SWUG Life 101

As an underclassman at Georgetown, I heard the term SWUG for the first time and I told myself I would never become one during my senior year. Alas, here I am, senior year, drinking a bottle of wine in my sweats with my friends doing The New York Times crossword puzzle on a Saturday night. This is not the first time this has happened.

What is a SWUG, some of you may be asking? A SWUG is an acronym that stands for Senior Washed Up Girl. You may experience a SWUG sighting at Tombs on a Wednesday night or at an all you can drink brunch in Dupont. As an experienced SWUG myself over the past 7 months, I have decided to help 4E in order to create a SWUG guideline if you will.

SWUG Life 101

Have a designated booth at Tombs.
On a 1 to SWUGiness level, this is a 7.

Have the ability to recollect everything that happened on this past season of The Bachelor.
On  a 1 to SWUGiness level, this is a 5.

Do Nick and Vanessa still even like each other?

Do not leave your house unless absolutely necessary, like making a wine or food run.
On a 1 to SWUGiness level, this is a 6.5.

Exceptional knowledge of every happy hour in the DC Metro area.
On a 1 to SWUGiness level, this is a 8.5.

Saying “I have no motivation” at least three time a day.
On a 1 to SWUGiness level, this is a 9.2.

Senior year in a nutshell.

Invest in a New York Times crossword puzzle subscription.
On a 1 to SWUGiness level, this is a 10.

Because Saturday’s puzzle is super hard.

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Tombs Brings the Music

Tombs Live Music

While wine night at The Tombs may have been cancelled, management there is making alternative Sunday night plans: live music!

That’s right, beginning next semester, there are plans to have live musical performances. These will largely be acoustic sets already chosen by management.

However – student bands, rejoice! – there will be possible opportunities for student performances in the form of an open mic night. So break out that guitar you got for Christmas freshman year, run through your super original cover of “Hey Ya” a couple times and get ready for your once-in-a-lifetime opportunity to show your stuff at The Tombs. You may not have half-off wine (sorry, SWUGs), but you can either listen to or participate in a musical good time.

Photo: georgetown.edu