The 4E Guide To Friendsgiving

Banner - FriendsThanksgiving is coming up, which means that every foodie’s favorite holiday is almost here! In the great (slightly reworded) saying of Regina George “Thanksgiving is the one day of the year when every foodie can eat anything they want and nobody can judge them for it.” So, if Thanksgiving is the best day of the year, Friendsgiving is the pregame. We at 4E are going to tell you how to have the best one yet:

  1. Wear elastic pants.

Friendsgiving is practice for Thanksgiving. Eat as much as you want and practice not getting a food coma! Bonus points if they’re Thanksgiving themed ones!

2. Have EVERYONE bring something.

If you’ve been the dorm mom this semester (if you don’t think there’s a dorm mom it’s definitely you), you’ve probably been cooking quite frequently. Take a break and make everyone else bring the food! Even if it’s the worst food you’ve ever had, at least it’s practice for when Aunt Sally makes the worst pumpkin pie you’ve ever had!

3. Ask the tough questions.

Friendsgiving is great practice for explaining everything that you never wanted your relatives to know! Everything is fair game! Why not practice escaping with your friends?

4. Find something to be thankful for.

A heartfelt thank you that makes everyone at your table shed tears is the best kind of brownie points for mom and dad. Jack, John Carroll, that C on your IR midterm, just pick something beautiful!

Have a happy Friendsgiving and an even better Thanksgiving next week. However your Thanksgiving is, remember to make it classy!


101 Thankful Things


Gratitude is always important, but we recently celebrated an entire day dedicated to it. And there are lots of things to love: turkeys, colorful leaves, family…the usual.

We at 4E have compiled a list of 101 things that Georgetown students are and should always be grateful for:

  1. That one time my professor tore into that know-it-all when she said wrong things
  2. Professors who ignore the instructional continuity policy
  3. Roommates who don’t suck
  4. The Instagram “gufreshmendoingthings”
  5. Inattentive student guards
  6. Free food
  7. Free t-shirts
  8. Student discounts
  9. Getting a table in lau
  10. Leaving lau
  11. Not having to go to lau
  12. Club Lau
  13. The really nice security guard in lau who doesn’t judge me for always leaving lau really late
  14. Netflix
  15. Netflix and chill
  16. What happens after Netflix and chill
  17. Being featured in Georgetown’s Instagram
  18. The girl who lends me a chair from her table so that I can put my feet up
  19. Dogs
  20. Let me say that again: dogs
  21. T Sweets
  22. Christmas lights
  23. The “share location indefinitely” feature on the iPhone
  24. Brown house
  25. Slutty brownies
  26. Friends who distract you via text message while you’re in a boring class
  27. Georgetown basketball
  28. Professors who are chill
  29. Professors who care
  30. Free Chipotle
  31. When the guy at Chipotle doesn’t remind me that the guacamole costs extra
  32. Guacamole
  33. Beyonce
  34. Friends who make you food
  35. Friends who actually return the stuff they “borrow”
  36. When the pasta line at Leo’s isn’t eight miles long
  37. The “doge” meme
  38. First dates
  39. Second dates
  40. What even is a third date?
  41. Brunch
  42. Drunk brunch
  43. Not throwing up at drunk brunch
  44. The friend that patted my back after throwing up at drunk brunch
  45. Tequila
  46. The Harbin security guard that let me back in without a GoCard when I left the building in my pajamas to pick up the Mai Thai I had ordered for the fourth time that week
  47. Happy hour(s)
  48. Nutella
  49. When the Metro is on time
  50. When the GUTS bus is on time #rare
  51. Finding your wallet and purse safe and your phone fully charged despite not knowing how you got home
  52. Losing your phone and having someone you don’t know find it in their freezer
  53. Awkward times in class when you are placed in a group project with a Tinder match
  54. Cancelled classes
  55. Todd Olson
  56. Jack DeGioia
  57. When the other person cancels plans first so you don’t have to
  58. Sweetgreen
  59. The bread at Sweetgreen
  60. Parks and Recreation
  61. Donald Trump’s hairspray
  62. When the professor forgets to pass around the attendance sheet the day you skip
  63. Heely’s
  64. Hoverboards
  65. Friends with free MSB printing
  66. Kylie Jenner’s Snapchat stories
  67. When your Safeway order shows up on time
  68. When they don’t include rotten avocados in your Safeway order
  69. The one crazy dude who carries on class discussions in Problem of God
  70. Georgetown sunsets
  71. When randos let you pet their dogs
  72. 2000’s era Cartoon Network/Disney/Teen Nick channels
  73. 4E (duh)
  74. Ducking autocorrect
  75. Double stuffed Oreos
  76. When your favorite elliptical/treadmill/bike at Yates is free
  77. The fact that in New York they actually put cream cheese on your bagel
  78. The Lau geo-tag
  79. People who studied abroad but don’t start every sentence with, “When I was studying abroad…”
  80. When you see a former hookup but you look super hot
  81. Chick Fil A not having E. coli
  82. The smoothies at Leo’s brunch
  83. Yahoo answers
  84. When somehow ace a pop quiz without doing the reading
  85. The kid who dropped a dish in Leo’s last week and it shattered
  86. DFMOs
  87. Group texts
  88. When you put your music on shuffle and all of the songs you like come on
  89. Professors who don’t give a sit-down final
  90. When the Corp’s coffee isn’t burned
  91. The new athletic facility that we all get to use #loljk
  92. The cops who didn’t arrest me when I threw my fake ID at them
  93. Social justice Facebook posters
  94. When random organizations give out free food and you pretend to be interested just for the candy
  95. Rumchata
  96. #Jesuits
  97. Intramural battle ship
  98. Epi’s lax refill policy
  99. Epi’s quesadillas
  100. Drunk Epi
  101. Epi

And just for fun, here are the few things we are not thankful for:

  1. Epi buffet prices
  2. Group texts
  3. Georgetown basketball
  4. Kylie Jenner’s ability to inspire an entire generation
  5. The cops who arrested my friend for using his fake at Towne
  6. The guy tapping his foot really loudly in the cubicle next to me in Lau
  7. The new GUTS routes
  8. The thin Oreos

Happy Thanksgiving, Hoyas!


4E’s Guide to the Thanksgiving Food Coma


Going home for Thanksgiving inevitably means one thing: a weekend-long Thanksgiving food coma.

You arrive home to a fridge packed full of all your favorite foods and you are simply overwhelmed by the sight. You begin the food frenzy with Thanksgiving dinner, which forces you to unbutton your pants and lay on the couch just so you can walk again.

You think that after recovering from this food coma, you’ll be good for the whole weekend, but think again. You will be suffering from this food coma all weekend as you binge on all the treats your mom got on her last Costco run. You can’t resist your gluttonous ways, but it’s OK, all of us are like you.

So here is how to come back from that three-day food rampage:

Sleep. Sleep off the food all day long. In order to do this properly, you must first commandeer the couch. It is yours; no one can take it away from you (until your older bro or cousin throws you off for the game). Then take the best blanket in the house (the one that everyone fights over) and cocoon yourself like a little, or let’s be real, large burrito. Finally, sleep away.

Watch football. There are some great college football games on tomorrow, so take this opportunity to nurse yourself back to functioning by watching some ESPN. It’ll give you the perfect excuse to continue to be absolutely sloth-like and also to eat more. Nobody can yell at you for chillin’ on the couch because you’re doing it for the love of football. Remember clear eyes, full hearts, can’t lose. But also full stomachs, too.

This is you.

Wear only pants with elastic. If you are wearing pants with an actual button on them and no elastic as you are reading this, then you are doing it wrong. Stop and put on some stretchy pants, and just do less. When I say stretchy pants, I mean wear those flannel pajama pants you got last year for Christmas or those gray sweats that are so huge that you can fit another person in them.


Eat more food. Like curing a bad hangover, the only way to come back from stuffing your face with last night’s leftovers is to just continue eating. You’ve already consumed enough calories to feed an Olympic men’s swimming team, so you might as well keep going. There is really no going back at this point.

Do not exercise or do any school work. Opening a book or going to the gym will only make the food coma worse, believe me. The headaches and stomachaches will be excruciating and you will keep asking yourself why you continue to actually care at all. It is best if you just pretend to be an illiterate mass, only motivated by the aroma of something greasy being cooked in the kitchen.

Those are the commandments you must live by to survive this post-“food baby” madness. Remember, more than anything, do not do anything. Anything that takes up more effort than walking to the kitchen is not worth it.

Photos/Gifs: Tumblr

100 Things to Be Thankful for at Georgetown

Be Thankful For

There are a lot of things to be thankful for this year. Besides the classic “family and friends,” some people might be giving thanks for Chipotle, Beyoncé or other things that would be considered “unorthodox.” However, an unknown author has been leaving a list of Georgetown-specific things to be thankful for around campus, “dedicated to Dean Carol Lancaster, Andrea Jaime, Mark Adamsson, and all those members of the Georgetown community who passed away this year.” Below is the (alphabetized) list of the parts of Georgetown that we, as lucky students, should rightfully be grateful for.

1. “Carry That Weight” Movement
2. “Free Henle” Movement
3. #YesAllRAs
4. 3AM Conversations about Life
5. A Different Dialogue
6. Abissa (ASG’s Cultural Showcase)
7. Active Minds
8. African American Studies Program
9. Alta Gracia apparel in the bookstore
10. Alternative Break Programs (formerly ASB)
11. Angel Garcia (Residential Living)
12. Back on My Feet
13. Ballet Folklorico Mexicano de Georgetown
14. Beeck Center
15. Ben Shaw
16. Black House
17. Bridget Sherry
18. Calcagnini Contemplative Center
19. Campus Ministry
20. Candy in Lau during finals
21. CBL classes
22. Chaplain Pratima Dharm
23. Chaplains in Residence
24. Chicken Finger Thursday
25. CMA
26. Coffee Hours
27. Coordinators of DC Reads and DCSP
28. Dahlgren Quad
29. Dean Keshia Woods
30. Dr. Diana Guelespe
31. Dr. John Wright at CAPS
32. Educators OUT Day
33. Erika Cohen-Derr
35. Farmer’s Market
36. Food Service Workers
37. Fr. Raymond Kemp
38. Francisco and Javier at Leavey Grab-N-Go
39. Frankie at the Regent’s Einstein Bagels
40. Free flu shots
41. Free food wherever we find it
42. Georgetown decorated for the holidays
43. Georgetown Heckler
45. GSC’s Worker Breakfast
46. GSP (Missy, Christine, Berto, Ale)
48. GU’s Ferguson Activism
49. Healey Family Student Center
50. Heritage Months
51. Hoya Saxa Weekend
52. Hoyas United for Free Speech
53. Imam Hendi
54. Jack’s Instagram
55. Jen Schweer
56. Jeron (Nevils/LXR security guard)
57. Kalmanovitz Initiative
58. Late-Night Breakfast-for-Dinner
59. Lau Sings
60. LEAD and YLEAD
61. MeChA
62. Meditation Center
63. Mentorship
64. Ms. Pat (Lau Guard)
65. NASC Pow Wow
66. Night Shift Workers
67. NSO
68. Piano Rooms in HFSC
69. Picchii Multimedia Room
70. Playing in the fountain
71. Professor Brian McCabe
72. Professor Elizabeth Velez
73. Professor Marcia Chatelain
74. Professor Pamela Fox
75. Professor Sabrina Wesley-Nero
76. Professor Sky Sitney
77. Rabbi Rachel
78. Rangila at the Kennedy Center
79. Reventón Latino
80. Reverend Kesslyn
81. Riggs Library
82. Saxby’s (especially Jim!)
83. Sexual Assault Peer Educators
84. Shiva and the LGBTQ Resource Center
85. Spanish Mass
86. Special Accommodations Notice
87. Steve from DPS
88. Study abroad (Office of Global Engagement)
89. Suru / Umberto / Ripai
90. Take Back the Night
91. Thanksgiving Leo’s Dinner
92. The Arts at Georgetown
93. The G2
94. The Trail Behind Yates
95. The Wisey’s Guys
96. The Women’s Center
97. Tree HAUS Art Share
98. Vegetarian Chicken Nuggets
99. Women’s Basketball Team
100. You-Me Park

Thank you, anonymous author, for reminding all of us to be thankful for so much of Georgetown that can often be taken for granted. Happy Thanksgiving!


Newsflash! The New Sweetgreen Menu Is Here!

Sweetgreen Menu

If you didn’t already know, Sweetgreen has recently introduced some new salads to their menu, including some seasonally inspired creations. Sweetgreen is the only place where, in my opinion, it is justifiable to pay $10 for a salad because they are just so freaking good. Earlier in October, the salad chain introduced three new signature salads, three fall inspired salads and three salads infused with delicious grains. Because of this menu revamp, Sweetgreen did retire some of their signatures, including the District Cobb, the Santorini and the Chic-P. But do not worry, fellow Hoyas, because you’ll be drooling once you hear about these new creations.

The Rad Thai: This salad is made with organic arugula and mesclun, sprouts, shredded cabbage, spicy sunflowers seeds, cucumbers, basil and citrus shrimp drizzled in a spicy cashew dressing. Yeah, seems pretty rad to me.

The Harvest Bowl: This salad incorporates organic wild rice with shredded kale, apples, sweet potatoes, toasted almonds, goat cheese and roasted chicken in a balsamic vinaigrette.  Not only will this salad fill you up, but your taste buds will be in a daze of pure bliss.

The Seasonal Pick: This Turkey Day-inspired salad has organic mesclun, roasted turkey, roasted brussel sprouts and roasted sweet potatoes, covered with a cranberry vinaigrette.  Yes, this could possibly put you in a Thanksgiving-like food coma. You’ve been warned.

Well, now you know what all the commotion is all about. Go ahead and venture away from your “usual” because these new finds are worth trying.




A 4E Guide to Doing Thanksgivukkah Right

ThanksgivukkahIn 1888, a miracle happened that lasted 8 crazy nights, Thanksgiving and Chanukah overlapped and all was alright.
Potatoes for presents and dreidels for dinner, the holidays fused and everyone was a winner.
This year the same fate happened again – Thanksgivukkah for everyone – and things were well with the world, among family and friends.
However, this rare Thanksgivukkah extravaganza will only return in 79,043 years, so I hope you’ve cherished this one with an extra round of cheers.


The holiday mashup of Thanksgiving and Chanukah is clearly a once-in-a-lifetime experience, so here’s a guide to know whether or not you’ve done Thanksgivukkah right … and have no fear: There are still six more nights!

1. Instagram a picture of your menorah next to your plate of Thanksgiving food.

2. Play Hanukkah music while grubbing on leftovers.

3. Play dreidel in order to gamble on which relative will pass out first after doing Number 2 (see above).

4. Go Black Friday shopping for the gifts you were supposed to give two nights ago.

5. Have a Thanksgiving brunch: bagels and turkey with cranberry sauce on the side.

With that, happy Thanksgivukkah to all, and to all a good night!

Photos: Prlimages, USA Today

Staff Picks: Our Favorite Thanksgiving Traditions

Staff PicksIt’s only one day until Thanksgiving is upon us. To help celebrate all the things we’re thankful for and put ourselves in the holiday spirit, 4E has compiled a list of our own favorite holiday traditions.

“Playing Texas Hold ‘Em with my family after Thanksgiving dinner.”
– Francisca Johanek

“Mashed potatoes.” 
– Emma Holland

“Sitting with my little sister in front of the oven, watching the turkey bake for hours.”
– Matt Sullivan

“Playing football with my cousins to pregame deliciousness.”
– Harper Weissburgthanksgiv-day

“Yelling at football on the TV while helping my parents cook the feast.”
– Griffin Greco

“Walking around the neighborhood after we eat to work off some the pounds gained.”
– William Cleaves

“Eating desserts first and then getting so full nobody eats the turkey.”
– Julia Kieserman

“Drinking cream soda out of wine/champagne glasses with my sister so we felt like adults [when we were younger].”
– Max Wheeler

“The post-eating siesta with my cousins.”
– Courtney Klein

“Hiding in the basement and secretly eating the homemade applesauce before mealtime.”
– Karl Pielmeier


What are your favorite Thanksgiving traditions? Share them with us in the comments below, and be sure to have a happy Hoya Thanksgiving!

Photos: Time And Date, Addicting Info

A Very Hoya Thanksgiving

ThanksgivingHappy (early) Thanksgiving, Hoyas! Besides all of the travel plans, cheer, relatives and turkey, there is another reason for this much-needed break: giving thanks! On the Hilltop, we have many things to be thankful for. Here is 4E’s list of what we’d like to give thanks for at Georgetown:

1. Short lines at Corp locations – Hoyas need their caffeine to live. A short line at MUG can and will translate into an uncannily happy Hoya.

2. Empty machines at Yates – We all know the importance of working on that fitness. When Hoyas see an open elliptical those endorphins go crazy.

3. The Omelet Lady at Leo’s – “Get ya omelets!” Leo’s brunch would not be the same without that special bell. And if they get the order completely right? All the better.

4. Open tables on Lau 2 – Near an outlet, with chairs … oh, the joys. Staking out Lau territory is serious business.

5. Holiday drinks – Pumpkin spice lattes for days. There is not a girl on this campus who doesn’t explode with happiness when these drinks come out for the season.

6. Georgetown merchandise – You don’t own a Georgetown shirt? Do you even go here?

7. Chicken Finger Thursday – Best day of the week, no questions asked.

8. Wisey’s cookies – Any day is better when an chocolate chip Oreo cookie is involved. Actually, any day is better when Wisey’s in general is involved. Burger Madness anyone?

9. M Street shopping – You know what I’m saying. Who doesn’t like walking downtown and engaging in some retail therapy? Admit it: You’re going to use Christmas shopping as an excuse to go to M Street a little more often, aren’t you?

10. Half-priced Qdoba Tuesdays – Guacamole. Avocados. Amazingness. Could it get any better?

11. SafeRides – This is a Hilltop, and we should not be expected to climb it. Thanks for always saving our aching legs, SafeRides.

12. John B. Carroll, J.J., Jack – WE LOVE BULLDOGS!

13. The magical place we call the Hilltop – HOYA SAXA! And, of course, basketball … always basketball.


Photos: College Prowler, Turtle Techie

Pre-Thanksgiving Snacks: Food to Get You Stuffed Before the Holiday

Thanksgiving MealOnly a few days remain til we can all either go home or escape the (beloved yet sleep deprived) Hilltop. A time to finally relax, sleep and get happy. For many, this break will include a delicious Thanksgiving meal. However, 4E firmly believes that the tastes of warm pumpkin pie, crispy turkey and fresh cranberry sauce should not be limited to one day of the year. So, for those of you who wish to start your Thanksgiving meal a little earlier, here are our suggestions on where and how to find Thanksgiving-esque food before you leave for break (and maybe even after!):

5fa97eac1. Leo’s Though this requires the most creative thinking at times, it also gives you a reason to use some of those meal swipes! Leo’s has a variety of turkey dishes, ranging from BBQ turkey sandwiches to simple turkey burgers. If you really want to create an authentic meal, grab a plate, remove the turkey from a sandwich, get some green beans, add on some mashed potatoes and finally include some dried cranberries from the waffle station (if available). Voila! You are now having Thanksgiving at Leo’s – dreams really do come true.

2. DC Wisey’s Chantilly Panini For seven dollars, you too can enjoy this smoked turkey and brie cheese croissant panini with a light cranberry mayo sauce. Yum!

3. Einstein Bros. Cranberry Turkey Panini In addition to a variety of new cinnamon creations, Einstein’s has also begun serving a turkey sandwich of its own. Starting off with ciabatta bread (which is always an amazing beginning to anything), this sandwich consists of turkey, cranberry sauce, spinach, bacon and your choice of swiss or mozzarella cheese. Also, if you want to “Thanksgiving-ify” your morning bagel, try out their cranberry bagel!

4. Saxbys’ Pumpkin Drinks Both the pumpkin spice latte and pumpkin pie chai have become personal favorites this fall. Plus, these warm drinks can help ease the much colder walk to classes, while still reminding you that home – and of course Thanksgiving – are fast approaching.

5. Jetties’ Nobadeer Sandwich and Orange Street Salad Similar to the Chantilly Panini, the Nobadeer includes roasted turkey, cranberry sauce and mayonnaise, but also adds stuffing to the mix – all on sourdough bread. If salads are your liking, try the orange street salad, which consists of roasted turkey and butternut squash on top of mixed greens with apples, dried cranberries and sesame seeds, finished off with a ginger vinaigrette.

Enjoy these turkey- and cranberry-filled meals Hoyas, and get yourselves ready for the main Thanksgiving meal to come in just a few days!


Photos: tumblr, Eating Equipment

Staffer of the Week: Ian Tice

Once a week, The Hoya recognizes a staffer that has done a particularly awesome job – now you can get to know about them, too. As part of our Leavey 421 series, we’ll be posting quick interviews with each Staffer of the Week. This week’s honoree made things pretty stylish – both on some new Hoya apparel and in this year’s Basketball Preview.
Name Ian (Autumn) Tice
School College
Year 2016
Major(s)/Minor(s) Economics and French
Hometown Maple Glen, PA
Position on The Hoya Layout editor
Why did you earn staffer of the week?
I designed and ordered sweatshirts for 140-plus Hoya staffers. I think they turned out really well and it’s great to see so many people wearing them around campus! Also, Laura (senior sports editor), AJ (senior photo editor), Hunter (managing editor) and I did a lot of work over the weekend, producing this year’s Basketball Preview.
What’s your favorite part about working for The Hoya?
The thrill and risk involved in choosing a semi-broken chair in the office.
Some people who are close with you call you “Autumn.” What’s your favorite thing about the fall season?
Cooler weather and pumpkins. And the geese, of course.

It’s now November, and that mean’s Thanksgiving! What’s your favorite Turkey Day dish?

Stuffing. No joke. Who even needs turkey?
What’s one thing that’s still on your Georgetown bucket list?
I’ve actually never had a Hot Chick from Wisey’s … I know … weird.