Guide to Laufits

It’s officially midterm season, which means that there’s a good chance you’re procrastinating by reading this article somewhere in Lau. And if you’re searching for some more ways to avoid doing work, look no further: here’s a refresher on the five types of “Laufits” most frequently seen in everyone’s favorite architectural monstrosity.

1. The “Kendall Jenner”

The basic look: Heels. A “going out” top. Jeans that cost more than your meal plan. Something cool like a hat or red lipstick that you definitely couldn’t pull off if you tried.

When they’re not busy making you feel bad about the fact that you noticeably haven’t washed your hair in several days, the owner of this outfit can usually be found making the awkward walk from the elevators to Midnight look like a graceful strut down a fashion week runway. There’s a good chance that you follow them on Instagram. There’s a better chance that they do not follow you back.

2. The “Intern”

The basic look: J. Crew. Ann Taylor. Brooks Brothers. A Capitol Hill ID badge that they are inexplicably still wearing at 11 p.m. on a Wednesday in the middle of a college library.

You can usually find the wearer of this outfit carefully crafting their next insightful and completely necessary political post on Facebook or mapping out the logistics of their future GUSA presidential campaign two years ahead of time. There’s a good chance you follow them on LinkedIn. There’s a better chance that they were the ones who requested to follow you.

3. The “Self-Proclaimed Gym Rat”

The basic look: Neon running shoes. A headband. A Fitbit. Something from Lululemon. A yoga mat casually tucked under their arm. A conspicuous lack of actual sweat on any of these items.

Those who rock the standard “SPGR” attire are usually found loitering in Midnight. They may be found loudly commenting on how their favorite flavor of Vitamin Water Zero and/or Cliff Bar is out of stock while openly inquiring as to why they aren’t allowed to use the Thompson Center, or insisting that they could have been a varsity walk-on “if they tried.” There’s a good chance that you also just saw them take the elevator instead of the stairs to get to Lau 2 in the first place.

4. The “Guy Who Was at Jersey Night Until He Remembered He Had a Paper Due at 9 A.M.”

The Basic Look: Hair Gel. Pit Stains. An Allen Iverson/Alonzo Mourning/Patrick Ewing jersey. A New Jersey accent. An ID from a state that is not New Jersey.

Unlike the “Self-Proclaimed Gym Rat,” the person wearing this outfit is definitely actually sweating. And yelling. And attempting to simultaneously type and sober up, but not doing a very good job at either. This stylish individual is likely to be found taking way too long to figure out what they want from the vending machine and saying some variation of “Dude, seriously it was so lit, you gotta go next week” to every other person who walks by.

5. The “Lau 5”

The basic look: A sweatshirt. A pair of sweatpants, but not the “cute and cozy” kind that are moderately acceptable to wear in public. A baseball cap. Uggs, Crocs, or some combination of the two.

(Disclaimer: this is not an exaggeration. I once saw an actual human being wearing an Ugg on one foot and a Croc on the other on Lau 5 at 2 a.m. during finals week and it was one of the scariest things I have ever seen in my entire life. Please let me know if you have any potential information regarding this individual’s whereabouts because I want to make sure they’re alright.)

The true devotees of the classic “Lau 5” aesthetic are, of course, most frequently found in their natural habitat on the top floor. But rumor has it that if you wait patiently until the early hours of the morning, you can see them briefly emerge near that weird coffee vending machine on Lau 2. Should you be so lucky as to witness this rare occurrence, be sure to remember the most basic rule of Lau-etiquette: never ask someone wearing the full-blown “Lau 5” Laufit “How’s it going?” You will only be met with a long, sad answer involving an unreliable TA, a “quizlet” mishap, and a copious amount of tears.

So there you have it: five of the most popular Laufits. Consider what your Laufit says about you the next time you head on over to see if there are any more lemon poppy seed muffins left at Midnight write that big paper well ahead of the deadline! 

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Georgetown-Themed Halloween Costumes


It is that time of year again Hoyas, Halloween. Right now, you are most likely scrambling to find a costume that is both “cute” and “funny” — AKA the incredible feat. Why not rep Georgetown this holiday season? Here are some ideas to get the ideas flowing:


1. A Go-Card. This costume is especially easy since we all have a model of what it should look like (unless you lost it). Steal a piece of cardboard from Prospect Street on Thursday as Friday is recycling day and there is bound to be something you can use. Grab some blue and while paint, and cut out a whole for your face. Extra points if you use yourself to swipe into a dorm.

2. The Omelet Lady. Does she still exist? I haven’t been to Leo’s in about a century. Nonetheless, she is for sure the most important person on this campus because she controls the omelets, AKA the only cure to your Sunday hangover. Carry around a pan, those little omelet order slips and scream “Get ya omelet” at everyone you see. Extra points if you bring me an omelet.

3. Georgetown Study Abroad Student. If you are a junior, it is very likely that a large majority of your friend group is off being “cultural” right now. Why not #TBT to them and go as a Italy/France/Spain/Ireland/Australia/WHATEVER study abroad student? All you need is a selfie stick and a “new found view of the world.”


4. A Corp Barista. The easiest one on the list! If you have ever bought a coffee, tea, chai or whatever you fancy at a Corp location, you know the baristas have a certain style that will never go out of style. Throw on an artsy/hipster outfit (bonus points for overalls) and a backwards hat and you are golden. You should 100% carry around a coffee, as well.



4E’s Spring Fashion Preview


While many might argue that florals are the goto for spring fashion, 4E completely disagrees. Last week, The Guide published their Spring Fashion Issue, showing Hoyas all the hottest trends and how to wear their hair in badass ways (read: check out the pictures of Stephanie).


Unfortunately, only a fraction of the photos from the extensive photo shoot made it into the newspaper. Here at 4E, we took it upon ourselves to publish some exclusive photos that didn’t quite make the final cut.

The theme for this section of the photo shoot was studious and sneaky spring. Introducing 4E’s Spring Fashion Preview:

Get ready to be (fashion) schooled!
Get ready to be (fashion) schooled!
(Left to Right) Emily is sporting the flower pants and rain jacket look. You can never be too careful in this crazy season. Catherine rocked the Canadian tux, with the denim on denim look. So forward thinking! Courtney mixed it up by pairing a romper with a bright blue vest because spring is about color and color is life. Jenna combines the Crocs and leather tights to demonstrate the laziness we all possess.
Spring fashion is all about hitting the balance between Lau appropriate and forward thinking. Look at these models caught in the act of studying. You wouldn’t think twice if you saw them walking around Lau 5! They basically blend in with the books.
Here, Jenna shows us how to rock the cubicle fashion. Goodbye are the days when Hoyas hid in the cubicles! Hello to cubicle wide parties and leather everywhere. Because if you not wearing leatha, you aren’t making yourself betta.
Four score and a billion years ago, the fashion choices were questionable. Nowadays, this beloved “stage” is graced with the presence of such fashionable leather and pleather. Outfits fit for a president, right?!
Emily demonstrates a twist on the “classic classroom look”, bringing style and sass to the class. Her floral pants and graphic tee are the perfect clash. And look, she is even pointing at some old guy on the wall. ACADEMICS! #studiousfashion
Surprise pic! Jenna caught in the studious act. The sunglasses on her head show that she is enjoying the nice weather but the jean jacket shows that she is still serious about her studies. Keep up the great work!
Students gone wild! The best part of these spring fashion outfits is how interchangeable they are. Here, Jenna and Courtney are showing off their rebellious side! Gotta love the headbands, such a new and upcoming trend!
***FLAWLESS! Catherine caught being artsy in her denim on denim look. She is so focused on achieving success and knows that her outfit will help her get there. Also, not how much she is able to do! Denim really is the best fabric, it allows you to study, learn, have fun, party or whatever you want!

Take some notes and follow the newest trends! Pr4Etty hurts.

Photos/Gifs: Bloggers for The Hoya;

So You Think You Can Snapchat? Try Pickle Instead


Have you ever thought there is more to life than just being really, really, ridiculously good at Snapchatting? Are your snaps so witty and creative that your friends immediately screenshot and save them for their own personal entertainment? Do people know who you are because of your Snapchat prowess? We know you answered yes to the preceding questions.  So you agree? You think you’re really good at Snapchatting.

Luckily for you, the newest app, Pickle, will allow you to up your Snap game even more, which is kind of a big dill. It is, in essence, the Olympics of Snapchatting, making it the most exciting technological innovation since Facebook replaced Myspace.

Pickle allows you to create fun themed competitions for up to four users. Once all of the users submit their entries, the competition opens up and voting for the best Snap begins. Pickle has the potential to fulfill all of your wildest dreams as you can finally prove to everyone that you really are the greatest Snapchatter to ever exist (except if you lose). Given that the possibilities for competitions are seemingly endless, 4E decided to provide you with a few starting options:

Most Delicious Dining Option at Leo’s: Where do you even start, given the sheer number of appetizing choices Leo’s has to offer?  I mean have you seen the Leo’s website?  The pictures they post on there really do look pretty delicious, so I’m pretty sure you could snap something comparable given the right angle and lighting, right? (Well, maybe not. But it’s still worth a shot!)

Best Selfie with a Professor Taken During Class: This competition could really go in one of two directions. You could go with the stealthy approach where you take your snap without your professor even noticing. However, a more daring option would involve getting your professor to willingly participate in the debauchery. Could you imagine getting up in the middle of a packed lecture hall to personally request a selfie with your professor? That would hands down win any Pickle competition.

Most Stylish Outfit of the Day: Canadian tuxedos, Hawaiian shirts, turtle neck sweaters … Let your inner fashionista shine when you decide to partake in this competition! I’d even suggest mixing and matching your most stylish pieces to create one very fashion forward ensemble sure to win over the masses. I mean, why limit yourself to just jorts or just a sweater vest when you can easily rock both?

Best Georgetown-Themed Snap: Think you’ve got a lot of school spirit? Then why not show it off in this fun themed competition! Get a snap of you climbing the John Carroll statue while petting J.J. and eating a hot chick sandwich from Wisey’s and you’ll be a contender.

Most Awkward School Photo: This competition really has a special place in my heart, given my plethora of incredibly awkward school photos courtesy of my middle school years.  Braces? Check. Horrible haircut? Yup. Outfit that was super stylish for tweens circa 2006?  You know it. If your school photos from your awkward phase glory years meet this criteria, then you certainly have what it takes to win this battle!

So what are you waiting for, 4E readers? Go download Pickle and get your competitive Snap game on!

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An Interview With the StyleSmithsDC

The Hoya’s very own Molly Mitchell had the opportunity to meet and interview the very talented styling sister duo, Stephanie and Kelley of the blog StyleSmithsDC. Check out this edition of Take 5!

And here, Stephanie and Kelley demonstrate their style skills by showing these two Georgetown juniors, Lizzie and Nitya, how to dress for their internships in a stylish but professional manner!


Campus Sartorialist: March 2013

As the warm weather begins rolling in, it is sometimes difficult to make the adjustment from the freezing ice to the blossoming new season. This climate change sparks the question “what’s a Georgetown fashionista to wear?”

This month’s Sartorialist features numerous trendy GU students wearing some of the most current colors and styles. They seem to be transitioning into Springtime quite effortlessly. Take a look for yourself:

Ainhoa Hardy (COL ’16) loves heading into Spring with things she feels comfortable in. “I love things colors and patterns and things that are flowy” like her Forever 21 boyfriend chinos. She describes her Spring style as “effortless, comfortable, and cool.”

Ainhoa Hardy

 We especially were digging Ainhoa’s Mango scarf. Prints are huge for Spring/Summer 2013, and they’ll only be getting bigger as the year continues. Check out her trendy scarf print:

Ainhoa Scarf Pattern

 We also couldn’t help falling in love with Liana Mehring’s (SFS ’13) geometric-patterned H&M dress. Liana enjoys dressing in pieces that are “cultural and different with bold patterns” and we think she should keep it up, especially because orange is going to be HUGE as 2013 goes on!

Liana Mehring

 Speaking of orange, we adored Kirsty Sievwright’s (NHS ’13) Kate Spade ostrich leather flats…

DSC_0849 copy

 …but we were driven absolutely wild (in a good way, of course) by her Alexander McQueen bag. “The purse is really fashionable and really functional,” said Kirsty. “I use it for everything, even going out.”

Alexander McQueen Bag

 Speaking of bags, we were also swooning over Kylie Loeffler’s (COL ’15) leather All Saints Bag. “It’s bold, black and brilliant,” quipped Kylie. We couldn’t have said it better ourselves.

Kylie Loeffler Bag

 Just look at those sequins and that texture!


 Speaking of texture, we thought Alex Jung (SFS ’13) spiced things up with her edgy spring look. “My big thing is leather jackets,” she remarked. “I like to dress cute with a modern grunge.” We think her Forever 21 denim top works perfectly with her Zara jacket, scarf, leggings and Target patent leather boots.

Alex Jung

But nothing said Spring quite like her beautiful, floral lace Urban Outfitters dress. Take a closer look!

DSC_0847 copy

 Alex wasn’t the only one who could pull off boots in Springtime, though.

Ellis Reilly

 Ellis Reilly’s (COL ’14) rugged look was the perfect transition from Winter to Spring. “I try to keep things simple… slim, warm and casual,” said Ellis, as he rocked Scotch & Soda jeans, a J. Crew sweater and bag and, of course, his Filson boots. Just take a closer look at those bad boys. Bam.

Ellis Reilly Shoes

 In addition to Ellis’ fantastic footwear, we were totally blown away by Libby Carter’s spring look. Mixing and matching a textured polka-dotted sweater (ala Marc Jacobs 2011) with a simple J. Crew Oxford, Ann Taylor pants and Repetto Mary-Janes, Libby was dressing to impress. She also nailed it with her Madewell shoulder bag and Ray-Ban aviators.

DSC_0827 copy

 But Spring is also about the little things! We were blown away by Libby’s accessories: a shimmering blue Hermes bangle and a classic Raymond Weil watch. 

Watch and Bangle Close Up

 Happy Springtime, Hoyas! No matter what your style is, “spring” into the new season of trends and designs. The fashion world awaits…

D.C. Fashion’s Night Out

It’s no secret that Georgetown is full of stylish people (preppy and hip alike), so we’re expecting tomorrow’s Fashion’s Night Out to be an exciting event.

Hosted by the Georgetown Business Improvement District, FNO is heralded as an opportunity to “celebrate fashion, restore consumer confidence, boost the industry’s economy, and put the fun back in shopping.”  This will be the third year that D.C. has hosted this event, in which stores  and restaurants around Georgetown will have special deals, lots of goodies and, most importantly, free food.

Some of the featured events include personal stylists at Anthropologie, free mini-facials at Blue Mercury, and a braiding bar at Madewell. Restaurants like Clyde’s, the Daily Grill, Bangkok Joe’s and more have specialty cocktails and deals on food for the night. Many of the participating locations will be serving refreshments while you shop – because shopping is always better when you’re tipsy. You can check out a full schedule and details over at DC PR Girl.

Want to learn more about FNO? Check them out here. Happy shopping!


7 Questions with Capitol Hill Style

The internet is full of fashion blogs – from daily outfit posts to brand marketing to couture appreciation – but amid the bevy of style-based blogs, Capitol Hill Style stands out. The blog’s author, Belle (she keeps her real identity a secret), offers style and beauty tips tailored to the D.C. working woman’s needs. She posts daily, with regular features like Splurge vs. Save, Two Ways , and the 10th Commandment, with covetable items at different price points (don’t worry, Belle looks out for the unpaid interns among her readers).
We got a chance to ask Belle some questions about her inspiration, her own style and what to do when you’re just starting out.

When did you start blogging, and what inspired Capitol Hill Style?
I started blogging in 2008 during the August recess.  I was inspired to start the blog after seeing how the summer interns on the Hill dressed for work.  Half of them were dressed for the club, and the other half looked like they were wearing clothes stolen from Mommy’s closet.  At the time, there were no professional style blogs geared toward women under age 40, and I thought it was about time Capitol Hill had a resource for young women who want to dress appropriately but be stylish as well.


How would you describe your style?
Sophisticated and feminine, I like a good mix of pretty and sleek.  I prefer dresses and skirts to pants.  I also like to wear feminine fabrics like silk and chiffon with ladylike accents. I try to keep up with current trends, but when I’m unsure, I stick with the classics.


D.C. style gets a pretty bad rap – where do you think this comes from? Is it legitimate?
D.C. style has changed a lot in the past few years. When I moved to the District in 2005, women still wore white sneakers with suits and nude hose.  Almost no one wore dresses to work, it was all pants.  And women seemed content to downplay their femininity rather than embrace it.  So in the past, the criticisms were certainly valid.

Now, I see more women who recognize that you can be a professional who is taken seriously without having to dress in shapeless, masculine attire and bad shoes.  What’s the point of having a successful, well-paying job if you have to wear clogs and tapered trousers? Ick.


Do you have a D.C. fashion role model?
Former Congresswoman Jane Harman was probably as close as I came to having a real fashion role model in D.C.  She had the most amazing wardrobe and the attitude to match.  No one else could have pulled off a chartreuse silk pleated skirt on the floor of the House. She made me realize that it’s not just about the clothes, it’s about how you carry yourself.

Campus Sartorialist: January

by Michelle Cassidy

It’s hard to ignore the well-dressed members of Georgetown’s community. They have majorly different styles, from classic Ralph Lauren to thrift store chic, with just a bit of everything else in between. Today we’re introducing the first in a series called Campus Sartorialist, in which we’ll be hunting out the best of campus fashion.

Annie Jacoby (COL ’13) flawlessly mixes knits and leather to create a chic winter ensemble.


Continue reading “Campus Sartorialist: January”