend the rest of the night working on my own stuff and editing the staff’s assignments until the early hours of the morning. If I didn’t get all of my stuff done the night before, I would take my lunch breaks to catch up by answering emails and doing interviews with the short amount of time I had.

4E: Did you ever think that your website would ever reach this level of success? 

SW: When I started the website, I had no idea whether the idea would catch on or not. At the time DCMD launched, there weren’t very many blogs like us out there, so I couldn’t set a benchmark on how the site would do. I honestly had no future plans with the website except to live in the moment and highlight bands I thought were interesting. I only purchased my domain for a few months since I really had no idea if the idea would stick or not.

4E: How does it feel to be the starting place for several D.C. bands receiving national attention?

SW: As time went on, I was honestly shocked by how many people were following us on social media. When we first launched, we didn’t get any coverage about it and we had no advertising behind the site. It’s amazing how much word-of-mouth attention we’ve gotten over the last few years.

4E: Have more local bands reached out to the site to build their careers? 

SW: The most interesting thing is that on top of all the local submissions we get, we also get a ton of out-of-town bands wanting to post music on the site. It surprises me when I hear from bands overseas looking to post music on DCMD, and I’m always thinking: How the heck did you find out about our local blog? It is pretty flattering!

4E: Your upcoming Girls Rock! D.C. benefit is going to bring a large local showcase to the 9:30 Club. How does it feel to host a showcase at such a prominent venue?

SW: It’s not very often that an all-local lineup performs at 9:30 Club (particularly on a coveted weekend timeslot), so this is going to be a huge moment for the music community. The 9:30 Club is as good as it gets; it’s a legendary venue and to even have the opportunity to host a show there is surreal. Having Girls Rock! D.C. attend in addition to my four favorite bands being at the venue is going to be such a special moment.

4E: The Girls Rock! D.C. camp programs and music education initiatives seem line up with DCMC quite nicely! Is that why you decided to donate the show’s to Girls Rock! D.C.?

SW: I’ve been a huge fan of Girls Rock! and its mission for a very long time. When I was thinking of possible organizations that DCMD could help benefit, Girls Rock! immediately came into my mind. It’s refreshing to find an organization that provides music education to young women in the way that Girls Rock! has.

For more about Girls Rock! D.C., click here!

4E: You’re ending your first two years with quite the showcase and celebration. What’s next?

SW: After the 9:30 Club event, DCMD will relaunch a new website that will encompass a few exciting new additions and features. Later during the year we plan on hosting another big event that’s already in the works right now, so stay tuned! I personally believe that now is such an exciting time for the D.C. music community. There is a burgeoning DIY music scene here, with house venues like Paperhaus, Communiverse, The Rocketship and many more serving as staple places to watch a great show. There’s definitely something special brewing here music-wise in D.C., and it’ll be very interesting to see what happens in subsequent years to come.

D.C. Music Download’s Two Year Anniversary Show is happening this Saturday, Jan. 25, at the 9:30 Club and will be emceed by D.C. comedian Jamel Johnson. Headliner Raise Your City (who inspired DCMC over two years ago) will be joined by local acts Drop Electric (who also inspired DCMC over two years ago), Young Rapids, The Sea Life, The Raised By Wolves and DJ Ryan Ulbrich and Van O. Tickets are $16 and doors open at 8 p.m. For all the information about the showcase, click here.

In the meantime, head over to DCMD for all the latest and best of local District music. Happy listening, Hoyas.
Photo: DCMD