The Procrastinator’s Guide to the Galaxy: Awkward Family Photos


What better day to procrastinate then on the Sunday of a three-day weekend? You still have tomorrow to write that paper or study for that midterm so put away the work and focus on doing absolutely nothing. We at the Fourth Edition are happy to provide you with another weekly installment of The Procrastinator’s Guide to the Galaxy to get you through the day.

How embarrassing is your family? Are you terrified when your parents come to visit during Parents Weekend? Do you shamelessly try to hide them from all your friends? Are you absolutely convinced you just had to be adopted?

Not to worry fellow Hoyas. You’re not alone. But, trust me, it could be worst, and, if you don’t believe me, check out this assortment of awkward family photos. I mean, this could have been your family’s Christmas card. Or this. Even worse, what would you do if these people were your parents? There is an array of different albums from pets to grandparents so have fun for the next few hours!

Do you have a family photo so awful that it just needs to be shared? Make sure to submit it to AwkwardFamilyPhotos! What more would you want then for millions of people to see you in your absolute worst?

Have a happy Sunday!

The Procrastinator’s Guide To The Galaxy: Whoogles

Screen Shot 2013-01-27 at 3.43.24 PM

Hey there, Hoyas! I would say happy Sunday, but chances are most of you are very “tired” and aren’t feeling too happy about all of the work that you let pile up for today, or your midterms that are just around the corner.  Since we at The Fourth Edition understand that doing nothing is often a much more enticing option, here is another installment of The Procrastinator’s Guide To The Galaxy!

Have you ever entered a Google search that embarrassed you? One that you couldn’t quite believe you were typing into that search bar?  Maybe it was after a long night out, and you were stuck googling “How to get (insert stain) out of (insert: carpet, clothes, shoes, etc)”.  Maybe you were Web MDing some strange symptoms that you or a friend came down with. Or maybe a heated debate amongst friends resulted in you being elected to search for a random, yet disturbing, bit of trivia.  Whatever the cause, in the Internet Age where a laptop or iPhone is always in reach, these utterly ridiculous Google searches are inevitable.  However, this week’s procrastination website should leave all of you embarrassed searchers feeling much better about yourselves.

Let me present to you the world of Whoogles. The website name comes from the age-old question “Who Googled that?” Believe me, in all of these cases, it is a very valid question.  Whoogles takes a closer look at the “Suggested Search” bar, revealing some very startling uses for Google.  Very innocent searches (for example: type in “can I m”) leaded to suggested questions that no one should ask (“can I milk my hamster?”).  Enjoy procrastinating, get a few laughs, and get over your embarrassment for having to Google “how do I get pee off of my shoes”.  Who knows, next time you are using Google to research for a paper, maybe you will stumble on some “whoogles” of your own.

The Procrastinator’s Guide to the Galaxy: Emergency Compliments


Why hello there, Hoyas! Whether you are up and studying for midterms or still recovering from your weekend, we’ve got you covered with another weekly edition of The Procrastinator’s Guide to the Galaxy. Ah, yes, more reasons for you not to think about that seven-page history paper you have due Friday. Fantastic.

Have you ever been in need of a compliment? Maybe you just discovered that the cute boy who you were shamelessly flirting with all weekend has a girlfriend. Maybe you bombed your Spanish test on Friday and have been muy triste about the situation. Maybe you were forced to cut your hair super short because you got a hairbrush stuck in it on Saturday. (Yes, that actually can happen.) But I digress.

Whatever your terrible situation may be, a good compliment can always cheer us up. If you are desperately in need, check out emergency compliments. Not only do they tell you, “Your voice sounds like a thousand purring cats” or, “You’re funny. Like, LOL style”… but you can also received multiple compliments at once by simply clicking the “I still feel crappy” button. Try it out. Even if you don’t need one, because it’s still pretty funny.

Oh and if you’re still looking to “duck” around your homework…check this out. Game changer.

God, I love Sundays.