The Fourth Summer Edition, 2012

Aloha! After a brief vacation, 4E has returned for the summer months. We got a little sunburned, packed up the boogie boards and finished off one last piña colada, and we’re back baby.

Summer 2012 has just begun. Whether you’re in D.C., New York, London, Paris, Barcelona, Istanbul or Cairo, we’re here for you. Fine, we’re mostly here for those of you on campus, but that doesn’t mean we forgot about the rest of you.

Check in on 4E for all your summer needs, from making the most of your summer internship to beating the heat to preparing for your first year at Georgetown. We promise not to lead you astray (on purpose, at least).

We’ve got a lot in store for the next few months, and we know you do too. If there’s anything you want to see on 4E, drop us a line in the comments or at [email protected]. And hey, if you’re feeling inspired to write, let us know about that too!

Michelle Cassidy
Blog Editor

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Friday Fixat10ns: Summer Edition

Friday Fixat10ns: Happy Summer from thehoya on 8tracks.

It seems like everyone is done with finals. We’re all packing up our stuff, moving out of our dorms/apartments/houses, and getting ready for whatever summer may hold for us. It’s a bittersweet moment, but it’s also a relief. We here at 4E are incredibly excited for the summer to start. Here are some songs to get you excited for summer 2012.

Summer Is the Champion — Laura Viers Yes, Laura, summer is the best. Except for the humidity. That isn’t the best.

Glad You Came — The Wanted This song may just become my 2012 summer anthem. I want to have a summer like the one the people are having in the music video.

City Lights — Sun City Another worthy candidate for my own personal summer anthem from this Australian band.

Finally Moving — Pretty Lights Play this song while sipping a (Long Island) iced tea and laying out in the sun and I bet you that you’ll “get a good feeling” too.

Midnight Life (Kanye West vs. M83) — The White Panda I decided to combine my favorite summer song of 2011 (M83’s Midnight City) with a song that always reminds me of summer (Kanye’s The Good Life). BONUS: M83 is playing at 9:30 Club tomorrow night.

Summer Love — Justin Timberlake If this song wasn’t on this playlist, it would be a travesty.

Never Ending Summer — 311 With three months until classes start again, I already feel like summer is never ending.

Long Hot Summer — Keith Urban I wish that my summers would end up more like the long hot summer described in this song. For now, I’ll live vicariously through Keith Urban.

Summer Girls — LFO Flashback to summer 2000. And who doesn’t like girls that wear Abercrombie and Fitch? Also, I love LFO’s frosted tips in the music video. Classic.

The Boys of Summer — Don Henley I saved the best for last. This song just never gets old.

You Should Really Branch Out

Still trying to find a  job or internship? Maybe our last round of advice didn’t work out for you (or maybe you’re just putting it off), but we have another helpful tip. A Facebook app called BranchOut  is a useful networking tool directly that can help you discover the work you’re looking for.

After adding this free app, you create a professional profile (think LinkedIn). You can then search for jobs based on industry, experience, tenure and location. The site was easy to use and navigate — you can quickly find a number of job opportunities. The most interesting aspect of this site was the ability to view the jobs of your Facebook friends (but only those who have also installed BranchOut). If you’re interested in a job at a company that a friend had worked for,you can message them to learn more about his or her experience at that company and ways to potentially secure a job there. It’s an easy way to create professional connections with Facebook friends.

Asad Esmail (MSB ’15) has been a marketing associate at BranchOut since February, and believes that the success of the site is due to the ability separate your professional and social lives. “Whenever you connect to your profile, even though it is attached to Facebook, none of your personal stuff is brought into it. No one has to worry about whether or not employees will see any of your photos or wall posts.”

I would highly recommend this site to any college student who is still seeking a summer job. It can’t hurt!

Photo: BranchOut

Still Looking for a Summer Internship?

I know what you did last summer. You worked at the Resident Housing Offices. Even though you basically got paid to watch trashy television and catch up on Dave Eggers or  Jodi Picoult whatever the kids are reading these days , you decided that this summer you’re going to do something different. You’re going to intern.

SAD TRUTH ALERT: If you haven’t figured out what you’re doing this summer, then it’s already too late.

Okay, that’s not 100% true but you should already have the ball rolling. Some crazy summer internships have their deadlines in November and December (CRAZY, AMIRITE. I mean its all like snowflakes and pumpkin pie at that time of year, not summer job hunt time!)

There is still hope for you if you get your act together within the next two weeks. But you’ve got to be aggressive and you’ve got to be determined. Say it with me: ‘No to RHO.’

Step 1: Explore the Interwebs

A really cool thing that people have started doing to help themselves find out stuff is called  ‘Google’. There’s like math and science and magic and WHAM – jobs galore. Apparently, this ‘googling’ phenomenon can be quite helpful.

In all seriousness, the internet is the best place to locate some potential summer jobs. The sites you visit most frequently are a tipoff to where you should think about interning. Are you always just clicking through Gawker? Toss your resume to some social media or entertainment upstarts. Basically any place that has a website, has an intern program. Papers like the Washington Post  usually also have job listings online that are worth perusing.

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Housing at a Glance: Summer Living

by Martin Hussey

For the past few Thursdays, 4E has profiled different aspects of the housing process at Georgetown for our freshmen readers who are about to go through the process for the first time. This week, though, we are doing something slightly different.

Just as everyone is researching, interviewing, and applying for summer employment, we also need to find housing (to avoid the awkward and unfortunate possibility of being homeless in D.C. while working at a prestigious law firm, NGO, corporation or government agency).

Fortunately for us, the summer housing process is less complicated than either the academic housing process or the summer internship search process, and there are plenty of avenues that one can find housing on the Hilltop over the summer months. First, find some employment that offers summer housing for free. Work at any campus organization, like the housing office, often comes with the perk of free summer housing.

For those either too busy or too late to find free summer housing though an office on campus, Georgetown’s housing office does offer housing over the summer at on-campus residences. Applications for summer housing will begin February 21 from Georgetown’s summer housing website. A full list of on-campus housing rates over the summer can be found here.

If you don’t feel like living in university housing, there are also plenty of off-campus houses looking for summer sublets. Do a little facebook browsing (people often make events with the location, rent, etc.), or ask some upperclassmen friends. They’ll have a good idea about people looking for subletters and you’ll have the added benefit of living with people you already know.

And for anyone staying over the summer, be aware of non-Georgetown students and groups of high schoolers that flock to the Hilltop over the summer. D.C. is a popular summer destination for many people our age who don’t have the privilege of living here during the school year.