Ideal Alternatives to Studying

ExamsIt’s been over a week since the last day of classes, and finals studying is in full force. The prospect of two weeks on campus with no classes seemed like it might be fun. There would be so much time for activities – if only that pesky thing called “studying” were not in the way of you and holiday-spirited revelry with friends. After that sentiment fled, Lau became a time-warping alternate universe of notecards, Word documents and cabin fever. However, we know that Hoyas have other things on their minds than studying.

We asked what you’d rather do than study for exams … and here’s what Hoyas have to say:

  1. Sleeping
  2. Running a marathon, because it would be less painful
  3. Playing with my pet bird
  4. Watching Elf
  5. Drinking
  6. Traveling back in time to actually pay attention in class the first time around
  7. Stealing the Healy clock hands while everyone is too busy on Lau 2 to notice
  8. Watching TV
  9. Apparently reading Thought Catalog, since I’ve been doing that for the last hour
  10. Studying something I’m more interested in
  11. Lying next to a crackling fire with hot cocoa while watching all 8 Harry Potter movies
  12. Cuddling and listening to Christmas music
  13. Figuring out how much wood a woodchuck actually would chuck
  14. Squash
  15. I’m not really sure it’s appropriate
  16. Dancing
  17. Watching a movie
  18. Christina Hendricks
  19. Watching It’s Always Sunny in Philadelphia on my bed with my dog and a hot piece o’ ‘za
  20. Playing soccer
  21. Watching the entire series of New Girl online. Oh wait, that IS what I’m doing.
  22. Tanning on the beach in San Diego
  23. Flying a blimp!
  25. Eating a banana Nutella crepe
  26. Literally anything
  27. Be on a tennis court, racquet in one hand, beer in the other
  28. Kissin’ my dog on the lips
  30. Going to the premiere of the new Hobbit movie solely for Benedict Cumberbatch as Smaug
  31. Eating a wheel of cheese, but the wheel has lots of different sections and each one is a different kind of cheese
  32. Snapchatting the entire song “Royals” line by line while dressed as Lorde
  33. Walking through Costco eating free samples while drinking a slushie
  34. (This response was deemed too explicit to print on 4E)
  35. Babysitting Mariah Carey and Nick Cannon’s kids
  36. At home, on my couch, watching the latest episode of Homeland with a warm slice of pizza from my fave pizza restaurant
  37. Making a gingerbread house
  38. Flossing my teeth
  39. Hiking in the Adirondacks and eating PB&Js and trail mix with my two favorite people in the world
  40. Taking my chances with a poisonous frog
  41. Laying in bed covered in puppies
  42. Wrestling a great white shark
  43. Catching the rats in Darnall with a loincloth and a small hunting spear
  44. Scouring the city for knives to donate to Leo’s
  45. Petting little Jack … for hours

So there you have it. That’s everything you’d rather be doing than studying for finals… Now get back to studying for finals.


Laungevity: Signs You’ve Been in Lau for Too Long

Lau StrugglesReaders, let me give it to you straight: I am writing this article to you from Lau 2 at 5:30 a.m., ending an all-nighter preparing for my looming finals that started at 7 p.m. yesterday. I don’t know where the time went. I don’t know how I managed to survive on only vending machine Fritos and hours-old coffee. I’ve been in Lau for so long that I don’t even know if the sun set last night. All I know is that I’ve been in Lau for too long.

So now, I am sharing with you the telltale signs of Laungevitythe long duration of time spent in Lau, so you can avoid it for your sake. Here’s how you’ll know:

Every. Single. Person. Is. Gone.

Lau 3 is completely empty. Literal ghost town.
Lau 3 is completely empty. Literal ghost town.

Yet someone is vacuuming (and it makes your head feel like it’s exploding).


But eventually, even the workers go home. Then, all you see is cubicle after ominous cubicle.

Nobody on Lau 1, just Post-It Notes of a lost student. Probably a ghost at this point.
Nothing but cubicles and the Post-It notes of a lost student. Probably a ghost at this point.

Then, Lau stops being a library.

Wow it's so late even the BOOKS are gone on Lau 5!
Wow! It’s so late even the BOOKS are gone on Lau 5!

You start feeling all sorts of weird emotions.


Finally, common sense (and the clock) tell you that you have to leave.


Then you step outside … and even though you’re cold, exhausted, miserable and borderline delusional, you feel like this:


Good luck on your finals, Hoyas, but please be wary. Avoid Laungevity at all costs!

Photos/Gifs: Matt Sullivan for The Hoya, Tumblr,, Wikipedia


Friday Fixat10ns: Brace Yourselves, Finals are Coming…

Study Friday Fixations

[8tracks width=”300″ height=”250″ playops=”” url=”″]

Classes end today. Finals begin Wednesday. Having survived the whole semester up until this point, it’s a good idea to relax and enjoy some downtime before getting into the thick of paper writing and studying. Your relationship with Lau is going to be taken to the next level very soon, so in the meantime, enjoy this playlist:

Berzerk – Eminem The end of classes brings a temporary stress relief for most Hoyas, so why not take Eminem’s advice and “grow your beard out, just weird out and go berserk”?

Good Good Night – Roscoe Dash Take a night off this weekend to de-stress and spend some time with friends, or, at the very least, catch up on some much-needed sleep.

Say It Ain’t So – Weezer Yeah, sadly it is so. At some point you’re going to have to get back to studying.

In Too Deep – Sum 41 During this time of year, it can sometimes feel like finals are controlling your life. Keep your head above water and plow through those finals; it’ll be over soon and you can return home!

Lonely Boy – The Black Keys Don’t isolate yourself too much now that classes are over and study days are beginning. Study with friends, get Leo’s together and commiserate over how much work and studying you have to do for finals.

Sleep All Day – Jason Mraz Okay, so it’s probably not a good idea to sleep all day, but you’ll definitely want to get enough sleep to do well on your finals.

Never Saw It Coming – Tigers Jaw Describes exactly the feeling of taking that final you’re unprepared for.

Enjoy The Ride – Krewella Whatever happens with finals, it’s a good idea just to appreciate where you are now: in college, living the dream and nearly finished with this semester.

Time is Running Out – Muse Can you believe it’s already December? Neither can we. And that means Christmas is coming…

Another Christmas Song – Stephen Colbert This hilarious rendition of a Christmas song by Colbert is perfect for those of you who love Christmas songs but want something new. It’s only Dec. 6, but it’s never too early for Christmas music!

Enjoy the holiday spirit, get some rest and ace those finals, Hoyas!

Photo: HelloKaiShin

Three Meals, One Swipe: A Georgetown Study Secret

Leo's StudyLeo’s is the best dining hall on campus, simply due to the fact that it is the only dining hall on campus. But is it also the best study hall on campus? I think it needs to be given serious consideration, for a few major reasons:

1) Outlets

Along the back wall, studious Hoyas can find multiple places to charge their electronics, giving them no reason to need to leave, pack up and find a new location.

2) Ambiance 

Outside of rush hours during lunch and dinner, Leo’s is, for the large part, relatively quiet. However, it isn’t silent, which I view as a huge plus for studying. While a Lau cubicle is sometimes necessary to get work done, silence (at least for me) can add to the stressful nature of studying and suppress my creativity. It’s good to be able to have some human interaction throughout the course of your studying. Just bring some headphones, so you can zone in when needed.

3) Unlimited Coffee

During a busy week, and especially during study days, many students can go through multiple cups of coffee each day. Do that for a week, and you are spending quite a bit of money to keep yourself properly caffeinated. At Leo’s, so long as the coffee machine doesn’t run out, you can refill your coffee cup as many times as your heart desires, with no extra charge.

4) People Watching

While you are, of course, attempting to get work done, it is inevitable that you will get distracted wherever you work. It’s only healthy to take a breather every once in a while. Leo’s is probably the most entertaining study spot to take this break, as you never know who you could see and what they’ll be doing.

5) All You Can Eat

Sure, this can get dangerous. But, as the title suggests, it is possible to get all three of your meals for the day without having to leave your study spot or use any extra money and swipes. Not only is there a “large” variety of meals available, but there are always snack foods like cookies and fruits available to keep you “satisfied” while you study.

Certainly, studying at Leo’s can have its downsides. It can get a little distracting, there aren’t any printers and you will have the “Leo’s smell” to an unbelievable degree. But our beloved Leo’s is certainly an underrated study spot – and a place I would recommend for any weary, overwhelmed Hoya during study days.

Photo: Keyword Picture

Friday Fixat10ns: Just Keep Swimming

[8tracks width=”300″ height=”250″ playops=”” url=”″]


I’m sure by now everyone has heard enough about midterms.  Sadly, they aren’t quite done. Many of us still have one more tough week, and only then will we be home free for Thanksgiving.  Today’s Friday Fixations is a playlist designed to motivate you, pump you up and just make you feel good through this final stretch.

1. One Week – Barenaked Ladies You’ve got just one more week to make it through and you’ll be hard-pressed to find an instance when this song can’t cheer you up.

2. Gotta Get Through This – Daniel Bedingfield The title pretty much says it all; you’ve just gotta’ get through this, and then you can go home and stuff your face with turkey!

3. Dream On – Aerosmith My personal favorite song, this inspirational hit pushes you to aspire for that “A” and makes you believe you can achieve it.

4. Stronger – Kanye West Contrary to what some people say, midterms won’t actually kill you.  After they’re done, you’ll just be a test-taking machine.

5. You Can Get It If You Really Want – Desmond Dekker One of the most positive songs I know, its catchy, upbeat melody and optimistic lyrics make this Desmond Dekker smash a perfect study song.

6. Rise Above It – Lock, Stock and Barrel If this song could inspire the Jamaican Bobsled team to run through the Canadian winter in the movie Cool Runnings, it can inspire you to eek out that last bit of studying!

7. Carry On My Wayward Son – Kansas There’s nothing like some good old-fashioned classic rock to tell you to “just keep swimming”.

8. If You’re Going Through Hell – Rodney Atkins This is country music’s take on the whole situation; as the song says, “when you face that fire, walk right through it,” because you are almost done.

9. The Final Countdown – Europe This one is pretty self-explanatory as well.  But nothing says “you’re almost there” like a little bit of Europe.

10. You’re The Best – Joe Esposito Made famous in the original Karate Kid, Joe Esposito sends you a friendly little reminder to put a smile on your face walking into that last midterm.  You’re the best!

Good luck Hoyas, and don’t forget to bookmark this playlist for Study Days, too!

Photo: ImageSci

We <3 Lau: The Best of the Lau Cubicles

lau cubicle fi

Okay, so maybe we don’t love the cubicles that much, but we certainly enjoy writing all over them. Lau cubicle graffiti ranges from funny, to weird, to shocking and back to incomprehensibly weird again. After we check our Georgetown emails, scroll through our news feeds, live-tweet our pleas for help and peruse a few sunset instas, we turn to Lau cubicle graffiti for just a few more minutes of procrastination before facing our stacks of work.

We at 4E have already brought you some of the best stall scribbles and grout jokes, so now it’s time for some cubicle love. I’ve gathered some favorites from the lower level to the fifth floor just for you.


The quotations are unstoppable.

[dmalbum path=”/wp-content/uploads/dm-albums/cubicles2/”/]


It’s also pretty obvious that the cubicles were the original Georgetown Confessions. Same anonymity, same scandal, different yet luxuriously beautiful stained wood background.

[dmalbum path=”/wp-content/uploads/dm-albums/cubicles/”/]


Most of the cubicle writers were just looking for comfort in each other and most of the time we found it. You guys are just too sweet!

[dmalbum path=”/wp-content/uploads/dm-albums/cubicles 3/”/]


Finally here’s some quality graffiti that can’t be labeled. We’re at Georgetown: we think outside the box.

[dmalbum path=”/wp-content/uploads/dm-albums/cubicles 4/”/]


Note: The Hoya does not condone vandalism, even if it’s hysterical.

Noteworthy: How to Spice Up Your Class Notes

spice up

Midterms. They’re here and they’re here to stay. That means it’s time to buckle down and slog through the tons of notes we’ve taken so far. Luckily, there are a few ways you can spice up your notes so that studying isn’t absolutely unbearable.

1. Write “da” instead of “the”. It’s one letter shorter and it’s way cooler, always. For example, “da chain of events”, “da GDP deflator” and “da democratic threshold”.  If you can work “Fo-shizzle” in somewhere you’ve notes will be off da chain.

2. Always use pink highlighter because pink is the happiest color of all time. That is if you can’t get your hands on a pink scented paper. Don’t you think it just adds a little something extra?

3. Use curse words as much as possible. They’re totally out of place when you’re discussing serious or dry topics but we’re all immature so that’s what makes them so funny, especially in a History or English class. If there’s a character or historical figure that really grinds your gears, it’s fun to call them names.

4. Write down all of the questions you were embarrassed to ask in class (or the ones that were just rhetorical jokes for yourself). You can look them up later, ask about them during your professor’s office hours or sometimes they can just provide you with a good laugh. I like to call them my biggest (internal) questions of the day: “there’s a place called Chihuahua?”, “why are all of the words on this continuum sideways?”, “why can’t our eyes turn sideways? That would be awesome!”, “why am I here?”, “where am I?”

5. Smilies are a must. I do happy faces for anything positive and sad faces for anything negative. I also do lots of confused faces: when I’m feeling particularly confuzzled I draw agape frowns with huge eyes. Smilies are nice because they provide a little companionship. Maybe I should invest in some friends.

6. Include professors’ weird anecdotes about their lives. They’re often amusing and they can help you remember topics that you wouldn’t have normally.

7. Draw! Graphs are boring, but not when you draw roller coasters and long-necked dinosaurs onto them. Camels are particularly fun to work into sine graphs on hump day.

8. Action movies are more fun than note-taking so make note-taking more like an action movie! Use words like “Kaboom!” and “Pow!” even if what you’re learning doesn’t warrant that much excitement. Also, all caps reminders with tons of stars are a great way to get your attention later. Toss in some of that pink highlighter I mentioned earlier.

9. Arrows! Lots of them! They can relate topics, draw emphasis, and show cause and effect. There are straight arrows, squiggly arrows, loopy arrows, colored arrows, the possibilities are endless!

The whole idea is to lighten the mood and make you smile at least once while you’re reviewing the Ontological Argument. So don’t worry, be happy, and you’re welcome.

The Final Push Study Playlist

[8tracks width=”300″ height=”250″ playops=”” url=”″]

This big playlist is a compilation of songs that’ll hype you up for studying. It’s time to get turnt up at Georgetown. It doesn’t matter if you’re in Lau, MSB, or your room! Wherever you’re studying, just make sure to stay focused and motivated. It may seem like life is tough now, but don’t lose sight of the future payoff:

I hated every minute of training, but I said, ‘Don’t quit. Suffer now and live the rest of your life as a champion.’ – Muhammad Ali

Top Five ‘Secret’ Study Places


We’re reaching that time of the semester where that abominable wave of midterms begins. While we can all agree that this can be a very dreadful time for us Hoyas, we can at least agree that there are a few factors we can use to get us through these dark times: sleep (or not), Red Bull, sticky notes and a reliable study place. No, I’m not talking about Lau or Regents: I’m talking about “super-secret” study places where you can actually find seats.

New South Piano Rooms Head over to the couple of piano rooms provided in New South toward the Riverside Lounge. Four walls, a piano and a table will surround you. Internet connection is scarce. However, if Internet is not required for your studying, then it’s perfect. (Yeah, that’s right, Facebookers: can’t avoid your work now!) I suggest only going there in the late hours of 10 p.m. to 3 a.m. because these rooms are highly demanded by people who actually need the pianos!

Leo’s Though not exactly a secret, try heading over to Leo’s from around 1 p.m. to 5 p.m. You’ll find that, while there aren’t many food options, there aren’t many people around, and it’s a great place to study and take snack breaks. Do take caution in trying to study during rush hours (i.e. dinner time and peak lunch time), for you will get absolutely nothing done and people will stare at you for being a loner at the dining hall. But have confidence! No shame in eating alone.

ICC At almost any time of the day, ICC has many open classrooms. Walk around the halls for a bit and find an empty classroom. To avoid getting kicked out or having to leave because of a class, try going in the evening. If you can secure a class, you have a whole room to yourself! Not to mention, you have a chalkboard (with chalk) to write out vocabulary or equations.

Law School Library Plan to take a shuttle to the GU Law Center library. It’s about a 15-minute ride, but it’s worth it! It might be best to plan a whole day or afternoon around this so that you can make the most of your trip. What are the benefits? Well, first off, you’ll meet a refreshing environment away from Main Campus, and you’ll get the chance to study in a far more lavish and prettier library than Lau! Also, the ride through D.C. is quite scenic.

Your Dorm Haha, just kidding. But actually, your dorm can be a great place to study if you use it correctly. A lot of us spend most of our days out of our dorms, and it can sometimes be nice to just do your work in your own space. Plan a day where your roommate might be busy, get in your PJs and just get some work done. Of course, if you do this too often, you’ll get marginal returns of productivity, so use this study setting sparingly.

Well, that’s about it. If you have any cooler secret study places, let us know! Or maybe just keep it your little secret. Good luck studying, Hoyas!

What Does Your Coffee Say About You?

It’s that time of year when even the most avid tea drinker feels that the meager amount of caffeine in green tea just isn’t cutting it. Yes, as finals approach, I find myself upping my caffeine intake by a factor of three (read as: twelve) and starting to actually enjoy drinking the coffee at Leo’s. I know, what’s becoming of me. Maybe it’s the 6:45am Bikram yoga I’ve been attending for my stress, or maybe because it’s mono season, but it seems like everyone is a little more tired these days. With seven places to get caffeinated on campus, we know that the art of the bean means something to the Georgetown population.

So, what does your coffee say about you?:

  • Americano: Mmmmm espresso. The name of the Americano lends it an almost paradoxical essence; a foreign name for our own home-town Americana. The Americano drinker has big dreams of Paris and Milan, in fact you’re already practicing your Italian oral exam for your pending study abroad next semester. Como estai?
  • Black Coffee: Either the trek for milk at Leo’s, conveniently placed on the other end of the cafeteria from the coffee, or your hard-edged persona has landed you with the most serious of coffee drinkers. Sugar? No. Milk? No no. You like your coffee hot and your heart is likely steel cold. Just kidding. Maybe. Probably not.
  • Mocha: It’s like the adult version of hot chocolate. The little kid in you smiles when you take a sip. You’re the type of person who still remembers watching Rocket Power like it was yesterday. Plans for winter time? You’re already penciled in some ice skating by the waterfront as a study break from your Biology final.
  • Red Eye: Just as jacked up as Red Eye the 2005 horror movie, you spend your week at Club Lau (minus the club) and your weekends at the night clubs. Maybe you’re saying to yourself – sleep? Who needs it. Yeah, not you, not when you’re drinking a red-eye at least.
  • Vanilla Latte:  Sweet but it packs a punch. With every smile you give, you’ve given an eyebrow raise to match. You’re sassy, your sweet, and with your vanilla latte, sleep will not have you beat. With a Vanilla Latte in hand you’re most likely to be seen on your way into Georgetown cupcakes to get a surprise cupcake for your roommate to help them through the stress of their Organic Chem final. D’awww.
  • Cappuccino: Class and style. You’ve got it. That rich espresso with a slight froth of milk perfectly describes your personality. Drinking coffee for you has become more than a necessity, it’s an experience. It’s all about getting the ultimate enjoyment.  You like to sit back and relax with your coffee in hand, slowly sipping to some Lykke Li playing in the background.
Whatever your blend and whatever your reasons, drink up, Hoyas!