All of the Lights: Mask and Bauble Wants Them

A Campaign For LightsMask and Bauble has recently begun a campaign to raise money for a new lighting system for Stage III, Mask and Bauble’s home for 38 years. Most recently, the theater group put on an uproariously funny version of Don’t Drink the Water this semester. (The Hoya reviewed it and loved it.)

According to an email sent out by the Mask and Bauble Dramatic Society, the lighting system at Stage III is in need of a serious makeover. The goal is to raise $33,000 to replace the lighting system in a campaign called “Keep the Lights On!”

Mask and Bauble is accepting donations of any size at! To demonstrate just how important these renovations are, we at 4E put together a few examples of what some famous shows would look like without proper lighting:

1. Jersey Boys


2. Wicked



3. Annie



4. Chicago



5. 42nd Street



6. Les Miserables


7. Death of a Salesman 


 8. Rent


9. The Lion King


Let’s hope Mask and Bauble reaches its goal in time to upgrade the lights at Stage III; we’d really like to see their beautiful faces in the spring!

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Best Bets: Study Style

Well, Hoyas, we have good news and bad news. The good news is classes are done. The bad news is that finals haven’t even begun. That means that it’s time for papers, coffee, studying, (raging?), Lau, Lau, and more Lau. If you happen to surface out of your reading hole and into the real world in the coming days, here are some of our Best Bets for the weekend, study style.

If you have a free moment (read: free afternoon), mosey on down to Washington Harbour (a.k.a. the Georgetown waterfront) and spend some time at the brand new 11,800 square foot ice-skating rink. For $9 entry and a $5 skate rental, you’ll get bang for your buck at the rink—did we mention it’s bigger than the one in Rockefeller Center? Skate your way to happiness, kids.

Free at night? Don’t forget to stop by the Gonda Theater in the Davis Performing Arts Center to catch the final performance of A Civil War Christmas. It’s wintertime fun without even having to step foot off campus. Only $8 for students.

Didn’t see the Christmas tree lighting in Dahlgren Quad? Excited about Christmas trees in general? Stop by the Prez Rez at 1600 Pennsylvania Avenue and check out The White House Christmas Tree, a 40-foot Colorado blue spruce that has made D.C. its home since 1978. Also be sure to check out the nearby Pathway of Peace,” 56 smaller, decorated trees representing all 50 states, five territories, and the District of Columbia. Traveling to see these trees will definitely “spruce” up your study days. “Fir” sure. It’ll be “tree-ific.”

Sorry not sorry about the tree jokes. We hope to see you out in the coming days. If not, we’ll see you at Lau. Sadly.

Photo: Washington Harbour

All The World Is A Stage

Recently, a reputed dramatic website ranked universities around the country (outside of NY) that have stellar theater departments. It comes as no surprise that we are on the list. Seriously though, Georgetown has produced some great artists; both on stage and on the silver screen. Helllllloooo, Bradley Cooper.

I could gush all day about the theater community here at Georgetown as I am proud to be a member of it, and because of that, I encourage every Hoya to get in touch with their artsy side (like this lady) and indulge in some upcoming performances.  There is a phenomenal amount of talent on campus, and it would be a shame to miss out on the transformative power of live theater.

The wonderful thing about Georgetown Theater is the unique approach and perspective the Theater major takes. It allows students to “broaden their knowledge of the theater, social justice, cultural criticism, and civic engagement by stressing the creation of new work, dramaturgy, and the history of performing arts.”

It’s so typical of us Georgetowners to take a “cura personalis” approach to theater. Our department and all of the dramatic organizations on campus are concerned with the spiritual, intellectual, and emotional facets of theater. It is well worth your while to see a few productions this year or maybe even participate in a few! You certainly will not regret it.

Bradley Cooper wants you to explore Georgetown Theater…would you say no to him?


That’s what I thought.



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