Introducing… Meet the Profs

Meet the Profs

In past years, The Hoya has produced the annual and successful Faces project, in which a number of students, faculty and staff are profiled. Oftentimes the faculty profiles prove to be popular with readers, who want to see what their professors are like outside of the classroom.

Well, good news! 4E is introducing a new, regular series, “Meet the Profs”, in which a faculty member will be profiled. We will be asking him or her questions on topics ranging from his/her field of study to “What do you do on Georgetown Day when nobody shows up for class?”

So why are we telling you this? Because we want to hear from you! If you tell us about any professor of yours that you want interviewed, we will try our darndest to do it. Maybe it’ll be the professor that inspired you to pursue your current major, or the professor who cracked way too many jokes but made a difficult class more fun. Either way, we want to hear about them and give them a spotlight.

So email us about your special prof at [email protected]! And who knows, next time you open up 4E’s homepage, you might see a post devoted to your favorite teacher.

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How It Feels to Start Classes Again

First Day of SchoolBy now most, if not all, of you are done with the Christmas cookies and never-ending family time. The holidays were fun, but now it’s back to the Hilltop we love and the schoolwork we hate. It goes a little like this:

You get back to Georgetown, so excited to see your friends…


… even though it’s been only 3 weeks. (But it seems like a lifetime and a half.)

Everything is fab, until you realize you actually have to take classes.

tumblr_mg3jorsMT21qh402go1_250Like any good Georgetown student, you spend an unimaginable amount of time picking out that perfect “back-to-school” outfit, which seems to not exist.


Finally, you find “the one” and you feel like a million bucks (or like a 4.0 GPA).


But Wednesday morning is not too friendly.


And there is always that one person who is way too excited.


Your teachers actually expect you to learn.


But your mind is blank. Or possibly still frozen from the cold.


The bookstore is a total mess.


And then you see someone in the library already. GOOD. FOR. YOU.


You realize that Leo’s is once again your main food option and all happiness disappears.


But being back with Jack the Bulldog makes everything much better.


And despite the teachers, classes and long lines at the RHO, at least you are back on the Hilltop. Now you will have about a week or so until you are actually allowed to be stressed again. So enjoy the time off, Hoyas … we are all going to need it!

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