Campus Confusions: Post-Study Abroad


As the semester starts off and all Georgetown students are frantically getting back into the swing of things, there is one group of people who are having a tougher time than most.

Yes, you guessed it, the fall study abroad gang are the most frantic of the students this lovely first day of classes.

Between moving into rooms all over campus to brief hellos in front of Healy, the amount of stress and anxiety is ridiculous.

As I am coming back from abroad too, I am suffering from many campus confusions.

1. The Construction. Let’s be real. This is ridiculous and super difficult to get used to. Speaking as a resident of Henle, I can say the situation is a “no bueno.”

2. The Healey Family Student Center. ALL THE BEAUTY. I still don’t understand what it is or what it does, but I already love it. Next question, what is the appropriate name? Heal Fam Stu Cen is my personal favorite, but I don’t want to look like a newbie.

3. New Students. Excuse me, who are all of these people? Do they even go here? And why does everyone look so so young? Have I gotten old? Or are they all just geniuses?

4. The Weather. Literally are we being punk’d? Why is it so incredibly cold? I actually froze walking across campus today. It is colder than Copenhagen.

5. New American slang. My friends and I have realized that we have missed out on some key phrases that have been added to this beautiful language of ours. Excuse me, but what is “on fleek”? Is that like a compliment? So beyond confused.

For all of you who were abroad, you understand my problems. For those of you who were not, please help us out. We are going to need it.

Happy first day of classes, Hoyas.

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HFSC Study Break


Looking for a cool way to spend the last Saturday night before finals?

Georgetown Program Board (GPB) is hosting a Carnival Arcade Study Break with Coca-Cola In the Healey Family Student Center from 9 p.m. to 1a.m. tonight.

Very importantly, there will be free food from Bulldog Tavern – sliders, fries, nachos and wings galore!

How can you resist?

There will also be arcade games like pool, skeeball and foosball available for all study breakers to play. This will be the perfect way to satisfy that vague desire to go to Chuck E. Cheese!

For all you crafty Hoyas out there, there will be opportunities to make your own Christmas ornaments, like the lovely one below:


In keeping with the overall theme, there will be carnival games like ring toss and balloon darts, as well as airbrush tattoos. Because no carnival is complete without some temporary tattoos, am I right?

You can also make your own gingerbread houses and help decorate the HFSC’s Christmas tree for a nice dose of holiday spirit.


The event will also feature a “Coca-Cola AHH Lounge” that gives students the chance to enjoy their ice-cold Cokes and talk about “what AHH means to them” via social media. They can do this while chilling in hammocks, which doesn’t quite seem to be in keeping with the holiday theme, but let’s go with it! There will be a ton of music, Coke samples and giveaways.

Come to The Deep South/HFSC/Student Center/Heal and check out all of these cool things from GPB! And don’t forget to RSVP to the Facebook event.

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What to Expect From the Bulldog Tavern Grand Opening

Bulldog Tavern

Bulldog Tavern is about to open — for real this time.

The tavern offered a surprise sneak preview on Wednesday night when it released a limited “Are they open yet?” menu and some non-alcoholic “mock-tails.” 4E was even blessed enough to sample a single buffalo wing in The Heal. In her words, “It was awesome!”

The menu offers standard pub fare including onion rings, cheesy fries and nachos. They have seasoned fries that come with chipotle ketchup and balsamic ketchup; we are not sure if this is a shot at Good Stuff Eatery’s mayonnaise bar. They currently offer one lonely salad but it is topped with buffalo chicken so vegetarians, you should probably avoid at least for now.

Here is their humorously-named preview menu:


And here is their “mocktail” menu (we assume they don’t have their alcohol license yet):


The grand opening is tonight at 5 p.m. and is sure to be the hottest thing to hit campus since Bradley Cooper was last spotted on the front lawn. Here are a few things you can definitely expect at the ceremony.

Speeches from university officials
VP of food and services Joelle Weisse (the woman who is in charge of Leo’s) will publicly praise the university for allowing an eatery that provides edible food to open on campus. Try not to clap for her, as she will take any positive student response as an endorsement of the 6-year meal plan requirement she recently proposed. (Kidding.)

A beer blessing from Kevin O’Brien, S.J.
My favorite Jesuit’s last name is “O’Brien.” You know he’ll be there to give the new pub his blessing and drink a Heineken. (We’re not sure what Father O’Brien drinks but this was our best guess).

Drinks with a Ph.D.
It is a student’s dream after a long day of class, internship and complaints to stroll into a tavern, order a beer and sit down next to his best frien- professor? Having a bar on campus offers the unique opportunity for undergraduates and professors to seek libations at one common location. This could get interesting.

Free food
Food is mandatory for any event trying to increase student attendance. We hope for a spread similar to that presented at the grand opening of The Heal: hummus, slider sandwiches and buffalo wings.

A lesson in swing dancing
How many times do you find yourself standing awkwardly at a party wishing you knew how to swing dance? The tavern’s menu suggests some Southern influence (Southwest nachos, blackened chicken quesadilla), so we expect some Southern dancing to go with it.

We still have a few questions: Does the pub accept flex dollars? Can we use said flex dollars to purchase alcoholic beverages? If so, that three-year meal plan requirement is looking a lot less painful.

So anyway, after months of painful waiting and way too many soul-crushing delays, you can stop pressing your face against the glass walls of the under-construction pub and start sitting inside with food and a (temporarily) non-alcoholic beverage.

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HFSC Poll Results: And The Winner Is …

the healThe votes are finally in and all you Hoyas have selected “The Heal” as the official nickname for the new student center.

But while The Heal was the clear winner, numerous Hoyas offered their own ideas for a nickname:

“I call it ‘High Fructose Corn Syrup.’ The letters are the same as those in HFSC, and there is a lot of controversy over the center – much like corn syrup, no one knows if it’s bad or good for students due to its limited study space, limited hours, but prime hangout location. Also the center is super sweet but without much substance.” –Ashton

“The Holy Fu*cking Sh*t Center. It’ll really take your breath away.” –Connor

“Definitely the Krusty Krab. All of the acronyms begin with H which remind me of David Hasselhoff who once appeared in a Spongebob episode. Spongebob lived in Bikini Bottom and the student center is near the bottom of campus. Plus, it’s right across from Leo’s aka The Chum Bucket.” –Connor

“Brew South. There’s even a pub.” –Casey

“The Family Room. Duh.” –Jared

“The McHealey Pub. Promoting Anglo-Saxon alcoholic stereotypes.” –Ryan

“The New Lau 2: Come get nothing done here instead!” –Sam

“I really am a fan of ‘The Deep South.’ Its cultural implications are weighty and significant, and the use of a cardinal direction in the name will integrate the new building into the community immediately.” –Vice President for Mission and Ministry Fr. Kevin O’Brien, S.J.

While the famous Jesuit’s favorite choice actually finished in second place, we hope he will still grace The Heal with his presence. Well known for his slew of photos with famous people and landmarks including Bill Clinton, Pope Francis and the new cross on top of Healy Hall (old Healy), it would be cool if Father O’Brien added a selfie with this new building to his photo collection.

Happy to be finally christened, “The Heal” looks forward to the openings of Hilltoss and the pub in the coming weeks. Keep an eye out for flashing signs, possible safety hazards and lots and lots of hype as the new nickname is pasted all over campus in the next few days.

Poll: Name the Healey Family Student Center

hfsc nickname poll

OK, Hoyas. We’ve given you a month to get attached to the trendy Healey Family Student Center, and now we’re going to let YOU choose a nickname that does your love for the place justice. Read our picks for the center’s nickname and then vote for your favorite below.

Georgetown loves acronyms. HFSC is quick, clear and impossible to say. AChefEssie?

Pronounced Goofska. You can’t have an acronym without GU — right, GUGS, GUAFSCU, GUTS, GUCC, GUAS and GUAC?

The Deep South
It’s part of New South, but deeper into the south side of campus, deeper into the ground and it’s moving deeper into our hearts. We know the name Deep South has been used for a part of New South but the student center is even more “southern.” (New Deep South is also an option.) With this nickname comes the semi-mandatory dress code of sunbonnets and cowboy boots and a lesson in how to make peach cobbler.

Village D
We have Village A, Village B, Village C West (woohoo!) and Village C East. It only makes sense to add another village to the family.

Short for Student Activity Center. It is a center for student activities. And there’s so much room for them! Bang bang.

The Heal
Popularized by OAs during NSO, “The Heal” rolls of the tongue and is easy to type in text messages. Its one drawback is its similarity to the body part, the heel, located on the back of the foot. No one wants to study inside a heel. Heels are gross.

H Fam Stu Cen
Single syllables for the win.

The Nap Trap
Tired during the school day? Go crash on one of those funky looking step couches — no one can use them for studying anyway. The Corp has no coffee presence in the center, so there is no possibility that the smell of delicious (?) coffee will interrupt your slumber.

If an acronym isn’t significantly longer and more cryptic than the name itself, is it really an acronym? While these letters don’t actually stand for anything, this provides an easy way to steal the spotlight from Georgetown’s current most confusing and unnecessary acronym, GUASFCU.

As part of the university’s new agreement to listen to student voices, whatever nickname you choose will probably be carved into the stone patio outside of the center and recreated on the roof of New South using six million giant glow sticks, so it will be visible from above. Cast your vote today and change the future of Georgetown forever.

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The Heal Can’t Stop and It Won’t Stop

can'tstopBREAKING NEWS: The Healey Family Student Center has officially opened its Outdoor Terrace. Oh you’ve already studied for Patho on it? You have no idea.


The Healey Family Student Center now has a deck called the Bulldog Terrace with a barbecue and a chef to cook for you. I knew I came to Georgetown for a reason.

Here is their menu:

Hoya Burger Caramelized onion, choice of pepper jack, cheddar or American cheese $8.50

Vegetarian Burger with lettuce and tomato on brioche roll $5.50

Local Sausage and Peppers Nick’s of Clinton local sausage with whole grain mustard $6.50

Kettle Chips $1.50

Hummus with Pita Chips $4.50

Green Olive Tapenade with Pita Chips $4.50

Tomato and Basil Bruschetta with Croutes $3.50

Cookies $2.00

Brownies $2.50

Bottled Water $1.00

Bottled Soda $1.50

Here are their hours (during construction):

Thursday through Saturday

4pm– 10pm

Here is the food I bought:

patio1 patio4

Here is what I did after seeing the food:


Here is my current snap story:


Here is the text my friend sent me after leaving:


The weird sniffs are worth it. The one catch is you have to pay with cash. But they’ll serve you inside the Heal if you don’t want to let go of your coveted booth! Oh HFSC you know us too well.

Peace. Love. Terraces.


The HFSC Is Here and It’s Beauteous

hfsc hyfr
Damn, guys, damn. Prospective student tours are about to change drastically. The Healey Family Student Center is officially the most beautiful building on campus. And yes, I’m aware of the gravity of that statement.

I didn’t make it to the opening event, even though there was free food. Shocking, I know. I also didn’t make it to the inaugural glow in the dark party on Saturday night, but I heard it was popping. More popping then Club Lau, which was definitely popping.

Almost every person who walks inside the HFSC lets out an audible gasp and an “OMG”. Walking through the doors is like walking into a “Star Wars” movie. Or any movie in space, or the future.

Past the doors, you’re ushered through a huge circular sculpture/sitting area and all of a sudden there’s FIRE! FIRE ALL AROUND! The HFSC’s fire is the most classy fire I have ever seen. It’s so sleek.

Then you’re faced with the mystic beauty that is the Potomac and Rosslyn.

To the right there’s seating and to the left there’s seating. And everything is so clean!

Then, there are those weird vending machines upstairs, near the beautifully lit dance studios with ample supplies of Ocean Mist Bath Bars, and black pantyhose — you know, the essentials.

There are THE most beautiful group study rooms with huge numbers on the doors, so meeting people is super easy.

There are music practice rooms and ivy-covered indoor walls galore, but let’s be honest, the most important room in the house is the bathroom.

The HFSC’s bathrooms smell like vacation bathrooms do. They’re white and airy and the perfect place to find peace when procrastinating in the most desperate way possible. The mirror was absolutely made with mirror selfies in mind. It’s ginormous and so glam. Try to take an unflattering pic in that bathroom. I dare you.

There’s also an outdoor deck, which is still being finished, but it looks beauteous so far. You could bring a date there and it wouldn’t even be that weird. Romantic.

The pub, which is to be called Bulldog Tavern, and Hilltoss aren’t done yet, but they will definitely be super chic too.

All in all, the HSFC is the place to be and if you haven’t gotten over there to explore yet, you must. God Bless the Healey Family and their devotion to creating centers for students.

All we need is a better nickname for the place. Sources says “the Heal” is being circulated around campus and we approve. Let us know if you have any other ideas.

Photo: Josh Gordon/The Hoya